Am I A Bigot?


The image above is from a protest march known as the ‘White Man March’ this was an American march, I guess the guy who thinks he’s Captain America kinda gives that away, I chose this image because the proud white American doesn’t have a great grasp of his native tongue American-English and failed to spell YOU’RE or YOU ARE. I always find mis-spelt words highly amusing, yes I am a language Nazi, I figure if you can’t use your native language correctly then you deserve to be mocked for being a moron. Looking at Captain America’s sign again I wish he’d added an extra O and a F to his spelling of bigot, ‘If You Say I’m A Bigot You’re A Bigfoot!’ Would have been so much better.

I was thinking, or have been thinking, over the past few days that I am indeed a bigot and a racist and I’ll explain why.

RACIST: I’m not a fan of the human race, I’m a misanthrope definition of said word: a person who dislikes or distrusts other people or mankind in general. That sure is me, I’m suspicious of everyone, I don’t trust anyone as far as I can kick them, which as a wimpy geek/nerd wouldn’t be very far. Whenever I’ve been in conversation with people they’ve always told me things I find abhorrent and/or criminal and I find most people’s attitudes and behaviour really fucking shitty. But, and there’s always a but, I’ve not met every human in the world so I can’t really say I hate all humans, destroy all humans, I can say some of the behaviour of my fellow humans is really horrible and they should be fed feet first into industrial sized wood chippers, people who hunt and kill other animals for fun in they go slowly feet first blood and gore spraying gloriously everywhere and suddenly the world seems like a much better place, right child molesters next.

I don’t really have beliefs, belief requires faith and I prefer evidence to made up stuff, but I do believe there’s only one race of humans, black, white, yellow, orange, pink, all that’s just nonsense, Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid, made up bullshit there’s just us Homo sapiens which means ‘Wise Man’ and yet we don’t as individuals or a collective seem to exhibit or express much in the way of wisdom. Technically as modern humans we’re Homo sapiens sapiens although some of us seem less evolved than others.

Bigot 3

The above image is from the same, or different, ‘White Man March’, this shitbird doesn’t understand evolutionary theory (the word theory in the scientific community basically means FACT) humans DIDN’T evolve from monkeys the process was over a huge amount of time and divergent lines of monkeys and apes branched off all over the place like a crazy out of control tree. We, humans, didn’t go from hairy tree dwelling monkeys into humans over night for example there were Cattarrhini, australopithecines, Pan and all kinds of Homo’s.

‘White Man March’ should have perhaps included the word stupid before the word white.

BIGOT: I really, really, really do NOT like British people, especially the English, there’s just something about them a mixture of ignorance and arrogance that just rubs me the wrong way. I am myself white and British, English to be specific, Anglo-Saxon to be even more specific, a product of generations of lowlife peasants. Shit eaters most of ’em. Or so I imagine.

Recently I’ve found my ability to tolerate British people evaporate and I find myself uncomfortable in the presence of my fellow Brits. I show absolutely no interest in what they’ve got to say, in the past I’ve never really paid attention to them, though I have faked it, but recently I’ve stopped the fakery I just don’t fucking care about them, their attempts at language I find grating, like fingernails on a chalkboard, and their arrogant and ignorant attitudes causes me rage, which I contain by obeying the rules and dictates of polite society, inside I want to go double nunchuck on their stupid British noggins but on the outside I feign being an imbecile and quickly remove myself from their presence.

Bigot 4

We’ve had the ‘White Man March’ here in the U.K. a face adorned with tattoo’s doesn’t fill me with inspiration or pride if I saw this chap approaching me on a street, day or night, I’d expect at least his forehead to make contact with the bridge of my nose, or if he was having a bad day (which I suspect he does every day) bum rape.

I don’t know what it is about so called English/British patriots that causes me so much hate maybe it’s because they’re not Homo Sapiens but instead they’re Homo Untermensch, which is then racial hatred on my part and you know what good for me.

Bigot 5

Fucking Nazi’s.


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