Philosophy, superheroes and Star Trek

My night is perfectly planned I find myself immersed in worlds I find interesting and extremely enjoyable. 

The history of philosophy is an excellently written series of books beginning with the Greek pre-Socratics it covers the Miletus philosophers, Thales for example, and continues through Anaximander and Parmenides. Not all the so called pre-Socratics came before Socrates some were of the same time period as the great philosopher, although we know very little of Socrates and what we do know is via the works of Plato.

Classical Philosophy mostly concerns itself with the works of Plato and Aristotle, Plato was of course the student of Socrates and tutor of Aristotle.

For my superhero needs I’ve chosen the recently released Doom Patrol volume two written by Grant Morrison, the Doom Patrol are on the verge of being revamped by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance fame and are the super group you call if your life is under threat from the most weird of bad guys volume two concerns itself with the sinister, and mostly inept, Men From N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and witnesses the first appearance of Danny the Street a sentient street and of Flex Mentallo who appeared in his own mini-series which is one of my favourite works of literature and not just one of my favourite comic books.

Star Trek the original series is the best version of the science fiction myth featuring the best cast and crew of the Enterprise. In fact the original series, and cast, are so good all other versions have been terribly disappointing especially the reboot of the original series which is Star Trek in name but not in execution.

While most of my night shift was intricately planned the odd few hours devoid of other people’s great fictional imaginings was filled with my own fictional creations as I continued to create my Kung-Fu SuperNerd tale that may, or may not, see life as a webcomic.


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