Movie Madness: August


 1 Stake Land: My first movie of a new month just had to be post apocalyptic horror, I was inspired to re-watch this movie due to a new TV series from SyFy Van Helsing that kind of reminded me of Stake Land. The first thing that becomes apparent about this movie is it looks damn good and the second thing is the vampires look more like creatures from the first Evil Dead movie, they’re pure evil and they look it, they’re not beautiful or sexy these vampires are the stuff of nightmares and they eat babies.

I find post apocalyptic tales funny, not laugh out loud pee my pants funny but funny in a dark humour kinda way, the protagonists in such tales aren’t in peril just from the horrors that have conquered the world they’re also in peril from people just like in the real world every time we step outside some crazy or evil or just absent minded dick could end our lives we’re constantly in peril we just don’t notice.

I like Stake Land it’s a good vampire movie and a bleak post apocalyptic movie but with little moments of hope. There’s supposed to be a sequel this year The Stakelander which is a terrible title Stake Land 2 would have been much better but it’s a SyFy original so I’m not holding out much hope for the sequel being as good as the original.

2 Uncaged: Is a werewolf movie. Weeks ago I had made plans to watch a series of werewolf movies and then blog about them but then Euro 2016 happened and I spent more time doodling and reading and so I completely forgot about my previous plan and now I’m too disinterested to write specific posts about a bunch of werewolf movies I’ve never seen before because to be honest they’re not very good. Uncaged isn’t that bad to be fair, it’s low budget and it shows but it’s okay(ish). Though I wouldn’t recommend a viewing.

3 Cursed: Has been around for a good decade but I’ve not watched it until now I’ve always figured it was one of those teen romance movies and I don’t watch those kinds of movies. It’s written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven both had a hit with Scream. Williamson also wrote a few other teen angst horror movies I Know What You Did Last Summer and Faculty and created the TV series The Vampire Diaries, personally I find it a little creepy when adults seem so obsessed in making teen movies and TV shows, I know teens desire shows about people their age but those shows usually have men and women in their twenties and thirties portraying the teen characters, it’s really very creepy like kind of kiddie fiddling creepy. I prefer adults to create entertainment aimed at adults, let kids entertain kids, it’s far less perverted, unless of course it’s kids entertaining other kids with adults watching.

Has anyone else ever noticed that in these American teen flicks there are always losers/geeks/nerds bullied by the cool kids and the loser loves the popular cool girl and when her boyfriend, the school’s popular cool guy, picks on the loser she tells the loser, ‘ignore him he’s a dick’, but the girl’s also a dick for dating a guy she knows is a dick. Yep it’s true girls/women who date boys/men they know are dicks do so because they are dicks. It’s one big dick party, only one of those dicks as a vagina, and the losers/geeks/nerds aren’t invited.

Lucky for the losers/geeks/nerd they’re off creating addictive apps and inventing the next big thing in tech that some people, usually the dicks, then claim they can’t live without.

4 Underworld: Awakening. I’ve enjoyed previous movies in this series, vampires versus werewolves what a great idea and though the movies aren’t awesome the fact is they’re not supposed to be it’s werewolves versus vampires not an adaptation of a Shakespearean play. Okay they could be more violent, have more action, more gore and more fun but still it’s vampires versus werewolves. Enjoy. What I like about Underworld: Awakening it’s still heavily influenced by The Matrix doesn’t anyone remember how cool those movies were? I know lots of people found the sequels disappointing, I found them fantastic, they spawned a lot of movies that had cool imagery and highly stylised action this is a throwback to the beginnings of a new century and I like it.

5 Bad Moon: I do enjoy a good, and sometimes a bad, horror movie and I do like werewolves as a monster but there’s not always a lot of new horror movies released worth watching and very rarely new werewolf movies so I end up watching old horror movies and in the case of Bad Moon an old werewolf movie fortunately I haven’t watched this movie in probably twenty years so it might seem fresh and new all over again. Though I do know for sure it features a dog named Thor, and the original story, in book form I think, was based around the canine character. The werewolves featured in this movie are big bad monsters, and the SFX are good, there’s gore, and victims are left to scream in terror before being finally dispatched. This is basically a proper horror movie, nasty. Thor, the German Shepherd, is just the best movie dog, this movie made me want a Thor of my own just in case my life is threatened by a werewolf, now you might think the chances of being attacked by a werewolf are completely impossible and that such things can never happen but who thought two passenger planes would be flown into the World Trade Centre? Certainly not me and certainly not you.

