By The Stars I Love Eighties Movies


I crave entertainment in the form of movies, watching and sometimes obsessing about them, it’s one of my hobbies/interests a pursuit I’m happy to waste an entire day (well sixteen hours) pursuing. Recently I craved werewolf movies but with very few new movies to sate my needs I turned to the good old reliable Eighties and watched Silver Bullet.

There’s a sense and a sensibility about Eighties movies that just pushes all the right buttons, there’s this love, or so I believe, of the craft of making a movie instead of a love of making money.


After almost two decades of 21st century movies it’s ace, for me, to watch Eighties movies they seem so fresh, so well written, acted and directed, the pacing and story allowed to take time to breathe and the characters relatable seeming like me or you and everyone we meet.

Kiddie characters seem so well formed and developed you could swear you were watching a real kid rather than a fictional creation and they’re not as annoying as kids in 21st century movies. It’s possible to actually like them instead of hoping a monster, a motor vehicle an anvil falling mysteriously from the heavens ends them.

Plus you haven’t got to wait two hours plus to get to the end of a story that turns out completely rubbish an ending that disappoints instead of leaving you begging for more.

If I were a filmmaker, or a writer, my inspirations would be Eighties movies, and also Eighties novels, especially the horror novels of Stephen King and James Herbert, boy those books are great Cujo, Christine and IT, The Dark and Domain, I especially enjoyed the series of books by Herbert in which foolish humans faced monstrous rats, Domain being a sequel to the 1970’s books  Rats and Lair, Domain taking place post apocalypse. Great writing. Yeah I do figure writers and filmmakers today could do with watching and reading stuff from the Eighties and figuring out how to be filmmakers and writers.

I just feel, and I’m sure I’m in the minority, that filmmaking and storytelling have taken a step back instead of moving forward. Regression instead of evolution.

Eighties movies I can, and sometimes do, watch over and over again but modern movies I watch once and then perhaps don’t ever watch again because they don’t possess that kind of re-watchable value I demand from entertainment. Perhaps if I were a so called ‘Millennial’ I’d have a greater appreciation of modern movies but being a Seventies and Eighties kid means I grew up with better, much better, movies and for that I am most grateful.



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