Everything Old Is New Again

Old Is New 1

Geek/nerd culture tends not to change very much, especially superhero comics, it’s probably because geeks/nerds are like me they don’t like change and for that reason Batman/Bruce Wayne’s never aged and died passing on his legacy to his children or former sidekicks, sure there have been stories featuring such an idea but go pick up a Bat book and it’s still the same Bruce Wayne from 1939.

Old Is New 2

Sure he’s been revamped and rebooted several times and died a few but he’s always been resurrected the same is true of Captain America and Superman, these characters go through the illusion of change but nothing really changes, their impact on their fictional worlds barely registers either. There’s not been much in the way of world building, though both the DCU Earth and the Marvel Earth have been invaded by all kinds of aliens and monsters both Earths remain the same as our own, but I imagine if our Earth had been persistently invaded by all kinds of aliens and monsters for fifty years or more it would look vastly different from what it does now.

Old Is New 3

In the real world we humans tend to be drama queens, especially these days we enjoy blowing every little thing out of proportion look at all the nonsense the Cold War caused, all that paranoia and hatred, imagine if we knew for a fact aliens did exist and they wanted to enslave and perhaps eat us. We’d all be armed, we’d all have access to underground shelters, there’d be alarms on every street corner, gun emplacements strategically placed in every city, and perhaps town and village seeing as in fiction aliens and monsters tend to invade little villages and small towns instead of major cities.

Imagine a world of super terrorists and mad scientists, we think ISIS or Daesh, whatever the mass media is calling them at the moment, are out to kill us, Muslim terrorists lurking in every neighbourhood ready to rob us of our lives imagine if we lived in a world with people like Lex Luthor and Doctor Doom trying to dominate it, or monstrous robots like Ultron trying to destroy it.

Old Is New 4

Old Is New 5

Old Is New 6

This culture of blaming Muslim terrorists with links to ISIS for the actions of desperate, lonely, sick, evil individuals seems like bullshit to me, after all whatever happened to Al Qaeda? These perceived threats invented by intelligence agencies and presented to the general public by the mass media exist because the United States of America has an immense so called ‘defence’ budget, but I figure if a nation is spending half of its GDP on ‘defence’ the word defence should be replaced with offence because it always seems odd that America’s ‘defence’ leads to the bombing and invading of Third World Muslim nations, but yeah ISIS have been created because America NEEDS an enemy, now that enemy is of course imaginary but it has to be presented to the general public as real and a threat to everything we Westerners hold dear. War what is it good for?

Old Is New 7

Absolutely nothing.

It’s a shame America’s lost all five wars it’s been involved in since WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Operation: DESERT STORM, Afghanistan and Iraq, again. Five wars, five disasters. If you’re that bad at fighting wars, and America and its NATO allies sure seem to be, then instead of making war give peace a chance instead take the five hundred billion dollar war budget and spend it on education which from watching the news it seems Americans sure could do with being educated yeah that seems somewhat hypocritical coming from a Brit. Spend that money on a free for all healthcare system, you know a system that actually cares, I’m sure there are things that need that influx of money more than making war does. I know spend that budget on NASA, send people to the stars and beyond. America’s greatest achievement, human kind’s greatest achievement, was sending men to the moon.

Old Is New 8

It sure beats killing a million people, mainly women and children, in some unjust war, don’t you think?

Hmm, there was a purpose to this blog post, I was reading online earlier this morning that there’s a new Harry Potter book following the exploits of the Potter kids and I was thinking why can’t things just end and stay ended? The Harry Potter books had a specific beginning there was an overwhelming sense of dread and doom, an inevitability that Harry would one day face Voldemort and only one of them would survive. That story has been told. The End.

Old Is New 9

Pop culture tends to keep regurgitating old geek/nerd stuff and selling it to the mainstream as something new, now that geek/nerd stuff has become the mainstream we’re constantly being offered for our entertainment needs unoriginal material more Batman movies, Superman movies, X-Men, Spider-Man, remakes and reboots galore, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Ghostbusters it seems never ending. I’ve always figured that it would be far better to remake movies and TV shows that were hampered by a lack of budget or the technology to create the special effects, instead of new Star Trek and Star Wars movies and TV shows why not a new He-Man movie series, or a remake of Krull and Hawk the Slayer? I want a really good Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon TV series, or a British production company to make a great Dan Dare or Judge Dredd TV series.

Old Is New 11

It’s still old presented as new but if that’s all we’re going to get at least attempt to make something good out of something that was originally bad.

