A Few Good Things And Bad Things

Here’s a few things good and bad that are making my life happy and/or unhappy. Let’s get the bad out of the way first.

Bad Things 1

1 Brexit: SIGH! There might be worst things happening in other parts of the world but I don’t live anywhere else I live in Britain and Brexit isn’t just the worst thing of 2016 it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened in Britain during my lifetime. Or so it seems here in ‘The Now!’ Usually for me all the bad things relate to pop culture entertainment I was looking forward to but ended up being disappointing but this year there’s this very, very, very, very stupid decision by over seventeen million Brits. Over sixteen million wanted to remain in the EU so when I read, or hear, people say Brexit is what the British people want, have decided, I feel like laughing because the British people didn’t decide not all of us some of us didn’t believe the lies and figured Brexit, being isolationist, returning to some mythical past, would be a bloody bad thing and so far it’s turned out to be true.

Bad Things 2

2 Stranger Things: I had high hopes for this TV series inspired as it was by all the things I love from back in the good old Eighties. All my favourite movies are from the Eighties, with a few from the Seventies, and I imagined this inspired show to capture everything that was great about Eighties movies. In my mind’s eye, or whatever, I saw elements of E.T. The Goonies, The Monster Squad, Night of the Creeps, The Thing and Stephen King’s novel IT all mixed together to make something wonderful. But what I got was poorly written, poorly acted in some instances and poorly directed. After watching the season finale I went and watched JJ Abrams Super 8 and Stranger Things REALLY wanted to be Super 8 but it failed. Miserably. I seem to be the only person who hated the awful show and that makes me happy.

More Bad Things?

Nope that’s it for me. I have nothing else, at the moment, to complain about 2016 is turning out to be a really good year I’m full of cheery goodness and amongst my negativity is a big bunch of positivity. I suppose, with five months still to go, more bad things could be revealed but only time will tell.

Good Things

Life should be full of good things rather than drowning in the bad.


1 Comic Books: My favourite hobby/interest/pursuit is the purchase and reading of comic books. I have a comic book store within two minutes of my home it’s where I get my filthy paws on the latest collected editions. I especially enjoy making the purchase of big hardback editions, tomes hefty enough to kill a man. Though Brexit and the plummet of the pound sterling has caused me to order and purchase less comic book goodies for the rest of the year I do have a big pile of unread material to keep me happily entertained.

I’m not sure who or what I’d be without comic books they helped define and form my life creating someone I’m very happy to be without them I’d probably be the type of Briton I despise.

Good Things 1

2 Person of Interest: One of my favourite TV shows came to an end this year it wasn’t a bad thing that it did because it turned out to be all kinds of wonderful.

Good Things 2

3 Supernatural: One of my favourite TV shows still keeps right on kicking. It’s the type of TV series I can watch over and over again and I usually do. When a new season is released on DVD I’ll immediately go buy it, binge watch it and then start watching all the preceding seasons over again. It’s the most comic book of TV shows without being based on a comic book, the other comic book TV shows would do well to be inspired by it because there’s no way any of them are as good as Supernatural. The latest season even featured God as a character and it was perfection.

Good Things 3

4 My Health: I’m not super healthy I don’t eat all the right foods and hit the gym seven hours a day, or whatever, but I do feel good everyday and I never get ill, well not enough to have it bother me. For yet another year I haven’t had a sick day from work, I think my last real sick day from work was probably way back in 2004 and was due to my over consumption of alcohol the night before I did have one sick day after that but it wasn’t a real sick day. I was sick and tired of my supervisors at the time, and their endless pettiness, so I feigned illness informed a first aider and left work spending a happy day in the pub, fortunately I wasn’t alone because my sick day coincided with a few pals days off work and we all got merrily drunk and had a great time.

But yeah, I don’t get ill, I’ve never ever been to the doctor’s or hospital for a check up or because I’ve been ill in my entire adult life and I’m forty four years of age at the time I conjure forth this blog post. I never feel blue, I never get depressed or feel miserable or seriously unhappy or ever feel down. I’ve never taken any medicine, not as an adult, and I’ve also never been to the dentist because I don’t ever have problems with my teeth, not even toothache but then I never get any other types of aches I’ve never had an headache, I’ve never had earache, and I don’t get stomach aches. I do suffer, now and again, from muscle aches but never bad enough for them to be an issue.

