Preacher One Point Eight


Episode eight opens in the past with an accident at a ski resort and it is revealed the victims were members of Odin Quincannon’s family including his daughter this tragedy led to the conflict Jesse has with Quincannon in the present.

In the present Quincannon’s thug forces armed for war smash their way into Custer’s church but they find the church empty.

These good time boys end up brutally beaten by Jesse Custer, offscreen, and their firearms taken from them. Jesse Custer it seems is so hard, a fighting super god, he can beat half a dozen well armed men and steal their guns, he’s like The Batman or Captain America.

Inside the church Custer, somehow, brings Arseface back from his tour of Hell. Arseface seems well adjusted even though he’s been tortured and tormented in the fiery pits of Hell but rather than having crawled his way out of Hell Jesse figures out that Arseface is just a figment of his, or Genesis’, if of Genesis’ imaginings then Arseface could be as real as anything in reality in the comic book series Jesse Custer John Wayne is created by Genesis rather than Jesse haunted by Arseface.

Quincannon’s army of loyal employees makes a second attempt on Custer’s church but not only can Jesse fight like Bruce Lee he can shoot like the very best sharpshooter or sniper capable of shooting a machete out of one man’s hand and into the shoulder of another man, and shoot off the dick of another man.

This assault on Custer’s church becomes a day out for the townsfolk of Annville family members setting out picnic areas and enjoying the fighting events they hope will eventually lead to the preacher’s death. Jesse calls in the Angels and asks them to bring Arseface back from Hell in return for Genesis.

During the assault on Jesse Custer one of Quincannon’s men, his right hand, a man Custer beat and humiliated decides that instead of risk his life, or further humiliation, fighting Jesse Custer he’d sooner just kill himself and this he does popping a cap in his own ass, well head.

The Angels remove Genesis from Jesse but then refuse to follow through with the deal to bring Arseface back from Hell fortunately Genesis refuses to be imprisoned and finds a way to reunite with Custer leaving the Angels with no choice but to leave and try and retrieve the powerful supernatural entity at another time.

During the night Jesse fends off another attack, entertainingly so for the townsfolk looking on, while he gets drunker and drunker the right hand of Quincannon, who I believed had killed himself appears he didn’t kill himself instead he caused himself deafness thus making himself vulnerable to Custer’s power, though I figure Genesis wouldn’t be limited by human frailties it seems a crap Godlike power to be limited thusly. Custer is defeated by Quincannon’s right hand and forced to sign over his church and land but Custer makes a deal for one last Sunday service, one last chance to save the town, Custer plans on bringing God to Annville and forcing God to answer everyone’s questions and if the townsfolk don’t like them he plans on denouncing the supreme fictional force.

It’s also revealed that Tulip bought, rescued, a dog so that Cassidy the vampire can feed, but why sacrifice an innocent animal why not kidnap a towns person, all of whom so far have been revealed to be indecent insane little shits, and feed that piece of shit to Cassidy? I think this because I like dogs a lot more than I like people.


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