From my childhood I have all these great pop culture icons there are Jaws and Star Wars and Indiana Jones and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and E.T. and The Thing and Escape From New York and Battlestar Galactica and The A-Team and Buckaroo Banzai and A Nightmare On Elm Street and Halloween and Friday the 13th and The Monster Squad and The Goonies and Stand By Me and Gremlins and Ghostbusters and Back To The Future and Terminator and Alien and Robocop and Predator and on and on. Or so it seems. Now in most cases these pop culture icons were original, sure they might have been influenced by other things Indy and Buckaroo Banzai by pulp heroes like Doc Savage, Star Wars by Flash Gordon, E.T. and Close Encounters by apparent real life encounters with UFOs and aliens and at least two big, for me, pop culture movies Jaws and The Thing that were originally written stories but for the most part the movies were original and the reason why they’ve lasted the test of time is because they were good.

But where are our new Jaws movies? Where’s the new Star Wars? Not a remake, reboot, sequel or prequel but original movies inspired by those movies of past decades. We don’t seem to have 21st century movies that are as iconic as those from the 20th century it’s as though all the creativity and imagination has been sucked out of people working in the entertainment industry and all they can do is steal from the past and offer younger generations a poor imitation of something far better. But why is that?

Movie land seems so empty, so devoid of new original ideas, everything seems so dull and poorly written when I pay a visit to the cinema these days I’m bored and at times I close my eyes for a minute or two and imagine a different movie in my mind’s eye, or whatever, I’m not sat enthralled by what I’m witnessing up there on the big screen and I often leave the cinema wishing I’d not bothered wasting my money. The past few years I’ve hardly bothered making the trip to the pics I know it’s a waste of my time and hard earned cash but back in the Eighties I was always at the pictures I remember, but my memory might be faulty, watching Robocop and a week later watching Predator, I remember watching Tango and Cash twice in the same day when I should have been at school, I remember on holiday watching Ghostbusters and then watching Conan The Barbarian immediately afterwards Ghostbusters had only been released a week or two earlier and I’d already watched it twice the third viewing was just as good as the first, Conan The Barbarian had been released a few years before and I’d seen it half a dozen times already the chance to watch it again straight after Ghostbusters had finished was like being in Heaven for my teenage geek/nerd self.

It seems like we’re offered, as geek/nerds and as muggles, the same stuff again and again over and over and there’s very little in the way of innovation it’s the same with technology why does anyone want a new iPhone the iPhone they’ve already got surely does everything the new iPhone does so why the constant upgrade? It’s got to be technology addiction. Right? I’ve just bought a new iPod nano, my old iPod died last year and I’d been using an old iPhone 3 for my music needs and I was happy with that but then my iPhone began to repeat play songs and I was annoyed at having to skip to the next song I figured the phone, which I’ve had since 2008, was about ready to die, the sim already had 18 months before so it’s use as a phone was redundant, fortunately I’m one of those rare freaks here in Britain that’s young enough to be using/obsessed with mobile technology but chooses not to embrace it, I’ve never liked phones and so I avoid the use of them if someone wishes to contact me they can write a letter. So yeah I’ve updated my music tech and hopefully I won’t have to replace this piece of kit for at least five years.

I don’t get the constant upgrading of phones, I understand that it is addiction and that it is an example of insanity but it still seems strange even though I understand it I just don’t get it.

Old Is New 13

We seem incapable of letting the past go, our societies seem especially obsessed with periods in our history when we perceived everything was so much better, periods in time when our nations were great, for us Brits it’s the Victorian Age and the Second World War for Americans it’s the 1950s, I imagine for ordinary regular British folk the Victorian Age and the Second World War sucked the Devil’s dirty evil cock and if you were black in 1950s America life was hardly worth living, especially in those Southern states that still look back at the days before the American Civil War as the best of days.

Old Is New 14

It’s a shame no one’s invented a time machine we could throw all those people who believe living in days past would be better than living now into the machine and send them back for a year see if they like living in those good old days I imagine most wouldn’t and they’d be eager to be back in the present, in the marvellous modern age, and at first they’d appreciate everything good that we have but after a few days they’d return to their moaning.

Perhaps pop culture being old presented as something new is all kinds of meh to me but not to anyone else, the people I speak to don’t seem particularly bothered, perhaps they’ve got real life issues that concern and consume them I guess my problem with pop culture isn’t a real life problem but it’s the only problem that truly concerns and consumes moments during my daily existence. Maybe I should be grateful that I don’t have real life problems.

Maybe I am.


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