I wouldn’t claim to be fit, I can’t jog for longer than an hour, but I do walk everywhere completing at least an hour a day everyday regardless of the weather conditions I usually walk to work, especially on a night shift, and it’s about seven miles away I don’t notice that I’m making such a walk some Brit Pop on my iPod and I’m unaware of my surroundings. My work colleagues think I’m some kind of nut job for making such a walk but to me it’s not anything, but then again they drive and a five minutes walk down to the shops is a chore. Each to their own I guess.

Good Things 5


5 Happiness: I like being happy has I’ve been writing this post I’ve also been staring out of the window watching the sun appear and turn early morning darkness into bright yellow sunshine it has been a enjoyable experience and made me smile to watch the world go from dark to light. Writing blog posts also brings me happiness if they didn’t I wouldn’t bother writing them and at the moment I’m trying to edit as I write, because I’ve noticed upon reading past posts I make plenty of errors, I’m also trying not to use swear words because I’ve also noticed I swear like a motherf… a melon farmer. Making an attempt not to swear while writing blog posts is amusing me as well as making me happy I have to use silly childish words instead of being mature and using grown up words. For example poo and pee, just putting those letters together to create both words made me laugh. Out loud.

Good Things 6


6 Being Alone: I enjoy being on my own, I guess the only times I’m a little unhappy is when I’m surrounded by other people, yeah other people cause me unhappiness but when I’m alone it’s all good. For the past week, since last Thursday actually, I’ve been off work, looking after my parent’s two dogs, a Doberman and a Spaniel, I’ve not spoken to another person in almost a week and it has been blissful. Trapped at my parents home I have been denied all the good stuff I have at home, shelves full of books and movies and comics and TV shows but I did take with me Infinite Crisis, a DC comics event, and Star Trek TOS seasons two and three, and I had my MacBook so I could write, digitally colour poorly drawn images, watch Penny Dreadful, Scream, Preacher and Zoo. I’ve kept myself entertained and I’ve been happy alone with dogs my only companions.

I’m usually alone when I’m not at work anyways, I know I’m the type of person who prefers to be alone and just doing whatever I want, I’ve tried the alternative and I hated it. Best, or so I believe, in life to find a way of life that suits and brings happiness and stick to it no matter what because if the alternative brings unhappiness then what’s the point? If we all have a choice happiness or unhappiness I choose happiness.

Good Things 7

7 Brit Pop: I’m currently having a Brit Pop revival my new iPod full of the crazy Nineties tunes Oasis and Blur, Pulp and Ocean Colour Scene it’s an endless cacophony of British tunes from a now bygone age, indeed from a completely different, and somewhat alien, century.

Good Things 8

8 Ash versus The Evil Dead: When I was a kid, early teens, one of my favourite movies, and I used to watch it all the time, was Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead it was classed as a Video Nasty and banned here in Britain the only way to watch it was via a dodgy video copy, picture and sound were usually poor. In my late teens Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn hit and blew my tiny teenage mind here was a movie that turned a weak ass character from the first movie into a horror superhero, perhaps the first of his kind. When Army of Darkness came along it just added to the Deadite goodness and after watching the Captain Supermarket ending, instead of the waking up in the future ending we saw in the U.K. I imagined a new Evil Dead movie starting where the Captain Supermarket ending finished but it was never to be but then there was a remake of The Evil Dead, which is better than I originally thought, and now there exists Ash versus The Evil Dead season one, and in October begins season two, Ash versus The Evil Dead immediately became my favourite TV series of all time, I often claim there’s no such thing as perfection but then there’s this. Perfection.


At the moment that’s it for the good and the bad, I was going to add the ugly but to be honest at the moment there is no ugly in my life. I don’t know if I’m fortunate to sail through life devoid of unhappiness and terribly bad things or whether it’s because of the sensible decisions that I make perhaps it’s a bit of both. Like everything and anything worthwhile it does take hard work and sacrifice to be happy and have good things in ones life and it’s easier being happy when you’re healthy, without illness, and living somewhere like Britain.

Being British was of course an accident, not any of my doing, and I am grateful that I am a Brit the alternatives seem depressing and distressing. Over in the United States people have to make a terrible decision Clinton or Trump, it’s no decision, if I were an American I’d choose the most sensible of options and stay at home on the day of the vote, enjoy a beer or two, watch some movies, read comic books, eat pizza, have a good day instead of forcing a bad day.

I could have been born in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine there are so many places on the planet that seem like Hell on Earth, to me, that it’s important to take a moment to appreciate having been born in Britain. Yeah it has faults, dozens of them, but when there are worst places you’ve got to be grateful with what you’ve got.


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