Life Is Simple


Or so I perceive. I’ve never led a complicated life, my life has always been orderly, easy and relatively simple I like it that way.

I have a bunch of things that I choose to believe none of them require faith and none of them require the invention of supernatural entities to explain them.

Life Is Simple is my firmly held and adhered to belief. I’m of the opinion that people who lead complicated lives do so because they make those lives complicated. The Natural World seems simple and though we humans have hid from the Natural World, or Real World, creating our own Human World we’ve also made that world unnecessarily complex but it doesn’t need to be.

What follows are a few more of my firmly held beliefs:

Do The Things You Love: unless those things include rape and murder. Rape and murder are bad don’t do ‘em. It can be hard at times to do the things you love life gets in the way I often wish I was a multi-millionaire so I could spend all day every day just doing things I love but I can’t work often interrupts the doing of things I love.

Make Changes: change isn’t easy it’s not meant to be. I’ve changed many a thing during my short, or too long, life I’ve changed jobs many times, I’ve changed homes even more, I’ve lost weight, built muscle, got rid of friends and acquaintances if I found them annoying, quit drinking alcohol, quit eating meat. None of those changes have been easy, some have required a lot of hard work but they’ve all been rewarding. I have a love/hate relationship with change I like making changes to my personal life but I dislike the world around me changing I want everything to be like it was in the Eighties good tunes, good movies, proper superhero comic books, fun television shows, no mobile phones or personal computers, social media completely unheard of, Cold War still raging.

‘The Future’ Is Unknown: I don’t think anyone can predict the future it’s an unknown quantity chaotic and scary. When I was a teenager I thought the 21st century would feature manned space exploration, laser pistols and jet packs instead its just the same old, endless, bullshit presented as new for new generations.

Be Self-Reliant: I’ve never been needy. I live alone, I’m happy being alone, I cook all my own meals and I clean my abode weekly maintaining its cleanliness throughout the rest of the week, I do my own laundry and ironing, I make my own way to and from work, if I want to do something or go somewhere I do on my own. I think it’s best not to rely on others for anything and go about one’s own business without having the need for other people.

Define Yourself: it’s not important what other people think of you, good or bad, it’s only important how you think about yourself. If you believe that you’re AWESOME eventually the lie will seem real.

Fuck The World: probably THE most important thing to remember.


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