Star Trek versus Aliens


From time to time, well quite a lot really, I hear the sound that the motion trackers make in the James Cameron movie Aliens the cause of this might be due to sleep deprivation but I do spend a lot of time thinking about the Alien movies. Last night finishing off season one of Star Trek the original series I was wondering how the crew of the Enterprise would cope with the monsters from the Alien movie series and I imagined a lot of Redshirts would bite the big one.

The scenario would work in a Star Trek story, Captain Kirk and crew are sent to an Earth colony that’s suddenly gone dark and find the colonists cocooned waiting to give birth to monstrous xenomorphs it could be the next big movie blockbuster idea mash-up. There’s already been Aliens versus Predator so why not Star Trek versus Aliens? Get Simon Pegg to write it.

Re-watching Star Trek the original series I came to the conclusion that if Star Wars is Tolkien in space then Star Trek is Shakespeare.


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