Being Happy Is Easy


I made, perhaps the outrageous, claim in a previous post that being happy is easy upon consideration it’s possibly a matter of perspective and perception. I like to think of myself as happy, I manage to do most of the things I want to do, I don’t want or wish for anything, I keep myself occupied with hobbies and interests and I don’t have any addictions, there aren’t any people in my life making me unhappy, I’m not on anti-depressants or any kind of medication, I feel great all the time and I’m never ill, or never enough for me to take notice. I have noticed something strange about people, well the people I’ve met, I’ve noticed that the most popular people are miserable and shit and that happy decent people are mocked, derided, criticised, sometimes bullied and humiliated and isn’t that just weird? It’s the same with TV shows here’s three very popular American TV shows:

Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

What do all three shows have in common?

Most of the characters are absolute shits and everyone’s fucking miserable. Here in the U.K. popular TV shows tend to be of the soap and reality variety shows in which people are shits and everyone’s fucking miserable, or as a hard luck, boo hoo hoo, story.

For the purpose of a blog post I’ll ask what is happiness?

Google will help me to clarify this ethereal quality we’re all supposed to chase.

Apparently, from what I have been reading, our pathetic human brains struggle to cope with the modern world, especially with technology, people can find themselves addicted to technology and reliant on technology this leads to them experiencing unhappiness. Like I’ve just mentioned don’t have addictions they lead to misery and pain and it doesn’t matter what that addiction is, drugs, alcohol, sugar, sex, social media, the outcome is the same.

Also anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression are common among young people, I know, WHATTHEFUCK? young people shouldn’t be anxious, unless they’re in an abusive home, they shouldn’t be stressed or feel lonely or depressed being young should be about having fun, being silly, trying to outrace the wind, walking along walls, falling picking yourself up and then falling again. Being young should be the very definition of happiness because if you’re unhappy when you’re young things aren’t going to get better as you get older.

I don’t recall ever being unhappy when I was a young ‘un I had comic books and Star Wars and long bike rides and red hot summer holidays and freezing cold winters, I had water fights and snowball fights, and laughing so hard I’d pee my pants. Life was fucking great as a young ‘un it’s only now as an old ‘un that it sucks.

Not sucks enough to make me feel unhappy but sucks enough to know I’m never going to be as happy as I was when I was a kid. As an adult we do have ways of feeling happy you’ve got to feel good about yourself to be happy. If you’re over, or under, weight and it’s making you unhappy eat healthy and exercise, or eat more and do less exercise, depending on who you are but just be happy being fat or being skinny that’s the first place to start, if you’re happy being the weight you are but it’s other people defining you that makes you unhappy stop being defined by other people or delete them from your life. It’s harder than it sounds but do it anyway, accomplishing something thought of as being hard work makes a person happy. Easy, isn’t it?

I don’t know why people worry about what other people think anyway, everyone’s a fucking idiot and everyone’s insane fuck what they think. About anything. Be more concerned with what you think, be fucking selfish, don’t listen to the mass media, or take in what you read on the Internet fuck being unselfish be selfish it’s your life not someone else’s.

You don’t have to be a dick about it, you don’t have to treat people like shit just treat yourself, be who you want to be, don’t listen to other people listen to the voices inside your head, they’re usually right unless of course they’re telling you to go stab crazy, or if you’re an American reading this, gun crazy but that’s being a dick.

Being selfish just means being happy with who you are, doing things for yourself, you know being self reliant instead of needy, and not caring what anyone else thinks just approaching the world every day with your own happiness in mind. Naturally you might have a dependant, kids or someone you have to care for, now that gives you a reason to be unhappy and if I was you I’d be the most unhappy person on the planet, having people dependant on me robs me of life, freedoms gone, life stalled, being happy a delightful but impossible dream.

Life is tough and sometimes it’s hard to be happy, but if you’re like me single, free, have enough money to make life easy, don’t have any addictions, don’t have or want dependants, aren’t needy, are self reliant, happy being alone then life is one of happiness every day with hardly any moments of unhappiness.

