Stranger Things


Jeez I’m finding it tough viewing I don’t like teenagers or romance, I’ve never liked teenagers even when I was a teenager and romance is for girls and those guys who like to put their willies in between their legs and pretend they have a vagina. The story just isn’t compelling enough there are far too many flaws and seemingly endless scenes with teenagers in LOVE. Sigh! So far three episodes in and this ain’t no Monster Squad it’s like that moment in James Cameron’s Aliens when you realise you’ve been robbed you’re not getting a balls to the wall horror/action movie Colonial Space Marines versus Xenomorphs because what’s this? Oh fucking bullshit in hell here’s fucking Newt.

Eighties movies worked because the running time was roughly ninety minutes, in that time we’d get to know the character/s they’d reveal what ever mystery they had to reveal and face down the bad guy/s and win.

Stranger Things just seems to go over the same material again and again without revealing anything, padding story content out with teenagers in LOVE. It could have been a good idea, another Super 8, if it was a ninety minute homage movie to the Eighties instead I’m just finding it a drag and every time the teenagers are onscreen having romantic encounters I want to skip ahead to scenes that are more interesting or go do something more interesting like watch paint dry.

Maybe it will get better.



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