Kung-Fu SuperNerd 2


The above image contains the thumbnails of page three of my post apocalypse tale a tale that features as monsters not zombies but English bigots and racists suddenly turned cannibalistic by some insidious virus or parasite. The story features a lot of relevant social commentary, a perspective on being English and living in Britain as seen through my own eyes.

In the first panel above evidence of the virus starts to become apparent the fat fella in the England vest is similar in appearance to many fella’s in my hometown who are fat and wear clothing adorned with the word England and the flag. He’s spouting angry nonsense words, seemingly directed at the main character, viciously insinuating the character is homosexual when in fact the character is a non-practicing heterosexual.

Panels 2 and 3 make mention of the fact the main character can’t get laid for love or money and it has been years and years since he last enjoyed a sexual encounter. Here he comments on young females having potty mouths as every other word they speak is a swear.

Panel 4 features the character amused at his own thoughts.

And the final panel features the main characters thoughts about the lost British art of queuing, something that riles me on every occasion I have to join a queue. It’s not rocket science there’s an entrance or exit people form an orderly line one person behind another with no one making like a tree or trying to push in front because they’re elderly, have young children or just plain ignorant.


Page four, above, features the main character climbing aboard the bus from Mansfield to the nearby city of Nottingham. In panel one the character continues his rant about queuing etiquette, it’s one of those bee’s in his bonnet he just can’t shake loose.

Panel 2 finds the main character relaxing on the back seats of the bus berating himself for not bringing a messenger bag containing comic books so he could entertain himself during the forty five minute plus journey to Nottingham.

Panel 3, a scene jump, time flicks by without effort on the pages of a comic book. The main character Jeremiah is sat inside a public house, the Ned Ludd, it’s the place I currently meet my friends when I’m taking advantage of a social gathering.

Panel 4 introduces Jeremiah’s friends they’re all enjoying a pint of beer and due to the awful decision by most Britons to Brexit from the EU the trio are bitching about their shit for brains countrymen and women.

Nothing of note is happening in these early pages, I see, in my mind’s eye or whatever, this story to be a TV series this the first episode establishes the main character, points out the positive and negative aspects of his personality, allows an interested reader (or viewer) to relate to his thoughts, opinions and way of life and sets up the idea that this fictional world is very much like our real world and so when everything turns to shit we can relate to the main character losing everything’s he’s known all his life.

Obviously I’m no writer, or artist, and my story is in no way original, influenced as it is by 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead (original) and Cannibal Apocalypse but by making the source of the apocalypse racists and bigots it’s something a little different to making them zombies. The monsters could be zombies, the story would play out much the same, though I say story I’ve not actually written anything down it exists in my head and I map it out with these little comic book thumbnails, the monsters could be vampires, though the dynamic of the tale would change vampires are at their most dangerous and potent during night time hours it would suddenly become I Am Legend, the monsters could be werewolves, I don’t think there has been a werewolf apocalypse yet, the monsters could be Lovecraftian and kind of are I suppose there’s a Lovecraftian, weird fiction, notion to English bigots and racists turning cannibal and killing everyone. If the story progresses, long term, eventually the virus, or parasite, or supernatural plague, will affect other racists and bigots and not confine itself to us poor misbegotten Anglo-Saxons.


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