Preacher One Point Nine

Old Glory

This episode opens with the American flag, it’s my favourite national flag in my old flat (they’re called apartments these days for some bizarre reason) I had an American flag, the Stars and Stripes, poised perfectly on a wall in my living room, yeah I am British/English but I don’t see how that matters. The flag did upset people I once worked with, I used to work with people who had obvious, to me now, mental health issues, it was an odd situation I took a photo of myself posed in front of the perfectly poised American flag set the photo as my Facebook profile and the following day went to work as normal. On my first break of the day I was accosted by a female employee, of the American company we all worked for, she interrupted a conversation I was in the middle of to express her anger at my posing in front of my perfectly poised American flag in the privacy of my own home.

Now this particular woman, I don’t remember her name I don’t remember anyone I used to work with it has been pointed out to me recently that I don’t pay attention to other people and I’ve considered this, A LOT, and it explains my entire life. Anyhow, this British woman had angry words aimed at me for posing in front of my perfectly poised American flag, this woman wasn’t on my Facebook friends list so I questioned how she knew about my photo and apparently another woman, faceless and nameless, who also wasn’t on my Facebook friends list had seen my profile online and then busted a gut to tell people, who I had zero interest in, that I was posed in front of my perfectly poised American flag. I was accused of being an anti-patriot and I’ll admit I proudly am, FUCK BRITAIN and especially FUCK ENGLAND!

Though I found the entire incident INSANE, because it was, I remained happily calm the British woman claimed my photo, that she hadn’t seen but had only heard about, offended her because her son died serving his country in the Falklands conflict, what this had to do with me and the photo of myself posed in front of my perfectly poised American flag is way beyond me. Reminded of the incident I’m still at a loss why my business was the interest of anyone else, I don’t take an interest in other people’s business because it’s none of my concern and what I do, or don’t do, in my life is of no concern to anyone else as far as I’m concerned. Heh!

I managed to put an end to this, insane and ridiculous confrontation, by telling the woman if my very existence upset her then it would be best if she never spoke to me again, and from that moment forward I never acknowledged her existence again.

These days I’ve been, very happily, a non-employee for six years of the American company I once worked at for ten years and in those six happy years I haven’t had an argument or one bad day, well except for the day I woke up to find seventeen million bigoted morons had voted Britain out of the EU, no one has tried to make my business their business and I haven’t experienced any of the weirdness and craziness I used to experience on an almost daily basis.

Reminded of this bizarre moment at a workplace I once was employed at suddenly reminds me of dozens of bizarre incidents and I’m starting to question my memories, are these moments real? Did these events actually occur? Because they are so bizarre they shouldn’t be real. It seems, from this future vantage point, working for this particular American company was like living in Jesse Custer’s Annville, only without the supernatural elements and murder.

But I digress. Back to the show.

The episode starts back in America’s Wild West in the shit eating town of Ratwater the Saint of Killers, still a mortal man at this point in his story sets out to murder every man, woman and child in the town, revenge for his beating in a previous episode that led to the death of his wife and daughter. The Saint of Killers manages to murderise his way through a saloon full of people, well scum, without reloading his pistols, hey it’s TV land and like movie land guns can fire an infinite amount of bullets without reloading.

With the slaughter at an end the town of Ratwater becomes consumed by a storm, though I suspect the Saint of Killers is really in Hell reliving over and over the death of his family and his murder of an entire town of men, women and children.

Back in present day Custer is sat in the back of the Sheriff’s car the Sheriff wants to know where his son, Arseface, is at Custer confesses he sent Arseface to Hell and the Sheriff threatens Jesse Custer with a fate worst than Hell at this point Jesse makes his escape from the moving car of the Sheriff and out into the cold dark of night.

The Angels, DeBlanc and Fiore, book a trip to Hell while Tulip leaves Emily to try and help Cassidy, Tulip claiming not to care about the plight of Jesse Custer makes to kill a man in Albuquerque while Custer seeks refuge with down and outs and plots the downfall of God.

It’s quite an arrogant plan Custer is planning if we existed in a reality designed by a Creator God who are we, any of us, to question his or her creation? To question God in anyway at all? What arrogance we humans have to believe we have any right to criticise a supreme, superior, being.

The Angels, though making plans to go to Hell, really want to go back to Heaven but they can’t their phone missing stolen by the so called good Christian and preacher Jesse Custer, yet another in a long list of criminal misdemeanours. But Custer’s not the only so called good Christian guilty of criminal behaviour Emily lures town mayor, and occasional fuck buddy, into the clutches of Cassidy consigning the mayor to a horrible death at the teeth of the evil son of a bitch Irish vampire.

This episode is full of the craziest shit you can imagine Sheriff Root forced into strangling to death the Angel woman defeated by DeBlanc, Fiore and Custer her limbless body left in a motel bath at first Sheriff Root seems devastated as he chokes the life out of the Angelic being but after the deed is done he seems to have taken some sort of joy out of the deed, perhaps foretelling future events. Will Root become an evil serial killer son of a gun?

Custer and Cassidy get their bromance back on and all is good with the world until the end of the series when Cassidy betrays Custer and Custer hunts him down to kill, but really, save him, but that’s for the future a long way down the line if the series lasts that long.

Custer admits to Tulip, via a phone call, that he misses and loves her but Tulip’s a tad busy planning her brutal murderous revenge on the heinous individual who betrayed her and Jesse. Personally I tend to think that criminals in both fiction and reality get what they deserve if they end up horribly murdered or succumb to some horrible disease it’s just a shame more of the wastes of human skin don’t drop off the face of the world.

For sure the Saint of Killers is trapped in Hell reliving the death of his family and the revenge he took over and over again. What would you do if someone, or someone’s, took away everything you loved? Would you kill an entire town of people? Especially if those people deserved murdering? It would be a thing to do, wouldn’t it? Rather than just get on with your life and feel sad every now and again. Of course murder in fiction can lead to an eternity in Hell but here and now in the real world murder, if you can get away with it, leads to not one bad thing.

Into the Hell of the Saint of Killers arrives DeBlanc and Fiore with a proposition for the murderous son of a bitch they promise to get him out of Hell if he in return will kill Jesse Custer. The episode arrives at it’s inevitable conclusion with Custer and Cassidy digging up the corpse of Fiore or DeBlanc, they need Angel hands to operate the God phone, and this digging gives them an opportunity to bury the mayor of Annville.

So far, and we’re, nearly at the end of the first season, there’s not one redeemable character in the Preacher TV show everyone’s a fucking cunt, sure some of the characters might be likeable but they’re all criminals and can you really like a criminal?


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