Kung-Fu SuperNerd 3


Above is page five of my thumbnails for my maybe realised one day webcomic it’s a page that features an occasional Saturday of socialising and revelling in my own life.

Panel one features Jeremiah Brand, I might change his last name to Bone, sitting with his two pals in The Crafty Crow, a real ale public house in Nottingham. It has been said that a person of my age range, mid-forties, should be able to count their friends on one hand and this is certainly true of me and thus it’s true of poor old Jeremiah who is in some ways based upon me. The differences with Jeremiah is that he possesses kung-fu super powers but rather than being a superhero or force for good in his world he just lives a geeky/nerdy life his world being very much like our world and if I possessed kung-fu super powers I wouldn’t dress up in my pyjamas and fight crime or try to do any good in this world I’d just be an hard as nails, kick you in the head, comic book geek/nerd.

Conversation in this first panel involves discussion of a few recent movies Deadpool and Batman versus Superman. Personally speaking I found Deadpool to be meh, but then I’ve never liked the character. Batman versus Superman exceeded my expectations and was just a crazy movie full of over the top superhero nonsense. I really liked it.

In panel two the geeks/nerds have relocated to a BBQ restaurant, The Reds, it’s the place my friends and I eat when we’re enjoying a day out in Nottingham. The food is great, I’ve never had cause for complaint and that’s why we use The Reds on every social gathering, we have over the years used several other eating establishments but these days we favour The Reds. Though we might try out Rubs Smokehouse on our next gathering as the place does some really odd combinations of food. For example:

The Donut & Waffle Burger Love Child

Southern Fried Chicken, a dirty brisket & jacobs ladder cheeseburger, sixteen hour slow cooked hickory pork, served on a waffle topped with a Krispy Kreme iced donut, add a gherkin (purchase not necessary) and a candy floss garnish. Served with some plain fries. (as you wouldn’t want to over do it now would you ?)


Panel three sees the three geeks/nerds relocate to The Castle, a public house located opposite Nottingham castle an area popular with tourists who have come to soak up the myth of Robin Hood.

In the final panel the geeks/nerds have decided to have a few beers inside the Hog’s Head, though I suspect the name of this particular public house as changed but I know it has the Hog’s Head and I can’t be bothered to discover it’s true name. They’ve decided to have a drink in this public house, an establishment they rarely drink in these days, because Jeremiah wants to watch the football, Euro 2016 action.


In the page above, page six, the end of the episode if this was a TV series Jeremiah’s left his friends to go get the bus back home. It’s still early about 19:00 because Jeremiah is based upon myself he like me doesn’t linger in public houses until late in the evening/night it’s not worth it for two reasons 1 like me Jeremiah can’t drink a lot of alcohol four pints is more than enough and 2 he doesn’t want to get a later bus back to his hometown because later busses are usually more busy and full of drunken cunts. Making his way to the bus station in panel one Jeremiah has a typical Little Englander scream insults at him, it’s an odd moment and Jeremiah believes the Little Englander might have mental health issues but it’s actually the beginning of an apocalyptic type event.

Panel two follows on from this theme police officers restraining yet another bald headed screaming foul mouthed Little Englander. Jeremiah’s bemused by all this and suspicious the world is getting suddenly stranger.

Panel three Jeremiah crashes out on the back seat of the bus to Mansfield, he feels drained, exhausted, a little bit drunk, though only having consumed four pints, and eager to get home so he can relax and enjoy an early night in bed.

Unfortunately in panel four Jeremiah’s plans are ruined by the apocalypse. A mad insane raging woman leaps at Jeremiah intent on scratching his eyes out, a normal night out for some here in England.

Thus would end, on a cliffhanger, the first episode of a TV show but this being a webcomic, well thumbnails for a potential webcomic, I’ve ended the first part with potential for violence and horror. Endings are important and in this kind of tale I would like, if it was a television series, for every episode to end on a cliffhanger hoping that people would be intrigued enough to watch the next episode, or in the case of a webcomic read the next instalment.


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