Thor is right up there with Ashley Williams as the best hero in a horror movie, there should have been more movies starring Thor, versus a vampire coven, versus a zombie plague, obviously the zombie plague would have to be the kind that only affects humans and the zombies have zero interest eating other animals, Thor could be joined by all the animals, wild and domestic, and they save humanity by eating all the zombies. It would certainly be a different kind of zombie movie, the final Thor movie could be Thor versus humanity, after all the one true horror monster is us.

6 Silver Bullet: Poor Corey Haim. It’s sad watching this movie knowing how everything went, and ended, for the young chap, and if Corey Feldman’s revelations are true Haim’s story is sadder still. Though I only enjoyed Silver Bullet and The Watchers from his filmography and HATED The Lost Boys, I probably hate it still, I’ll never know because I won’t watch it again.

Silver Bullet is another nasty horror movie, innocent people are horribly torn apart and butchered and the cast is just great alongside Corey Haim there’s Gary Busey, Everett McGill, Terry O’Quinn, Leon Russom, Lawrence Tierney, Bill Smitrovich great actors and it’s wonderful to see them all again, younger, and in some cases still living.

Though Corey Haim’s character is wheelchair bound he’s not treated as a lesser person, kids don’t mock or pick on him, he’s actually a popular well liked kid and that’s a refreshing change normally in these kinds of movies/stories a kid with any kind of difference is brutally bullied.

7 Ginger Snaps 1, 2 and 3: These are Canadian werewolf movies starring Emily Perkins, Becky Rosen in Supernatural, and Katharine Isabelle, Ava Wilson in Supernatural and Margot Verger in Hannibal (the TV series). The movies have dark tones, revolving around the characters fascination with death, which some would find creepy and probably appalling but these movies are supposed to be horror movies and we the fans revel in death. Fictional deaths, we’re not sickos laughing when terrorists kill dozens or when nations, like Britain, wage war and kill thousands.

I thought I’d watched Ginger Snaps before, but the movie I imagined wasn’t this one. Towards the end of the movie I figured the big reveal was going to be that the mother of the Fitzgerald girls, played by Mimi Rogers, would turn out to be a werewolf and the reason Ginger became a werewolf wasn’t because she’d been bitten by one but because she’d finally started her menstrual cycle.

8 Batman versus Superman: a big superhero blockbuster featuring men running around in public, sometimes in broad daylight, in just their pyjamas. Batman versus Superman is the setting up of other DC Comics movies Justice League and Wonder Woman, and the JLA holy trinity, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman play vital and important roles in this piece of popular entertainment. In a mere few throwaway moments this movie manages to show Superman for what he is, not an all powerful messianic figure who beats bad guys from one end of the universe to the other but a guy who saves people, tows a wrecked ship, rescues astronauts from an exploding rocket, people stranded in a flood. What the comic books used to get right, many, many years ago now is the amount of stuff Superman does in one day, travelling at the speed of light, or faster, he’s everywhere saving everyone, not from illness, wars or even crime, but saving them from accident and disaster. In Superman’s world no one dies from floods, or earthquakes, or tornadoes, because Superman saves them all. That’s why if I were to believe in a fictional saviour I’d believe in Superman.

There’s a really bizarre dream sequence set in Batman’s future, it’s like an Elseworlds tale or Injustice Gods Among Us, Superman a worshipped Messiah, fire pits akin to Apokolips, winged soldiers that look like Para-demons and a visitor from the future.

