Brexit: I’m Loving It Part Two


Britain Is A Sovereign Nation Now Hallelujah!

I hate having to research, read, try and understand what I’m reading, fail, give up, curse all that lost time but for the purpose of this post I’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole into a world of facts instead of mere rhetoric.

Originally this post was titled Land of the Potatoes and I was going to make claim that Britons, well Little Englanders, aren’t really Homo Sapiens, because that term apparently means ‘Wise Man’ and Brexit is the opposite of wise so seventeen million Britons must be less than human, sub-human, potatoes.

I had pictures and evidence to back up my claim and the fact Britain went full on Brexit is because potatoes don’t like brussels, you can see where I was going.

Instead I’ve decided to be serious and I hate being serious, it’s giving me a headache, so let’s get this out of the way as quickly as possible people who have backed, unwisely, Vote Leave have done so for many reasons (most of which have since been revealed as lies) and one of those reasons was a matter of sovereignty in the EU Britain isn’t really Britain because it gave up it’s sovereignty but outside of the EU it still will because Britain will still be a member of NATO and the World Trade Organisation. Maybe the next course of action is to have a referendum to remove Britain from both and truly have our sovereignty back.

With Brexit a reality will Britain at least have control over its inner and outer workings without interference from the EU? Well that all depends on the deal Britain gets with the EU it seems apparent now that no one from Vote Leave actually had a plan in mind if the unwise happened and Britain exited the EU and a week since Brexit Britain became a reality no one from Vote Leave has a plan. Britain is a nation alone cock out pissing into a strong head wind.

No one knows what happens next. Other than your legs get piss all over them and if you’re really unlucky some piss will end up in your mouth and/or eyes.

No one has an idea what to do next.

No one had an exit strategy it was like being on an aeroplane at thirty thousand feet you suddenly decide you want to leave, you ask your friend, wife, husband, whatever, to leave with you but they tell you it’s unwise and they’re happy with everything and wish to remain besides do you have an exit strategy and you reply no but you leave anyway you, somehow, open an outer door and jump from the plane as you fall to the Earth below you realise you don’t have a parachute bugger you think I didn’t plan that very well but at least I’ve brought everyone else down with me, as the plane nose dives out of control.

No one seems in a hurry to figure any of these things out instead we, and not just at a political level, have fallen upon each other and began consuming it seems we’re at civil war without, yet at least, any fighting.

Once the dust settles and a plan of action is laid will Britain become a sovereign nation once again? Rule Britannia and all that Nationalist toss. It still depends on the plan and the deal Britain makes with the EU, Britain could find itself remaining outside of the EU while still being part of the EU but without having input into the EU, which seems like a worst deal than being a member of the EU. Again, Brexit an unwise decision. Bah, potatoes.

Let’s say Britain does have back its sovereignty does that mean my life, or anyone’s, actually changes for the better, I doubt it, by the look of things everything will remain the same EXCEPT all those people who rely on EU grants and subsidises will have to hope a sovereign British government will meet them and I don’t think a British government will, I don’t think a British government will be able to afford to, I think all those people who rely on EU hand outs will suddenly find that they’ve shot themselves in the foot and rather than their lives post Brexit suddenly becoming better, or remaining the same, they’ll find that they are poorer. And it will serve them right. I’ll laugh. Out loud.

Will sovereignty mean people like me, the peons, will have some kind of control over a sovereign Britain? Or that a sovereign Britain will make me more free, wealthier, healthier, stronger, fitter?

I don’t know what the peons expect from sovereignty Brexit Britain just means getting rid of unelected officials in Brussels making decisions that might impact Britain negatively but Brits have always had unelected officials making decisions that impact Britain negatively they’re known as the Royal Family and the greater nobility men and women who are born into privilege, their lifestyles funded by British taxpayers, as a taxpayer no one’s ever asked me if I’m happy to subsidise the elitist lifestyles of a pack of inbreds if they did I’d say no I’m not and demand a referendum.

We also have the House of Lords which is a parliament of unelected officials, some of whom are foreign, who can make decisions that affect the very sovereignty of the (dis)United Kingdom shouldn’t Britain have first sorted it’s own unelected officials out before taking on those from the EU?

Seems hypocritical to drone on and on about British sovereignty when the entire idea seems ridiculous I feel as though many Britons thought the day Brexit became a reality their lives would suddenly change for the better they’d suddenly stop being miserable moaning cunts and feel happy morning, noon and night, they’d wake up somehow freer than they were when they retired to bed, that the sun would continually shine on Britain forever, that they’d all be millionaires, that we’d all be millionaires, wealth flowing, falling from the Heavens and we’d all be fabulously famous, our opinions highly valued, we’d have perfect bodies and fuck beautiful people and Britain would ascend into the sky and be a shining example for the rest of the world to aspire to.


Instead sovereign Brexit Britain had to be saved by a privately run bank, the Bank of England, and Britain has never seemed more divided and unhappy, the politicians never more untrustworthy, inept and hopeless and the future seems neither grim or bright it just seems more bland.

I don’t know what drove supporters of Vote Leave every answer they have for the unwise decision they made seems, to me, utterly ridiculous and they make me laugh, they didn’t have a plan in place, they still don’t, no one seems to know what sovereignty is or whether Britain will be a sovereign nation I’m not even sure there’s a nation Britain can look to and say, ‘we want to be like them,’ as far as I’m aware the only, truly, sovereign nation on planet Earth is North Korea, it completely makes its own decisions, operates isolated from the rest of the world and is poorer because of it.

I could be wrong there might be other truly sovereign nations out there it’s a big world.



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