Star Trek Can Save Brexit Britain


I was contemplating the effects, all negative or so it seems, of Britain’s so called Brexit from the European Union while contemplating these negative effects I tried to figure out if anyone, I wasn’t particular about who, had a plan for post-Brexit Britain but unfortunately no one seems to have a plan.

Disappointed by the lack of common sense, intelligence, creativity and imagination here in post-Brexit Britain I was on the verge of signing off the Internet and returning to my happy task of digitally colouring, using Photoshop Elements, the thumbnails to my future webcomic when, and like a bolt out of the blue, inspiration hit me post-Brexit Britain SHOULD emulate Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek. The United Federation of Planets could be post-Brexit Britain’s golden future.

Here’s a few ways post-Brexit Britain using Star Trek as inspiration can be Great Britain:

ANTI-WAR: Wouldn’t it be nice to be British and know our nation wouldn’t involve itself in wars. After the Chilcot Report it’s obvious we can’t trust politicians or senior members of the military to make the right preparations or plans for a sustained military conflict so let’s be a nation that promotes an Anti-War sentiment, let’s be pacifists it’s something we’ve not yet tried surely it can’t be worst than the alternative invading and bombing foreign nations, mainly Islamic states, murdering women and children, leaving whole countries in a worst state than they were before invasion.

We could still have a military but one based upon defence instead of attack. And let’s be honest where has war got us? The two big wars of the 20th century left Britain less powerful, less wealthy, less influential globally, broken and bankrupt. Anti-War seems like a better alternative even though some people, perhaps a lot, consider Anti-War sentiment to be cowardly, but what’s wrong with being cowardly? I am a proud coward I wouldn’t wish to be involved in any kind of fighting or conflict I’m the kind of person who runs away from fights or anticipates confrontation out on the mean streets of Britain and crosses on to the opposite side of the road. Being cowardly, anti-violence, anti-war, is really nice I live a peaceful quiet life and so could everyone in Britain if we had a culture of Anti-War instead of War Worship.

IDEALISTIC AND OPTIMISTIC: Britain pre-Brexit was a pretty pessimistic place everything’s always doom and gloom, endless moaning about everything from the weather to immigrants. The EU Referendum was based on pessimism from Remain and Leave it was a depressing affair and I was glad when it was over, though I wasn’t at all glad about the result. We could do with a big dollop of optimism starting at the top, government tends to be overtly, and covertly, depressing especially those grumbletonian Tories always looking backwards through rose tinted glasses at an imagined perfect (for them) past. Optimism would be a hard sell, probably harder to sell than being Anti-War but we should give it a go we’ve got nothing to lose and a new Britain to build.

Though I’m not very optimistic myself, I am after all British, I am very idealistic, as this post obviously shows. We live in a society forged on the precepts of idealism our beliefs and values shape society if we here in Britain believed bigger and had positive values then we could change our society forever. The so called Four Pillars of the Green Party could be Britain’s starting point to build a better society.

CLASSLESS: Unfortunately Britain is NOT and perhaps never will be classless. We have a self important family dominating Britain a family that epitomises ‘white privilege’ and while the British hold onto primitive notions of kings and queens Britain can never progressively move forward.

We NEED, nay demand or so the recent EU Referendum seemed to say, a society that’s based on the idea that we are all the same, regardless of where we are born, we need to live in a Britain that treats everyone the same, again regardless of where we are born, we need a completely classless society devoid of elitism.

We need a country that cares for and about the most vulnerable members of that society a society that distributes wealth evenly and fairly or abandons the silly concept of wealth entirely.

CASHLESS: I want a cashless society it seems so futuristic instead of this dog eat dog society I presently live in I want to live somewhere free of money, free of the pursuit of wealth. We’re all slaves to money it makes our world go round and round and round and round, we’re fooled into thinking it’s THE most important thing in life and it consumes much of our day whether we’re at work or at home placing seemingly endless bets in a hope to get rich quick or buying more and more crap we don’t need forcing our personal debt crisis to rise at an exponential rate.

Debt I understand, due to my own personal greed, my desire to have shiny new things, I accumulated enough debt to make my life one of misery once I’d managed my way out of debt I was much happier and now I live a debt free life always focussing on staying away from credit cards and personal loans. These days if there’s something shiny I want I go without or save the money before buying the shiny.

But imagine a society without cash one in which we all worked together for the benefit of all instead of the benefit of the few. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, never before, in my life at least, has that been more true.

UNIVERSAL LIBERTY, EQUALITY, JUSTICE, PEACE AND COOPERATION: I live in the land of the free, no not America, but Britain it’s one of many lands of the free but that freedom is limited it’s limited by personal desires and it’s limited by restrictions imposed by those who ruin us, whoops I meant rule us, me and my inability to use my native language properly. Sigh!