9 Dracula: The British Hammer version starring Peter Cushing as the heroic Doctor Van Helsing and Christopher Lee as the animal like vampire lord. It’s a fast paced piece of entertainment, events unfold quickly from Jonathan Harker becoming a victim of the vampires to Van Helsing discovering and then ending him to Lucy being turned to Dracula himself being confronted and destroyed by daylight, everything happens quickly, it’s quite a bang for your buck, if of course the movie costs you money I watched it on TV. The story doesn’t stop to develop character or to drag out drama everything happens as it happens and resolves fairly quickly I appreciated and enjoyed the no nonsense style of storytelling.

10 Superman: The Movie and Superman II: These pair of movies are my favourite superhero flicks they present, as far as I’m concerned, all the Superman characters perfectly and as they should be.

I watched a bunch of other movies this month, but decided to only make detailed mention of ten, otherwise this post would be far too long but the other movies deserve a mention.

Ghost In The Shell; Nighthawks; Fever Pitch; High Fidelity; War of the Worlds (Spielberg); London Has Fallen; Midnight Special; Déjà Vu; Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure; Serenity; Conan the Barbarian; Raiders of the Lost Ark; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I had quite the month of movie madness and I enjoyed (on some level) every movie I watched. I don’t tend to watch a lot of present day movies because I’m of the opinion modern movies suck.


Raiders of the Lost Ark


At work I decided, prearranged, to watch the three Indiana Jones movies, and there are only three now you, dear reader, might be under the impression there are more than three but you’d be wrong and because this is my blog I’m always right. ALWAYS!

(Even when I’m wrong).

Raiders is one of those movies I’d watch if I were to write or make movies because it’s damn near perfect, if not actually perfection personified. The story is told at a brisk pace and yet we, the fans, are given well rounded, very relatable characters, Indiana Jones is perhaps THE best hero ever featured in any kind of entertainment medium.

The reason Raiders is a movie classic is down to the fact Steven Spielberg used to be the best damn movie director on the planet, he once made the most entertaining well told movie stories and he was always blessed with great scripts featuring characters that are now considered iconic.

In addition there’s the reason behind Indy’s adventures in Raiders he’s out to find the Ark of the Covenant, this (perhaps) mythical object is one of, if not THE, most mysterious object in our history (or alternatively our myths) a strange box constructed out of gold that held within it the Ten Commandments written by Moses and transcribed by God, and imbued with supernatural power a power so destructive it could be used as a weapon indeed the Hebrews used it has a weapon on several occasions, now if you know your Bible at all you will be aware that the Ark didn’t contain the original Ten Commandments those stone tablets were broken by Moses in anger at his people reverting to their heathen pagan ways and so Moses had to ask God to transcribe them once again while poor old constantly plagued by people Moses carved them into a new set of stone tablets.

I can’t tell how many times I’ve watched Raiders because I don’t know myself I can tell that I get stupidly excited about many a pop culture item movies, TV shows, comic books I have to restrain myself contain my enthusiasm otherwise every word spoken every word written would be as a means to express my joy and delight at such pop culture items.

Several years ago now I had the pleasure of watching Raiders, an original print, at the pictures it was my favourite cinema experience of the 21st century I doubt any cinema experience could compare.

Though Temple and Crusade are also excellent, very enjoyable, movies they don’t compare to Raiders it’s one of my top ten movies and without a doubt, in my mind, one of the best movies ever committed to film. 

Apparently Disney, and Lucasfilm, are planning future Indy movies they shouldn’t we have three perfect movies why can’t the movie industry just leave the past alone and try and create iconic movies for the future? I feel some what saddened for younger generations they don’t have a Raiders movie experience of their own, the movies of their generation are utter crap, but the movies of my generation kids old enough to appreciate and remember Eighties movies when they were originally released have dozens of iconic movies to remember, to look back upon with fond happy memories, the Eighties was the last great decade for movies and since the Eighties came to an end the entertainment offered to movie fans has been massively disappointing. Mostly.

The other great element in Raiders, other than the mythical aspect, is the fact the bad guys are Nazis, they’re the best movie bad guys so much so that George Lucas based the second best movie bad guys, Stormtroopers, on the Nazis. Nazis, be they Hitler’s or modern day Neo, are bad guys a movie fan can love to hate and whatever bad violent thing happens to Nazis they richly deserve. 

