Preacher One Point Seven

Preacher is the only current TV series I can be bothered with, I have three episodes of Penny Dreadful to watch, but I can’t be arsed, I have a few episodes of Outcast to watch but I can’t be bothered, then there’s Killjoys and Dark Matter, all good TV shows but not compelling enough to hook me.

 It’s probably because I prefer my imagination and at the moment I have been daydreaming about a TV series that’s kinda like Sherlock Holmes but in a futuristic setting and a Flash Gordon type space adventurer versus Lovecraftian type monsters. I have these imaginings when I’m making the seven mile walk to work it makes the journey zip by and most nights I don’t even notice I’ve been walking for almost two hours.

I’ve also been imagining the movie world to be greatly different from the reality for the purpose of a story I’m creating, superhero movies have been popular throughout the 1980’s and instead of James Cameron making an Aliens movie he instead made an Avengers movie, yep, an Avengers movie where Project Pegasus has been overrun by Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave and like the Colonial Space Marines in Aliens the Avengers and a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents have to find out what’s happened and save the world by stopping Annihilus. There’s also a Dawn of the Dead type movie starring the Justice League of America and Phantom Menace featuring the Legion of Superheroes, it’s director George Lucas having made a name for himself by directing a Flash Gordon trilogy instead of the original Star Wars trilogy. It’s fun imagining our world slightly different.
Anyhow, enough of my imaginings.

Jesse Custer has sent poor Arseface to Hell and with no idea of how to reverse what he has done Custer is forced to continue with his plan to save Annville.

This episode builds Jesse and Tulip’s back story the pair rapscallions as young ‘uns, having just reached puberty, they seem to find themselves in lots of trouble especially at school having laid waste to a bunch of bullies and incurred the wrath of Jesse Custer’s father who tried to ensure Jesse wasn’t influenced by Tulip’s bad ways by having the girl taken into care. It seems Custer’s daddy was a bit of a bastard much like Jesse is but in a different way.

In Cassidy Jesse Custer finds himself, regardless if he wants it or not, with a best friend a best friend who is deluded enough to think he knows Jesse Custer but Tulip informs Cassidy that he barely knows Jesse at all when she questions Cassidy about Custer’s favourite movie star Cassidy answers Ryan Philippe for some bizarre reason but Tulip laughs and lets Cassidy know it’s actually John Wayne.

In the meantime Arseface’s father, the sheriff, is searching for his missing son and Jesse Custer seems oddly unconcerned about having sent the disfigured troubled soul straight to Hell. Cassidy confronts Jesse about Arseface and Jesse reveals that Arseface shot a girl, trying to kill her instead leaving her in a coma, and then he turned the gun on himself but failed to kill himself. So Arseface, whether anyone likes it or not, deserves to go to Hell, especially in a world where such a supernatural place exists but so does Jesse Custer, and he knows it, this realisation and wrestling with the guilt of what he did to Arseface leads him to drive away the women in his life, Tulip and Emily. 

We also see Jesse as a kid witness his preacher father beaten and executed and his father tells him, ‘always be a good guy because there’s far too many bad.’ Naturally Jesse didn’t take this to heart because what kid listens to their parent and lives their life the way their folks wants them to?

The episode ends with Custer under attack from Odin Quincannon’s insane workforce the entire gaggle of men adorned in civil war uniforms with muskets descending on the church in an attempt to claim it has part of Quincannon’s meat empire, how Quincannon was able to resist Genesis having thus far been unrevealed. 

This episode, more than any of those that preceded it, went nowhere it didn’t advance any of the characters narratives and left viewers with more questions than they have answers and with only three episodes of this first season remaining I do question the direction the series is taking. It remains compelling and interesting but it also seems laborious with too many plot threads not being addressed for example what’s happened to the telling of the tale in regards to The Saint of Killers? It seems like poor storytelling to be so inconsistent in telling his story.

But hey that’s just my opinion.


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