Hashtag This!

I confess I don’t understand hashtags I’ve noticed recently the #BlackLivesMatter due to recent events in the United States in which police officers killed black men for no reason other than them being black men. I don’t think the hashtag applies to other events like the three hundred people killed in South Sudan.

It seems we have a culture that people’s lives in North America or Europe matter more than lives in Africa or the Middle East I don’t think there’s an hashtag SyrianLivesMatter.

I do question whether lives do matter I don’t think there’s any supernatural entity or force determining that lives matter, I suppose we can decide human life matters especially more than the life of other animals it’s how we justify hunting, the fur trade, the slaughter of animals for the purpose of turning them into steaks or burgers.

I guess people have on several occasions throughout history decided that some human lives matter less than others it’s how the Nazi’s could do what they did to Jewish lives.

Life by it’s very nature is accidental, not a miracle, just an accident some people are conceived by accident and even those who were planned still turned out to be an accident because parents can’t determine gender or physical characteristics they all occur by accident. Throughout a life people cause all kinds of accidents via their behaviour, attitude and language and even death is mostly by accident, no one purposefully causes themselves an life ending illness life ends by accident. Well except for those times someone ends it for you. Or a person is feeling sad and ends it themselves.


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