I love Nazis in the movies and an Indy movie just doesn’t seem right without them.

Intense Moments

Re-watching season one of Lost I stumbled, almost by accident, across one of the most intense moments I’ve ever seen in a television series and one of my favourite moments in the show. Jack, with Kate, searches for the abducted Claire and Charlie the searchers find Charlie hanging from a tree, he’s effectively dead, but Jack, with Kate sobbing, just won’t give up on Charlie and his resolve and super anger saves Charlie’s life.

It’s an AWESOME moment. In my opinion at least. 

Strange Tales Featuring Adam Warlock


Adam Warlock is a character originally created by Jack Kirby but brought to my attention by artist/writer Jim Starlin. He’s a character with a troubled past created by insane, but clever, science guys to help them takeover the world Warlock eventually left Earth for the secret depths of deep dark space here he encountered the High Evolutionary received his Soul Gem and played at messiah.

When Jim Starlin begins his tales of the troubled one Adam Warlock has decided to spend, and end, his days in seclusion but he’s sought out by a female humanoid who in desperation hopes the messianic like Warlock can save the universe from a cosmic threat. This hopeful humanoid ends up in a tragic situation murdered by Grand Inquisitors of the Universal Church of Truth, an insane religious cult that has managed to subjugate much of the known universe, bent it to the will of the one who rules the Church the dread Magus.

Adam Warlock discovers that he and the Magus are one, though he figures the Magus is in fact his own soul split in two. With this idea in mind Adam Warlock flies out into the larger universe intent on finding the Magus and putting an end to his reign of terror.

Here within the adventures of Adam Warlock we’re not presented with your regular fighting crime type superhero we’re presented with a truly cosmic super being, a champion of life, he’s part traditional superhero in the way he looks but in the way he behaves and emotes it’s like reading the adventures of Michael Moorcock’s Elric but in space.

Once Adam Warlock sets off on his mission to tear down the Universal Church of Truth he’s immediately captured by forces from the Church and discovers how truly evil and demented the Church is, locked inside a dark dank room with mostly hopeless alien beings all with stories of tragedy and woe Adam Warlock determines to save everyone but by doing things his way, alone no longer will he be responsible for the lives and deaths of others.

Having inadvertently picked up a companion, Pip the degenerate Troll, Adam Warlock continues on his quest to end a part of himself and with the Soul Gem a vampiric curse resting upon his worried brow the Warlock knows his quest won’t be one pure of heart, a simple battle between good and evil, life and death.

Adam Warlock experiences psychedelic adventures, he’s a drug induced hero trapped in a drug induced nightmare, the series of adventures he’s traumatically forced to experience would break the hardiest of regular superheroes for not only are his experiences and adventures out of this world he’s suffering a lot of soul searching, an incredible amount of angst, and like the already mentioned Elric, and to a lesser extent Gollum, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, he’s being tortured by the marvellous gem that sits upon his worried brow. When this greedy Infinity Gem leaps into service Adam Warlock experiences for himself all the thoughts, all the happiness and misery, all the love and loss of those the Soul Gem is consuming, imagine the kind of emotional pain a person would experience if they were able to feel what victims of their power feel. Imagine the inner turmoil we’d go through if we could truly feel what other people feel, I figure if we as a species we’re truly empathic we’d all be vegans, and crime, terrorism and war just wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately we’re not empathic it’s just an idea or lie we use to make ourselves feel a little bit better about ourselves while we watch something horrendous unfolding on a daily twenty four news channel.

Very quickly, because comic books move quickly, stories don’t breathe they thunder along at a breakneck pace and therefore Adam Warlock quickly confronts the mortal head of the Universal Church of Truth, the Matriarch, and she’s been conspiring against it’s supernatural leader, the god of the Church The Magus, her plans are to capture Adam Warlock subjugate his will and therefore become the supreme power in the universe especially when she reveals to Adam Warlock that The Magus is a future version of himself, this revelation shocks him to his very core unable to believe he could ever become an evil being.

