The Times They Seem A Little Crazy


Events at the moment seem crazy but they do so only because we’re experiencing them. For a little, and brief, perspective here’s a few thoughts 1 Just because ISIS, or Daesh, whatever, claim responsibility for murder, mass and individual, doesn’t make it true. If you stubbed your toe they’d probably claim responsibility. 2 One hundred years ago men from France, Germany and Britain were dying in their thousands their lives thrown away in a bloody world war. 3 Britain this century alone has in some capacity been involved in five wars, or military actions, all five of those conflicts were against Islamic states. I don’t believe in nonsense like ‘You Get What You Deserve’ and the incredibly stupid ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ but Britain’s military actions have consequences and if events occur here in Britain like they have in France we can hardly make the claim that we are innocent.


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