You Get What You Deserve

As you skip happily through life every day a rainbow you’ll often hear people voice opinions that seem upon closer examination to be plain daft ‘you get what you deserve’ is one of ‘em. Imagine for a moment you’re a child molester/rapist/murderer/drug dealer and on your evil travails through life you place a bet on the lottery and win one hundred million pounds (which post-Brexit would be like winning a bag of potatoes) or one hundred million dollars now does a child molester/rapist/murderer/drug dealer deserve to win one hundred million quid?

If everyone got what they deserved serial killers/mass murderers/terrorists as they get out of bed in a morning their plan of atrocity finalised in their mind, ‘today’s the day’, they’d be hit, BANG, by a motor vehicle that came careening out of nowhere and they’d be dead. Unless of course the victims of the serial killer/mass murderer/terrorist are getting exactly what they deserve.

‘You get what you deserve’ falls apart the more I consider it, plus it’s something that requires a certain level of belief and to be honest I don’t believe in anything, I never have.

Some crazy people believe in some supernatural ‘fate’ and you’ll hear them voice, ‘what goes around comes around’, gosh those people make me laugh out loud they’re so fucking stupid. The kind of people that voice such a stupid thing are obviously blind to how shitty they’ve been or they are in their lives, serial adulterers, petty thieves, bullies, liars, violent thugs, sexual deviants, criminally affiliated if ‘what goes around comes around’ is a real deal then the people that loudly and proudly voice such idiocy will fall victim to this supernatural ‘fate’.

Add to this the people, usually American sports people, who thank God for their amazing, or mundane, victory. God? Really? I would have imagined an accomplishment, sporting achievement, comes from a lot of hard work, some natural born talent, a mote of luck, and steely determination and many sacrifices. God has nothing to do with it, to thank a fictional creation for one’s own amazing endeavours seems really disrespectful to one’s own hard graft.

Naturally of course if you are religious and believe your life, and everyone’s life, is the will of a god or supernatural unknowable made up by men force of (super)nature then you also have to accept that every child raped and killed was done so by the will of that fictional creation you call God, or Jesus, or Allah you can’t even deny it’s not God’s will, in fact the really crazy religious people claim, without any evidence of course, that it’s all part of God’s plan. So a little kid pinned down by it’s neck or throat and then gang raped by men of God (usually Catholics) or by powerful and wealthy politicians, or members of Royalty, is done so by the will of some kind of almighty being who lives somewhere in the sky.

Again upon closer examination it all seems like nonsense, like a load of horseshit, like when you were a kid and people, usually parents, told you that on one special day of the year a really fat man would pop down your chimney and deliver unto you a big pile of presents, the rest of the year parents were warning their kids to be wary of strangers and to freak out if someone dressed weird broke into their home.

I guess because I’m an Atheist absolutely nothing in my life is God’s will and God has never ever influenced, positively or negatively, my life because he’s not real. No one, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON, ever was born into this world already believing in God everyone who believes had that belief forced upon them or at some point chose to believe. As an Atheist I’m never going to wake up one morning have a revelation and think holy shit there is a God if I had a revelation one morning it would just end up as a really big poo. Revel at that. I could decide to worship such a big poo as God but I’d also have to be completely fucking insane to do so.

I doubt anyone anywhere has ever got what they deserved, maybe by accident or through a decision they’ve mistakenly made, but not by design not by someone or something mysterious and paranormal suddenly deciding one day that they deserve cancer. The world we live in is (unfortunately) just not built with the fantastic in mind, a world in which fantasy became reality would be far more complex than the simple world we live in and all the laws that would govern such a fantasy world would cause it to fall apart.

I’m a big fan of the DCU and also the Marvel Universe but they’re incredibly complex, with a ton of contradictory laws and rules that govern them and none of us would want to live in either universe and I’ll give you an example why with a throwaway bit part character from the Marvel Universe J. Jonah Jameson’s son John. Now John’s not even a minor character in the Marvel U, he’s basically almost non-existent however he’s still lived a really complex life he was an astronaut, he gained super powers and named himself Colonel Jupiter fought Spider-Man had his powers neutralised, he went to the Moon found an other-dimensional ruby, the Godstone, which turned him into a Man-Wolf, had adventures as Man-Wolf with Morbius the Living Vampire, he travelled to Other-Realm home of the mystical ruby and became Stargod, he became the pilot of Captain America’s personal quinjet but fell in love with Cap’s girlfriend Diamondback, he dated and then married She-Hulk, held his own in battle against a clone of Thanos, and phew!

Man Wolf

The world, our world, if it really contained any supernatural/paranormal elements then our lives would be as insane as the life of John Jameson and because of how complex the world would have to be it would of course collapse upon itself in some kind of crisis or secret war.


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