Kung-Fu SuperNerd 4


The above image features my thumbnails for page seven of my one day realised webcomic it’s a page in which action begins to kick in after six pages of every day life. The main character Jeremiah Bone possesses super kung-fu skills but he’s never used them in a life or death situation before so throughout these early encounters he’s terrified and reluctant to actually hurt anyone even though they’re trying to hurt him. I had wanted my Kung-Fu SuperNerd character to promote pacifist kung-fu, the art of fighting without actually fighting, but it’s the end of the world type scenario the main character must be violent, even though it goes against everything he believes in.

Which is what I believe I’m a total pacifist I hate violence and aggression, unless of course it’s fictional violence in movies and comic books then it’s merely entertaining, most of the time.

In the first panel Jeremiah uses his attackers forward motion against her, she’s like a rabid dog spouting aggressive words, swearing, being homophobic, even though the main character isn’t a homosexual he finds himself thought of being so and often called so. Throughout this fight scene Jeremiah is trying to calm the woman down, he doesn’t know what’s going on but he’s seen enough movies to figure out something just ain’t right.

In panel two Jeremiah warns the crazed lady that he knows kung-fu but this warning isn’t heeded the crazed lady attacks again in panel three and in panel four she receives a brutal uppercut.


In page eight panel one, featured above, Jeremiah figures that for his own safety he’s got to put the crazed lady down and he does so by stamping, HARD, on her head several times. I ensured this level of violence at this point was hidden behind the chair of the bus. Though the series is going to be bloody and violent I don’t want to revel in that blood and violence. Well not all the time.

In panel two a scared looking bloke believes Jeremiah is a crazy person and approaches him with this in mind but Jeremiah assures him he’s okay that he was just defending himself from attack.

Panel three and Jeremiah, off panel, suddenly becomes aware that the other Anglo-Saxon passengers onboard the bus have been attacking and eating the other passengers.

Jeremiah, in panel four, tells three survivors to use the fire exit while he, Jeremiah Bone, tries to hold the crazed, and now very bloody, Anglo-Saxons off.



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