Sci-Fi Movie Madness

I like spending the night fully awake and to keep my mind occupied and to stop myself drifting off into the blissful world of sleep I need constant entertainment tonight’s entertainment needs are met by John Carter, Super 8 and Terminator Genisys. I’ve watched all three movies before John Carter and Super 8 half a dozen times.

Terminator Genisys: This movie is rated 12 here in the U.K. but the original Terminator movie was rated 18 and I’m of the opinion all Terminator movies should be rated thus instead of trying to be family friendly. I understand why most movies these days are family friendly it’s all about bums on seats, making big bucks instead of just turning a profit. Money really does make the (human) world go round.

This movie didn’t work for many viewers but I find it no better or worst than any blockbuster movie it looks good there are decent action sequences it’s fun it’s dumb but it just didn’t work for audiences and so, at the moment, the Terminator franchise has been terminated. If it does come back it should be as a series of movie mash-ups Aliens versus Terminator followed by Aliens versus Predator versus Terminator and then Aliens versus Predator versus Terminator versus Robocop and one last movie Aliens versus Predator versus Terminator versus Justice League versus The Avengers. This last movie should be an epic twelve hours long fucked up fist and fire fight.

Hmm, perhaps the Terminator franchise staying dead is actually a better idea than those I have. The only problem I have with this Terminator movie is the time travel, time travel mostly sucks, it works in Back To The Future and Doctor Who but most of the time it’s just really suckass. I’m sure you’ve noticed this also.

Super 8: The recent TV show Stranger Things really, really wanted to be Super 8 but failed. Miserably. This movie captures the flavour of a Spielberg Eighties movie and even the music feels like it’s from an Eighties Spielberg movie. It’s tinged with sadness, with that immense sense of loss we all experience at some stage of our life, but it’s also a fun filled joyful movie. It has the feel, if you were an Eighties kid, of the summer movies we grew up with, of those trips to the pictures with family or friends to watch something outrageously awesome.

I guess, in some ways, our own summers back in the Eighties were like Super 8 but without the alien monster naturally, my summer holidays were full of action and adventure but then I went and grew up, physically if not mentally, and summer holidays became an endless chore, a kitchen sink drama.

This movie is what blockbuster movies could, and perhaps should be like, it’s an absolutely fantastic piece of movie making and ridiculously entertaining if everyone who was involved in the movie business had real love for movies then the movies offered would all be as magical as this.

It’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, it’s Stand By Me, it’s The Monster Squad, it’s Stephen King’s novel It and it’s Jaws and it works, for me at least. The story and film making draws me right into events as they unfold and into the lives of the teenage kids. What’s also great about the movie is there’s no Google, no personal phones, no laptops and tablets, no social media, kids have to entertain themselves by making a home movie, by playing outside, by using their imagination.

It also works because it’s less than two hours long, one of the reasons modern movies fail, for me, is the ridiculous length of time they run without having a lot of story depth.

Super 8 is also a story about letting go something lots of people need to learn, especially at the moment. Yeah I know the terror attacks in Europe are retaliation for Western nations invasion and bombing of Middle Eastern nations interference and murder in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. But still just let it go, all that rage, all that hate, let it go and live in peace and harmony. Ha! Not today.

With the end credits comes the teenagers zombie movie and what great mini movie those crazy kids managed to make.

John Carter of Mars: The why of this movies failure at the box office is something I struggle to understand for the simple reason I think it’s flipping great. It looks great it divulges a great deal of story content with simplicity and pace and it also allows time for a little mystery. It should have been a success and led to further movies in the series.

There’s a comic book series Starlight from Mark Millar it’s his best work, in my opinion, and John Carter feels in some ways like the super terrific Starlight. I’m sure at some stage Starlight will see the light of day as a movie, or perhaps a TV show, Millar’s work seems popular with film makers and with audiences.

The failure of this John Carter movie probably means there won’t be another John Carter movie again and I’m fine with that I have the books but I would like to see more classic science fiction given the modern big budget treatment Flash Gordon with Queen soundtrack, Buck Rogers, Dan Dare, Adam Strange, Legion of Superheroes and an Adam Warlock movie based upon Jim Starlin’s version of the character.

Special effects in modern movies don’t tend to be very special, that’s just an opinion I have, back in the Eighties SFX were special check out The Thing, Empire Strikes Back, Ghostbusters, Terminator, movies that wowed with their SFX and I get the same feel from John Carter the SFX is special indeed.

When we end up liking something that other people don’t we tend to consider them stupid or insane maybe both, well I say we I mean me, but just because I like something doesn’t mean what I like is any good, the same is true if I say Jaws is the best movie ever made it doesn’t mean that it is just because something is my favourite doesn’t make it the best, though it could be argued favourite and best are just a matter of perspective and perception.


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