Preacher One Point Six


For some the main talking point of the latest episode will be the entire angelic war inside a motel room, and I did enjoy it…

… but, how come Jesse Custer didn’t die?

Think about it, three angels were murdering the bloody Jesus out of each other Jesse Custer was just as involved in the fighting as they were but he survived without injury or harm.

Seems unlikely.

Doesn’t it?

It was still enjoyable however but for me not the main talking point of the show for me the main talking point came in two sections one was the build up to the end of the episode with Arseface confronting Jesse Custer hitting him with some truths and Jesse revealing, before he sent poor Arseface to Hell, that he, Jesse, wishes to use Genesis to save the town so he, Jesse, can leave the town. That’s it, Custer’s big reveal, he made a promise, to his father I suspect, and now he has a means to fulfil that promise and just pack up and leave, perhaps with Tulip, he doesn’t believe in being good or actually saving a persons soul, which I imagine is hard work and mostly impossible. People very rarely change even if they wish to do so.

The second section was the connection made between Tulip and Emily, and this section revealed what the show, and characters, are all about we’re lost most of us, if not all of us, we’re lost, cast adrift, floundering in the surf, whatever analogy anyone wants to use that’s us, most of us at least. We haven’t got a clue, about anything, sure some of us are smart and clever and some of us are capable of complex mathematics and being able to explain the nature of the universe and how everything’s an illusion we just think we’re real and that space and time only seem to exist because it’s too fucking powerful an illusion to just ignore, but even those smart and clever folk are lost, some are just making stuff up and because the rest of us aren’t smart enough to realise we’re being lied to we believe them.

It’s how both science and religion work, surprisingly as they’re both so diametrically opposed to one another.

If we weren’t lost Christianity, and all the other major religions, would just be footnotes in history we’d laugh at the primitives of times past who believed in magical men who lived in the sky but Christianity, and the other major religions, hold humanity in a fucking death grip and they like to squeeze tight and it’s because we’re lost that we’re prepared to give up our most basic of freedoms and let the religions, and people who control and manipulate belief, think for us.

Not me, I’m a fucking Atheist, praise be to I don’t know atoms, or something, but though I’m an Atheist it doesn’t mean I’m not lost. I HAVEN’T GOT A FUCKING CLUE about life or anything, I do sometimes think we’re, well most of us, autistic or just plain fucking crazy if you’ve ever worked with crazy people or autistic people you’ve perhaps figured out the same.

And this seems true of the series Preacher, which I guess I started writing about before I went off on some mad rambling tangent about how lost we all are, and boo hoo hoo.

Not one character in the series so far is a well adjusted human being, and in life I’ve never met a well adjusted human being, every character is flawed, and every character is full of sinful actions and behaviour, every character is broken and vulnerable and thus far only Jesse Custer seems to have things figured out but as this episode revealed he hasn’t he just sees his supernatural power as a means of escaping a promise he made and a town he fucking loathes.

You know if I had Jesse’s power I’d nip on TV, during a major sporting event, and tell people watching to: ‘FUCKING BEHAVE!’ That’s it, all I’d say, and millions of Brits here in Brit-Land would suddenly begin to behave, because everyone knows that they’re being naughty, and Brit-Land would suddenly be a much better place. It would, I know it would, and if it didn’t turn out how I imagine I’d turn up on TV at another major sporting event and tell people watching to: ‘FUCKING DIE!’

But anyhow, enough of my wet dreams, the characters in the show are lost, that’s why vampire Cassidy sticks around, in Jesse Custer he sees a kindred spirit, he sees himself. Jesse sticks around in shit eating Annville because he feels guilty about something, the death of his father I suppose, and Tulip’s only hanging around because without Custer she’s got nothing, she’s empty inside, dead and only Jesse can bring her to life.

Annville itself is small town America, but not only that it’s small town the rest of the world, every small town every where is basically the same, we the people who live in such towns are basically mouth breathing morons, we’re poorly educated, we’re either crazy or we have mental health issues, we have mostly fake illnesses that require (fake?) medicines to make us feel better, we’re all (just about) drugged out of our faces on pills, powders or liquid injections, alcohol wine and beer especially are guzzled down on our necks at a gobsmackingly huge amount (well here in Brit-Land they are, this scenario might appear familiar to small town Brit males, you have a wife/girlfriend/fuck buddy almost every day after work she’s in the pub, she drinks five pints of lager and when she gets home a bottle of red wine then she gets horny and demands sex, so you start fucking and she falls asleep, but you’re still inside her so you just keep fucking away until it begins to seem like you’re fucking a corpse, heh, life you’ve got to love it), we’re violent and aggressive, bigoted and racist.

Typical small town.

Those in a relationship, husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, know at least two, five, ten, fifteen people that have fucked their romantic partner in a small town we’re all the parcel in a kid’s game of Pass the Parcel.

I guess the main thing about being small towners is we’re always trying to escape but most of us never do, some of us, the truly crazy, claim we LOVE OUR TOWN, it’s the best thing since garlic bread. Crazy bastards.


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