My Cold Dead Hands!


For years and years I always admired Chuck Heston as an actor starring in some choice movies Ben Hur, Khartoum, El Cid, The Omega Man and of course the AWESOME Planet of the Apes but it turned out Chuck, good ol’ boy Chuck, had shit for brains and was also a crazy person with a love of guns. I think he loved guns more than he did people. Can’t say I blame him, it’s not guns that kill people it’s other people.

Shit for brains and crazy are a lethal combination if you live in a country with over three hundred million people you can guarantee millions of them have shit for brains and are crazy what you don’t do is make it legal for them to own guns.

Is that not just really fucking sensible? Some people, perhaps a minority, have shit for brains and are crazy they’re also legally going to own guns, it’s not necessary true that everyone who owns a gun is a crazy person with shit for brains but it is probably true that everyone with shit for brains who is crazy owns guns. Lots of guns.

One of the reasons, or justifications, for owning guns is this little gem:

I own guns for protection.

But this never happens:

Today a young man in Texas killed a dozen people dead with his assault rifles when they broke into his home and tried to rape his dog and kill his wife.

This instead happens:

Today a young man in California walked into a diner/school/cinema and killed a dozen people dead with his assault rifles. No one seems to know why he did this maybe he had shit for brains and was crazy.

Excuses for such massacres using firearms involve the perpetrator having mental health issues or learning disabilities. well I work with people that have learning disabilities and mental health issues and the last thing they’d do is kill a dozen people dead. Autistic people are usually locked into their own little worlds and the very idea of killing a dozen people wouldn’t cross their mind. In fact they’d find it impossible to even imagine such a thing. Aspergers tend to avoid large groups of people, not because they’re going to burst into violence, or song, but because they don’t like large groups of people. People with mental health issues are probably more concerned with their own issues to go injure or kill someone else.

So these excuses of blaming people with ill mental health or learning disabilities sounds to me like a load of old horse shit.

Here in England, for all its faults, we the English can’t buy knuckle dusters, extendable police style batons, combat knives. axes or swords, pepper spray, tasers and we certainly can’t buy guns, even air rifles and pistols are restricted and you know what we don’t have huge massacres on a regular basis.

We have had, during my lifetime, three big American style gun massacres and on those three occasions, Hungerford, Dunblane and Cumbria, the perpetrator had purchased his firearms legally I suppose if you’re sat surrounded by tools that are designed to kill people you might, if you’re so inclined, start thinking ‘why don’t I use these tools for the purpose that they were made? Because what’s the point having them if I don’t use them?’

Three spree murders in my forty four years, THREE, in America there are three a month some months some bloke, and it’s always men perhaps due to violence being part and parcel of our genetic heritage, so anyhow some bloke every month or so in America makes the decision to kill a whole bunch of people and when it’s not some lone gunman shooting innocent men, women and children it’s police officers gunning down a black dude, reason for random gunning down of black dude seems to be because the dude is black.

Sheesh! No matter how many problems England enjoys, or suffers depending on perspective, America suffers far greater.

Maybe it’s all those Westerns and action movies, maybe everyone in America thinks they’re living in The Matrix, or some kind of action movie plot, maybe someone needs to let them know: life isn’t an action movie, in real life real bullets kill real people and your second amendment right is just a made up right, an amendment at that, you can give it up and the government won’t rape and kill you it just won’t it’s not in your governments best interests to rape and kill you, it just isn’t, stop being so fucking paranoid and get a fucking grip.


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