In truth there’s no such thing as good and evil they’re just concepts created by powerful wealthy people to keep the idiot masses under control when humanity moved from being a close knit community to a sprawling unyielding mob of city folk. Sure a person can do a good deed, help the helpless, and a person can do something evil, like kill an innocent, but we’re far too complex to be merely good all the time or evil all the time. If people capable of evil acts were evil all the time they’d stand out in a crowd, and if people were good all the time life would beat them to the ground instead of good and evil there’s a middle ground where we are good sometimes, when it suits, and capable of evil if the need arises. For example, here and now I can rightly claim I’d never kick a dog or punch a baby but if the dog was attacking me I’d would have to kick it to prevent injury and if the baby had zombiefied and was trying to eat my face off I’d punch the little frakker, circumstances can dictate how good or evil our actions turn out to be. I don’t know if you, dear reader, watch horror movies but if there’s an evil baby, or older child, in a horror movie they’re far scarier and evil than an evil adult, well they are to me, Jason Voorhees in a hockey mask, pfft, evil little baby crawling along a ceiling, sneak attack from behind furniture and it’s brown underpants time.

Through a test of madness Adam Warlock reveals that the Magus is akin to the Wizard of Oz instead of an almighty powerful god able to see all the Magus is just a slightly off colour Adam Warlock but with an afro hairstyle, here in The Now the Magus’ choice of hair-do looks quite ridiculous but I suppose in the 1970’s a decade of anything goes it was perfectly acceptable. When the Magus made a later appearance in Infinity War his afro hair-do had been replaced with long hair and pony tail, again probably acceptable in the 1990’s but here in The Now plainly ridiculous, it’s best when creating comic book characters especially those of a cosmic nature to leave out the height of social fashion in later decades the characters look stupid instead of having a menacing presence. Though the Magus is a great character, almost as great as our hero Adam Warlock, his choice of hair-do lets him down, it would have been better if he’d been bald, maybe with an impressive looking tattoo upon his dome like noggin but I suppose in decades yet to be being bald and tattoo’s will look completely stupid and everyone from The Now without hair and adorned with tattoo’s will require some kind of cosmetic surgery to try and fit in with the times they find themselves lost within or tattoo’s will be the social norm and people will be tattooed shortly after birth and by the time they reach adulthood every inch of skin will be inked, it sounds horrendous to me, the only person in my hometown without a tattoo (I’m not sure if I’m the only person in town without a tattoo it just seems like it most of the time).

Via the machinations and manipulations by the dark lord Thanos, the Mad Titan, Adam Warlock finds a way to defeat himself but leaves the universe at the mercy of Thanos, the dark god knowing that he could never defeat The Magus only Warlock could and with The Magus out of the way Thanos surmises it will be a simple matter to end the life of the beleaguered, mentally challenged Adam Warlock and so it is Adam Warlock dies on the cold metal floor of Thanos’ command vessel but like all good, and bad, comic book characters death is not the end for Adam Warlock and many, many years later he would return to thwart Thanos’ subjugation of the universe via the Infinity Gauntlet but that’s a story for another time, or better yet not at all.

Love And Lost

lost 3

Re-watching Lost is like catching up with old friends. I tend to have friends that are part of my life one moment and then the next they’re like dust in the wind perhaps we’re all the same connected to other people one moment and then disconnected the next. It’s life we move ever forward and the past becomes a nostalgic blur. The thing about catching up with old friends is they’re lost to you, it’s not the same, whatever kind of connection you had to them and them to you is gone. Lost, forever. They might have been your best friends, they might have been more than friends and meant the world to you, but that’s all gone now, lost, and now they’re just good memories of times past.

Re-watching a once loved TV series is better than reconnecting with old friends because a TV series remains the same but old friends can at times be almost unrecognisable. It’s the same with someone you once loved, love is weird anyways all that time effort emoting and heartache eventually wasted on somebody who never deserved, or asked for, your love anyway. I prefer unrequited love, just falling head over heels in love with someone out of your league, never telling them, just loving them from a distance it’s a pure kind of love because it only means something to you, it’s your love for them and unrequited love works because it doesn’t need reciprocation it isn’t about possession and doesn’t eventually lead to anger or hate it’s a nice kind of love the fantasy kind most people can only dream of and as long as no one knows how much you love the person you can never have that love taken advantage of or for granted.

