I Do Enjoy A Good Swear But…

… recently I’ve decided to amend my use of: fuck off!

By telling someone, or someones, to fuck off you’re basically telling them to go procreate and I really don’t want people I dislike procreating, they’re in the world and I don’t want them to be I certainly don’t want them producing offspring.

So instead of fuck off I’ve started using: piss off!


When I was a kid, a pre-teen, way back in the Eighties I’d use piss off more than I would fuck off and I’ve started using piss off once again because by telling someone, I don’t like, to piss off I’m basically telling them to go piss themselves. Just open their bladder and let all that liquid waste engulf their crotch area.

Now some, most, people probably like a good fuck but I doubt anyone likes pissing themselves.

Here in Brexit Britain, and me with a super duper bad attitude since the decision was moronically fucking made, I feel like telling every fucking Little Englander how I encounter to piss off! I could tolerate and stand English people before the EU Referendum but since seventeen million fuck-tards decided Vote Leave was a splendid idea I’m finding it very hard to be tolerant and I just can’t stand people. I’m going out of my way to avoid people, I’m nowhere as nice and polite now as I was pre-Brexit and for the first time in my adult life (as far as I remember) I littered, accidentally, an empty plastic Lucozade bottle tumbled from my pocket as I made my way to work, my intent would have been to place the bottle in a waste receptacle and normally I would have picked the bottle up off the floor but this time I just said out loud ‘FUCK ENGLAND!’ and continued on my merry way.

I just don’t fucking care about Little England or the fucking English (I myself am English so I’m not being bigoted, unless a person can be a bigot against their own kind, I don’t know perhaps I am a bigot I do indeed HATE the fucking English) I wish Little England and the fucking English would just PISS OFF!


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