Preacher Season One Finale

Even though I’m not at work, annual leave happily being enjoyed/wasted, I’m still up before the sun rises. I find this an important part of my life being up when the sun rises I like to watch the gradual appearance, on a clear day, of the only thing we silly humans should worship as a god. Most of the time I watch the sun rise as I either walk to work or merely stride out and about my local area, part of my daily exercise regime is to walk for at least an hour in all weather conditions, best to invest in some decent walking boots and waterproof clothing living here in Britain sometimes a warm morning and clear blue skies can lead to a downpour of rain. It’s my favourite thing about Britain, the weather.

I managed to download the season finale of Preacher and watch the Goddamned thing before seven a.m. enjoying at the same time a mug, a Simpsons mug, of Green Tea.


This season finale of my favourite new/current TV show begins here:

Preacher Ten 1

Annville has been revealed to be a strange place I’m not sure if strange towns exist in the United States I’ve never explored the place, I’ve never explored my homeland of Britain, I’d like to do both trying to figure out if towns in both lands are strange or depressingly normal. There are two major things preventing me from being an explorer 1 I’m super fucking poor and 2 I’m super fucking lazy/cowardly.

With Annville gearing up for a visit by the Almighty His/Her/Its self you’d think people would try to act normal but nope Annville still remains this strange:

Preacher Ten 2

Jesse Custer is still on the run from the police authorities after last week’s confrontation at the church and the assumption by Sheriff Root that Custer killed his son Arseface, and Custer maybe did kill Arseface I’m sure a trip to Hell by a material still living and breathing human would result in death.

Tulip O’Hare having left Annville last episode has now returned to Annville and discovers that Odin Quincannon’s right hand, and now deaf, man Donnie is holding Jesse Custer, Tulip fears the worst, naturally this is Preacher of course we’re talking bum rape and bodily dismemberment, but her attack on Donnie’s homestead reveals that Jesse’s life isn’t under threat far from it he seems perfectly fine, though perhaps a little crazy, but hey who isn’t? Not only in Annville but out here in this mad crazy world?

Cassidy in the meantime finds himself locked up and interrogated/threatened by Sheriff Root, and now I’m thinking to myself have I missed an episode? When, how, did the Annville redneck lawmen capture Cassidy? He’s a super strong very bitey vampire for fuck’s sake he could/should have ate his way through a bunch of trigger happy American rednecks not be taken to lock-up. I had to log on to this blog site to see if I’d written a blog post about Preacher episode nine and sure enough I had so I was at a loss to the why of the time jump especially a time jump that left Jesse Custer with Donnie and Cassidy banged up in the old clink.

Sheriff Root having made the discovery that Cassidy ain’t normal due to an arrest record from across America that dates back to the 1920’s figures out that Cassidy is a vampire it doesn’t seem to faze the Sheriff.

Jesse Custer seems to have made up with his former lover Tulip O’Hare and just as he thinks he’s going to fuck and fuck and fuck his ex-girlfriend Tulip reveals she doesn’t want Jesse to fuck her she wants Jesse to kill the man who betrayed them.

Preacher Ten 4

Carlos’ back story unfolds and the reason why Tulip’s so hellbent on killing the man seems Carlos was the look-out when Jesse and Tulip robbed banks and shot to death innocent people, yep Tulip and Jesse really are fucking cunts the kind of folk societies like the one I live in, and probably the one you live in, are drowning in. In the middle of the robbery pissed off with his criminal pals Carlos betrayed them by releasing the bank’s security guard and then he fled in the getaway car this led to Jesse Custer killing the innocent security guard, doing so without remorse, and with Tulip O’Hare losing her baby, hence Carlos isn’t Tulip, or Jesse’s, favourite person. Carlos, when asked by Jesse, admits he betrayed the pair because they were happy and he Carlos was naturally jealous, I guess it’s a good enough reason for one criminal fucking cunt scumbag to betray another and I’m sure everyday non-criminal fucking cunt scumbags feel jealousy for their family, friends, work colleagues who exhibit extremes of happiness.

Best not to be unhappy if you’re going to be all kinds of negative at those around you being happy just stop. Happiness is easy, in my humble opinion, find something you enjoy doing, have hobbies, keep yourself occupied and busy, delude yourself into believing that you are awesome and don’t have any addictions, there you go happy. Easy.

Sheriff Root tortures the truth out of Cassidy about Arseface by shooting chunks out of the vampire asshole and the pair reveal they share a similar view of the world it’s just wall to wall dickheads and shitbirds, not their words but mine I honestly can’t remember what the pair said about humanity but dickheads and shitbirds seems a pretty accurate description of the human race.

Jesse and Tulip argue and argue and argue about what to do with someone who betrayed them and caused Tulip to lose her baby. Tulip wants Carlos dead but Jesse tells her murder means a one way ticket to Hell but then figures fuck it he’s going to Hell anyway might as well enjoy himself and he goes to kill Carlos only Tulip’s pleading with Jesse prevents the execution of their betrayer. The pair instead come up with an ingenious plan they arm their betrayer and then:

Preacher Ten 5

With the Carlos part of the story wrapped up the final act begins and like Hannibal Smith used to say, ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’

Preacher Ten 6

And Jesse Custer prepares to bring God to Annville, probably not the best idea he’s ever had.

Preacher Ten 7

With the plan to bring God to church on Sunday getting closer and closer I’ve got to confess I had butterflies in my belly and almost jumped forward in time, episode wise, to the moment God appeared. Exciting stuff. With his church full to the brim, for perhaps the first time ever, Custer makes his appearance and Sheriff Root chooses not to arrest the wanted man. Not yet at least. After some pissing about God does indeed appear.

Preacher Ten GOD

God is all fury and anger at his creations, to begin with, then he becomes kinda jovial answering questions telling everyone what they want to hear, they’re all saved, but Jesse notices God pick his nose and uses Genesis to find out that this isn’t God it’s an Angel posing as God because the Almighty has gone missing and no one knows where. The only person in Annville happy about this revelation seems to be Emily who smiling plays away on her organ, not that one ye of the dirty mind, and telling her kids they don’t need God, they’ve never needed God and that nothings changed while the rest of the town descends into chaos, violence, suicide and murder.

Preacher Ten 9

This revelation causes Annville to explode. Literally.

And with Annville destroyed Preacher the road trip to find God begins. Well it will next season. There is a next season. Right?


Though I HATED the first episode I’ve enjoyed every episode since and I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Annville it reminded me of my own hometown, only without all the religion. You see here in Britain we just ain’t that religious, not us Anglo-Saxons at least, and I’ve never yet, in my forty four years, had much experience of religion, any of them, other than being spanked in school assembly, in front of all the kids and teachers, by a headmistress when I was six years old for refusing to say the Lord’s Prayer and claiming, quite accurately, or so it seems to me, that God didn’t exist. It was quite a brutal beating made to bend over and touch my toes and then having delivered six of the best onto my pert kiddie buttocks and then sent back to my seat crying it’s one of those moments that defines a person and confirmed my conviction there ain’t no God men thousands of years ago invented him, via trial and error, and then other men spread his word via the sword and the spear and look at us today, us stupid fucking humans, all worthy of being God’s little bastard creations.

But I digress.

Preacher has been a good TV show, my favourite over the past few weeks since Person of Interest came to an end, yet though it is a good TV series full of the kind of stuff the Internet usually buzzes about I’ve not noticed any buzz and that’s a shame because, and this is just my opinion, it’s better than The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.


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