It’s the kind of love that can last until the day you die. It’s movie love, it’s the kind of love that only exists in stories and because I like to believe we’re all a story I like the grand drama of unrequited love, it’s like being Leonard in The Big Bang Theory before Penny had love for him, or any story were the boy doesn’t get the girl because she’s cool and way out of his league and though he’s the main character in this story it doesn’t matter because he’s a geek and she’s shagging the cool bully jock dude, I enjoy all those loser stories because I can relate to them feel what the character is feeling and have a wish to hit the geeky dude in his chops for emoting so damn much.

In future posts I’ll be discussing my favourite moments from the TV series Lost and trying to make attempt to explain why they’re my favourite moments but for now I’m just going to randomly drone on about a few things I have tumbling around my noggin.

I like the past, I like observing it through rose tinted glasses, The Now quickly becomes the past, I confess I’m not paying attention, never here in the moment, and The Future well that’s either predetermined or an unknowable mystery full of serious complexity and befuddling confusion. The past is like an old friend and The Future is like a dimly lit path I can see where it’s going but I don’t know where it leads or what dangers lurk within the cold cruel dark.

A weird thing about old friends is some of them are dead and how weird is that? You thought you were all going to be young and live forever and then one of your friends dies, or you find out an old friend is dead, and you’ll never see them again. That’s harsh, just harsh, makes me wonder why people are the way they are we know we’re not going to be here for very long so why don’t we make the best of good and bad situations?

Death is also weird but is something that really exists unlike love which is something we’ve made up but convinced ourselves is real with purpose and meaning but unlike love death isn’t something we like to talk or think about it’s a forbidden subject like masturbation, pooing and dreaming about murder or suicide. I suppose some things HAVE to be taboo, deeply personal but, and why not, I’m going to break that taboo and have a brief talk about having dreams of murder and suicide.

Every night I dream about being murdered and about murdering others, usually I’m off having an adventure and I possess awesome Kung-Fu fighting skills, I’m like Asian Hawk, but I end up killed by Nazi’s. In my waking hours making my way to work or home from work and just generally wandering about randomly I often believe Chav nob heads are going to beat me to death or hit me hard with a car my poor flabby body broken and burst. Daydreams of murder usually involve me looking out a window inside my flat making a hand into a gun and pretend shooting people as they go shopping or hurrying off to some unknown, by myself, destination, because no one ever looks up no one ever sees me pretend shooting them to death usually in the back of their heads with imaginary bullets from an imaginary gun, that’s my favourite kind of murder, of violence, imaginary. I don’t know anyone I want to kill, or see dead, I’m more a horrible imaginary mass murderer rather than someone with premeditation in mind. I sometimes imagine I’m losing my shit when I’m having a shit, I do enjoy a good poo.

Thoughts of suicide don’t happen often, but they have in the past, when I found myself working in factories I often thought about building some kind of device that could behead me in a public arena because I figure if I’m going to kill myself I might as well do so in public, or by taking members of the general public with me.

I figure if I was lost on a mysterious island, or DC’s Dinosaur Island, with a group of strangers, or even people I know, I’d probably end up killed by them, possibly eaten, my sweet meat juicy and tasty after all I don’t eat at McDonalds or any fast food palaces, I don’t drink or smoke and I’m always healthy I probably taste delicious, so delicious I’d eat myself. If I could.

Well, and hmm, enough of this if I don’t end this rambling post now then I never will.

lost 4

Battlestar Galactica


Returning to a television series that used to excite me during its original run has been a joyous experience back in the day, neither good or bad just days, I’d rush home from work ready to watch the latest downloaded episode. I was already a fan of the idea, having fond memories of the original series but the re-imagined series is just so much better.

And it’s darker. Meaner. Nastier.

One theme that leaps out re-watching the series are the deaths, the many, many deaths moments that feel like a fan is having their heart ripped out from their chest. From Billy’s pointless murder to Dualla’s suicide BSG didn’t avoid sacrificing its characters okay most of the characters weren’t the main characters but they still meant something to fans of the series.

