Kung-Fu SuperNerd 1


During night shifts at work I’ve been plotting a future webcomic above and below are the thumbnails for page one and two the idea crept into my mind when I was considering if the reality we perceive is an actuality. Then in synchronicity I read this: http://dailygrail.com/Guest-Articles/2016/6/The-5th-Young-One-Pay-No-Attention-the-Girl-Behind-the-Sofa and inspired I began, inside my head, to create the story I imagined the story to take place the first Saturday after Britain decided to Brexit, something I considered a moronic idea pre-Brexit and which appears even more so post-Brexit, I’d figured Britain would Vote Leave because the majority of British people are spastics.

Above in the first panel is an image supposed to represent my homeland, England, a caption added to the final version will read ‘England a good place but a bad people.’

Panel two introduces the main character his name keeps changing and I had settled on naming him Jeremy Cock, just for laughs, but I’m thinking of going with Jeremiah Brand it’s more mundane and probably for the best. Not that the main characters name matters much the crux of the story is one of those post-apocalyptic themes pop entertainment seems so fond of. In this second panel the character reveals his feelings about Brexit Britain via insane mutterings to himself. He, resembling me, isn’t impressed and insists on referring to Vote Leavers as bigots and morons.

In panel three the character still mutters to himself full of rage at seventeen million moronic bigots making a decision that will affect Britain negatively. Or so Jeremiah believes, as I do, as he prepares to leave his modest home to visit with friends.

In panel four he turns his rage about Brexit Britain into half hearted humour and punches the air imagining he’s punching Nigel Farage, an odious oaf, in his stupid rubber looking smug ignorant face.


Page two above sees the hero of this post-apocalyptic tale navigating his hometown, Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, unsurprisingly it’s my hometown, for a few brief moments Jeremiah passes by a single mother screaming at her screaming bastard kid, a bald headed football hooligan screaming bloody murder down his smart phone and druggie hoodies looking to make a new score, or whatever druggie hoodies call buying drugs.

Much of the early part of the story revolves around every day life here in Britain but there are horrors yet to come specifically a viral infection that turns all Britain’s racist bigoted Little Englanders into rampaging cannibalistic monsters and naturally society breaks down.

The main character Jeremiah adores an old British TV series titled Kung-Fu SuperNerd, it’s not a television series that exists in our reality only in Jeremiah’s, it was Britain’s answer to America’s Kung-Fu but featured a nerd type fella gaining super kung-fu powers and roaming a modern, in the 1970’s, Britain helping people and righting wrongs. At some points during the main story the comic will go off at a tangent and feature Jeremiah watching movies that don’t exist in the here and now, for example in Jeremiah’s actuality James Cameron never directed Aliens, such a movie doesn’t exist, instead in 1986 James Cameron directed an Avengers movie the entire movie will be featured as a story within this main story as will Jeremiah’s own comic book series which can only be described as Jack Kirby’s New Gods meets a run of the mill British style soap opera meets The Matrix. An alien spacecraft containing super alien gods explodes over a small town in New Zealand and several townsfolk become melded with the personalities of the exploded super alien gods this leads to an examination of what’s real and what’s not and the concept of good and evil the humans imbued with the powers of alien space gods become cosmically aware and confront the sinister alien infection that dominates so completely humanity.

It’s quite an ambitious project, for me, and I figure the first part won’t be completed until the beginning of 2017 as I’m slow in all things having been born lazy and British.



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