It’s seems like bragging, but hey everyone’s fucking doing it, so why not us happy folk? Happy is easy just like life is easy both are decided by us if we want our lives to be easy they’ll be easy if we want to be happy we’ll be happy the only people who aren’t happy are those people who claim they want to be happy but really they want to be unhappy. Happy doesn’t receive attention, if you’re happy people don’t come up to you and ask why you’re happy or what’s making you happy but if you’re unhappy people won’t leave you alone or shut the fuck up it’s like unhappiness is a magnet for people, probably other unhappy people, but be happy and you’re shunned, a pariah, an outsider, a stranger in a strange unhappy land. This is of course good and leads to more happiness, imagine being happy and not having to put up with people who are moaning because they’re unhappy, imagine that for a moment and smile because it’s like Heaven. Believe.

Finally, and yes this nonsense is coming to an end don’t be unhappy, from what I’ve been reading there are ways to improve one’s own selfish happiness and here’s a few, with commentary, ideas how:

Surround yourself with happy people instead of unhappy people: seems like a no-brainer but not as easy as you might think. Like I’ve already mentioned happy people tend to be shunned unhappy people don’t want to see others being happy it makes them more unhappy they want people like them, people from the same unhappy tribe.

When you fall pick yourself up: yeah you know what everyone does this anyway no matter what it’s life we all fall, we all get back up to be happy you don’t have to be all positive of mind and say things like, ‘pick yourself back up and get on with it. Stiff upper lip old man. Chin chin.’ That’s just bullshit, we fall because we’re in a perpetual state of falling you pick yourself back up only to fall again what you’ve got to do is be happy about falling it’s all a process of life and be happy because guess what you’re alive, rejoice because you’re experiencing this insane ride and it’s better than being dead. Or so I imagine.

It’s all about the little things: being happy means little meaningless things bring great happiness for example the other day I won £2.50 on the National Lottery I was most happy it meant I had enough money in my Lottery account to purchase a ticket for the following night without having to add the funds from my bank account meaning I didn’t have to go searching around for my wallet that contains my debit card. I almost cheered out loud and the grin on my face hurt now that was just a meaningless small thing I can’t imagine my response if I won a thousand pounds or more I’d probably explode in delight. Another example:


I ordered a new iPod nano, a piece of software Manga Studio 5 and a Superman animated DVD from Amazon when they arrived I was like an eager little kid at X-Mas as I broke into them and enjoyed the newness of all three items and I’m like this whenever an order from Amazon arrives it’s like X-Mas Day I laugh and sometimes cry out loud, ‘THIS IS AWESOME!’ When you’re happy it is all about the little things, watching the sun rise, marvelling at birds navigating the movements of the wind, taking a minute to watch bees hurry from flower to flower, these meaningless little things make me happy, and I’m sure happy people can relate.

Happy people apparently lose track of time: this happens to me almost daily I can be engaged in a pursuit for instance illustrating poorly comic book images and I’ll stop figure I’ve been working hard for an hour decide to go get something to drink and to stretch my legs and I’ll notice that three or four hours have passed and for a moment I’ll be confused unsure of how. This especially happens during my night shifts I’ll be drawing away conjuring forth images that amuse me go check the time and a nine and a half hour night shift has been quickly reduced to one this means I’ll quickly work to put on some outside pants (trousers), tidy up, collect all my belongings strewn about my work area and prepare myself for the soon to be arriving day time staff, one of these days I’ll be found sat in my Batman leisure pants surrounded by comic books lost in time.

The online articles I’ve been reading about happiness make lots of other claims about how to be happy, or how happy people operate, but none of those words matter to an unhappy person because I’m certain most unhappy people wish themselves unhappy rather than deciding to be happy and that’s the main difference between happy people and unhappy people that simple easy decision.


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