Here in Britain we have the Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights that are the cornerstones of our personal liberty, we don’t acknowledge or appreciate either as people but they were created to grant us rights we previously didn’t enjoy. Liberty in my view is the idea that you can live you’re life in the manner you see fit without me imposing my views on you and the same holds true for me I’ll live my life the way I see fit without you imposing your views upon me. We should be free to do whatever we want, as long as we’re not harming anyone else or preventing anyone else doing what they want, this of course could mean an end to organised religions but let’s be honest that wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Everyone’s born equal, EVERYONE, it’s only after we’re born that things go a little weird beliefs are bombarded upon us, we’re constantly shouted and screamed at, reprimanded for shitting on the floor, some of us are smacked and badly beaten and the idea is bred into us that we’re superior, or inferior, to others the able bodied superior to the disabled of body (and mind), male superior to female, white superior to black, Christian superior to Muslim. Inequality isn’t our birth right, any of us, but we sure as hell are taught it quickly. Adults are superior, and know better, than children and then we hit adulthood and realise every adult we met as a kid was talking out of their fucking butts.

Boy, justice, this one’s a tough ‘un. First we have to accept we’re all the same, all equal, all have the same rights, and same fucking mental issues, and we should all be treated equally, treat others as you wish to be treated yourself not by how you are treated if everyone followed that little idea we’d live in a world that is just. Justice is unrealistic because of how far do you take it? If someone rapes and kills your child do you rape and kill theirs? Would that be justice? Best to try and sort the other Star Trek ideas out before tackling this.

Being peaceful for me isn’t just about avoiding violence it’s also about enjoying moments of quietness and trying to make them last as long as possible. The world we live in today is so fucking loud, if it’s not traffic endlessly interrupting my peace then it’s idiots playing music on their smart phones far too loudly, for fuck’s sake buy some ear, or head, phones and shut the fuck up. I don’t want to listen to your shit girly bollocks music.

From Wikipedia I stole this: Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace often involves compromise, and therefore is initiated with thoughtful listening and communication to enhance and create mutual understanding.

Sounds beautiful.

The Vote Leave EU Referendum basically stuck two fingers up at the idea of cooperation and is one of the reasons I’m still super pissed off about the result. I believe (oh shit I do have beliefs, FUCK!) we should think of ourselves as Earthlings before we think of ourselves as human or more basic still British, or English, or whatever nationality people wish to believe they are, the EU Referendum made Britain smaller instead of greater, made us look inwards and backwards instead of looking out and into the future. The result feels to me like a step backwards when it should be a step forward it’s weird, to me, that a vote to remain was more forward thinking and progressive than a vote for change. Britain allowed those who don’t want change but want a return to Britain for the British to dictate it’s future and that’s not a Britain I want to live in. I’d sooner be dead.

MILITARY AND SCIENCE: In Star Trek the military and science kinda go hand in hand sure there are specific science teams removed from what seems like a very militaristic Star Fleet but the most war-like of all Star Fleet officers, James Tiberius Kirk, as a sound grasp of the sciences.

Wouldn’t the military constrained by and influenced by scientists make for a more aspirational version of the military? Imagine brains and brawn working for the betterment of Britain, looking at ways to protect Britain from it’s enemies, real and imagined, while also being a defence force instead of a mad rabid attack dog. Instead of spending money on guns and bombs and wasting time, effort and people on unjust wars science and the military could be aiming for the stars we could be sending a mainly pacifist fleet of starships out into the deepest darkest depths of space on a never-ending mission to explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilisations, to go boldly go where no Earthling has gone before. And instead of killing them or raping them we could approach potential alien forms with peace offering brotherhood but we can’t do that without binding the military with science.

PRIME DIRECTIVE: No interference with the social development of another planet. We Britons could do with a dose of the Prime Directive. Instead of interfering, normally by dropping bombs, in the affairs of other nations we, Britain, should sort out the problems our own society suffers from. And there are a lot of ’em.

UTOPIAN: I imagine a Britain in which the Prime Minister is an Indian female with bisexual interests and her cabinet is fifty/fifty male and female filled out with people from all walks of life, from all ethnicities and with every sexual interest imaginable instead of a cabinet mostly full of white male paedophiles.

Wouldn’t that be something?

I heard my new, and unelected HA!, Prime Minister make claim she’s aiming to make Britain great again, it’s the same shit Trump’s selling Americans, neither Britain or America has ever been great to believe otherwise then you’re either A) a fucking Muppet or B) a moron.

But we could aim to be great and that means adopting egalitarian principles and striving to build a society that is in harmony with nature and also people with each other that’s what a government should be promoting harmony, not wealth, not greed, not spouting hate and lies but building harmony. Utopia is somewhere we could all live but we’ve got to be willing to give up far too many things that mean far too much to us and for now a Star Trek style utopia is but a pipe dream. Or a lengthy blog post.


4 thoughts on “Star Trek Can Save Brexit Britain

  1. Yes, although what we really need is an entire Star Trek world. To make such a world, starting off with a Star Trek nation might be a good first step … but, Britain? Could British optimism really be reborn again, propelling the world into the brilliant new age of the S.S. Enterprise?

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    1. Simple answer: NO! But it’s a nice dream. A Star Trek world would of course be desirable, but it would mean people everywhere giving up all that hate and unfortunately a lot of people have a lot invested in hate.


  2. I will also love a Star Trek Universe, but it would be very unlikely any one nation would be willing to take a crack at it. I can see an underground movement with people like you and I joining forces from across the world. This is an OST trekkie from the colonial island of Puerto Rico. So…oh yeah! There’s hope for this world yet!
    Live long and prosper.

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