Preacher One Point Five


Apparently Preacher has been renewed for a second season I confess I am surprised, not because I think it’s not worth a second season but because the series doesn’t seem to be getting any buzz and yet it’s the type of show that should.

This episode starts, once again, with the Saint of Killers this time the ornery bastard rides into a shit hole of a Western town named Ratwater it’s the kind of place where violence and whoring thrives, a place in which decent folk are raped and killed. Events at Ratwater prevent the Saint of Killers from saving his family, upon arriving back at his homestead his wife and child are food for carrion birds.

In the 21st century, Arseface and his sheriff dad are having trouble with someone known only as ‘the lunatic’ who terrorises the pair in an attempt to get Arseface to shoot himself with the shotgun again only this time succeed in ending his life.

The angels hiding from their superiors and hopeless at fixing the mess they’ve made aren’t the kind of angels Christians wish for and I have always figured that angels would be very much like Tolkien’s Elves ancient beings that have lived for far too long existential creatures that have to move on to a different plane of existence and leave the material world to the race of Man.

Jesse Custer seems incredibly deluded about his position in life he believes everyone secretly wants to be a good person he believes he is a good person but he’s not with Genesis, the Word of God at his beck and call, Jesse bends people to his will altering people’s personalities, changing their behaviour, causing them to say and do things they wouldn’t normally say or do a good person doesn’t use any power that they have to manipulate or influence another person. Jesse Custer is a bad guy, he’s always been a bad guy and eventually, in season two perhaps, he’ll revert to type.

The most disturbing, and disappointing, aspect of this episode is Tulip O’Hare lost, cast adrift, at her lowest ebb allowing the vampire Cassidy to plow her doggy style the look on her face isn’t one of pleasure or even disgust but one of resignation she’s given up on everything and sees no reason to carry on her life from here on in is one of addiction and pain.

And that’s just too sad.


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