Poor doomed Lieutenant Gaeta and the betrayer ‘Racetrack’ who in death saved the human race. I’m not sure if another series has been able to kill off secondary characters and make it mean something like BSG did. Sure there’s The Walking Dead but I’ll be honest it’s such a poorly written series they could kill every character in the show and I wouldn’t give a damn.

The saddest death in the series is that of Galactica, throughout the series Galactica has been part of us, part of us fans, and whether we realised it or not we loved that old girl but when it dies it’s the end of a TV show we the fans love.

And what about that finale, the impossible battle, the discovery of our Earth back in our primitive caveman past, and if humans and Cylons rebirthed Earth does that make us part Cylon?

Yes I’m aware it’s only a TV series but bear with me for a moment if Cylons and humans populated Earth making us part Cylon and at some point we’re, well not me and probably not you, going to create machine intelligence and we’re going to create war robots then everything that happens after that has already happened before and it’ll happen again and again and again.

Heh, maybe.


With Battlestar Galactica greedily consumed I’ll be moving on, I’ve said my goodbyes and it’s been tearful but it’s time to go and soon I’ll be saying hello, and inevitably goodbye, to another TV series that I excitedly used to rush home from work to enjoy and that show is Lost.

It’s just A Ride


Some people are under the impression life is some kind of game and like any game there are winners and there are losers, if life is a game I’m a happy loser for many reasons for example I’m not the least bit competitive and aren’t games for kids? In my opinion they are, all games are kiddie games it doesn’t matter if they’re board games, video games or sports, most sports were created for kids here in the U.K. for example football, or soccer to others, is for kids but it’s a game played professionally by adults and taken far too seriously by adults, people are actually killed, murdered to death, because of a kid’s games, if that isn’t insane then I don’t know a better example of what is.

But is life a game? Or is it just a ride like the late, and great, Bill Hicks liked to say? I prefer to think of life as a ride because then we’re all being taken for a ride rather than someone, or someone’s, beating us at a game most of us are absolutely hopeless at playing.

Strange Tales of Adam Warlock

The banner header thing at the top of this blog features the Marvel Comics character Adam Warlock preparing to use his Infinity Gem, the Soul Gem, to destroy the life and eat the soul of Kray-tor Grand Inquisitor for the Universal Church of Truth. It’s an image I used because Jim Starlin’s Adam Warlock is one of my favourite Marvel characters and I’m a big fan of Marvel comics, a big, big fan, though I probably love DC Comics more.

Adam 3

I haven’t really got the time for a proper post today, I’m currently writing a post as I read Jim Starlin’s Adam Warlock stories and it’s a big post words wise written as I read the stories again. It might take a day or two to finish the post to my satisfaction and I might actually abandon this small project as I often begin big blog posts about the stuff I’m reading, or watching, but then abandon them because I can’t articulate my thoughts coherently enough to create an easily understood piece of writing.

Adam 2

Because I try to post every day I figured I’d conjure forth a quick post before I begin the happy task of finishing off the pencilling of the first page of my webcomic and possibly begin inking it before the day ends while at the same time continuing with the writing of a work of fiction.

Adam 1

Adam Warlock is the kind of character I like to spend time lost within the adventures of. He’s a troubled soul, aren’t we all, so it’s possible to relate to the problems and experiences he’s troubled by, and originally he had a beginning, Him, created by mad world conquering scientists, a middle finding purpose in a universe that seems without, and an inevitable end.

Adam 4


Life Is What You Make It

We have at our beck and call these days access to all kinds of relevant idioms, sayings and phrases stuff we can live our lives by two of my favourites that I adhere to daily are ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers!’ and ‘Ignorance Is Bliss!’

With ‘Life Is What You Make It!’ I’d add, and if you can’t make it then fake it. At heart, and way of life, I’m still the same person I was when I was ten years old only I’m old enough, and perhaps wise enough, to know I can’t be a Jedi, or a superhero, or Indiana Jones, or an explorer of space both outer and inner, I’m not going back in time commandeering a DeLorean and I’m never going to bust ghosts, those dreams and many others just as impossible and fantastical have been abandoned. For now. But I’m still that same ten year old kid I’m just trapped in a flabby old body fortunately most of the time I don’t realise this because I can’t see the entirety of the horrible Thing, when I do I feel like a character from a H.P. Lovecraft horror story, ‘The Thing cannot be described—there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order.’


With my wildest imaginings put to one side for some unknown future date I try to make do, be something that’s possible, I try to be a writer, this blog is one example of my attempts, I write every day if not a blog post then I write in my journal, I’m writing a novel a work of fiction, I’m writing, kind of, a webcomic. If I can’t be a Kung-Fu superhero then I’ll write about a Kung-Fu superhero.

Obviously I can’t live like a writer/creator every moment of my conscious waking hours I have real pay a wage work to consume precious hours of my day but once work ends I’m a writer/creator I enjoy being a writer/creator, it’s not important to me that I’m good at it or even competent I just enjoy wasting my time writing, it makes me happy to be sat at my desk, like now, and just let words flow from my fingertips I’m so ace at typing now I don’t even have to look at the keyboard and in the evenings and at night I often type in the dark because I like the dark it’s somehow comforting while also being terrifying.

I’m sure everyone as a dream, a vision of themselves, an identity they wish to portray, a character real or imagined they’d like to be but we can’t all realise our dreams if we did there’d be no one to shovel shit, clean toilets, toil away in factories, offices and shops instead we’d all be running around shouting, ‘LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER!’ Or maybe something less geeky.

If ‘Life Is What You Make It!’ is in anyway true then the lives we all lead are in some way the life we want, if we’re single it’s because we want to be, if we’re lonely we must want to be, if we’re happy, sad, joyful, miserable, abusive, abused, terrifying, terrorised, mean, angry, hateful and violent it must be because we want to be, deep down, because surely we can make choices, especially as adults, to live the life we want instead of living the life someone else, or society, wants.‘Life IS What You Make It!’ but if you fail then just do what I do, FAKE IT!

Top Five Superman Stories


1 All Star Superman

2 Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?

3 For The Man Who Has Everything

4 For All Seasons

5 Man of Steel

I think of myself as a big fan of the super man Kal-El and because I discovered Superman before Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985 to 1986) my Superman is the silver age Superman he was the super guy who could move planets, fly backwards and forwards through time, and generally beat the living snot out of any enemy he faced if he chose to do so but being an all round good guy he always pulled his punches and gave his enemies a fighting chance.

Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman is the Man of Tomorrow I wish to see in Action Comics and his own self named title, he’s not only a really good guy he’s also a super scientist with an intellect that rivals Lex Luthor only Brainiac, in all his robot forms, possessed greater intelligence than the last son of Krypton.

My Superman died, kind of, in Alan Moore’s Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow? and what a final story it was from Superman exposed his secret Clark Kent identity revealed on television to the world to his final stand against Mister Mxyzptlk who has gone from prankster god to evil god and reigned blood and terror down on Superman and everyone he holds dear. The moment Krypto sacrifices his own life to save Superman still chokes me to this day.

Moore also managed to write perhaps the most heart aching Superman story in For The Man Who Has Everything, the evil, and some would claim mad, super tyrant Mongul manages to do to Superman something no other bad guy managed to do, Mongul tore out Superman’s heart by creating, via biological means, a false reality.

For All Seasons is a dream, this lovely story about what makes Superman so super in the first place and it’s not his Kryptonian heritage, or his Earth born super powers, it’s his adoptive parents and Kal-El’s heart. Wonderful.

John Byrne with Man of Steel managed to take almost fifty years (at the time 1986) of Superman history and form it into a coherent well worked out new post-Crisis version of the Man of Steel. It was at the time DC Comics best comic book series John Byrne became, for me, my favourite creator of my favourite fictional character. I still buy John Byrne’s Superman stories and once I own every collected edition, and so far there are nine volumes, I’ll spend a day sitting around eating crap food, pizza and chocolate, and lose myself in Byrne’s Superman. It’s a day I’m going to enjoy wallowing within.