A Day In The Life Of A Boring Geek/Nerd

I thought I’d create a post chronicling a regular day in my life. A nice day without work, without having to do anything other than laze around watching movies and reading comic books.

My day began at 04:45 I awoke wanting to pee but I did that thing a lot of us probably do I laid there wishing the pee to go away. I usually get up at about 05:00 anyways and I was determined to hold my pee until then unfortunately I have a baby like bladder and just had to go, besides some local, drunken, young adults somewhere nearby were shouting at each other the young woman crying and screaming, ‘YOU’VE RUINED EVERYTHING, YOU’VE RUINED MY LIFE!’ From what else I could hear through my wafer thin windows the young woman had found out her boyfriend had been having sex with other women and instead of going home to have this argument they decided to have the argument outside my bedroom window. Some people seem to enjoy having arguments in public places, maybe they want other people who don’t care one bit, people like me, to hear everything, perhaps they crave attention, but it’s attention I refuse to give.

I live in the centre of my hometown, it’s noisy during the day with vans and trucks making deliveries, young ‘uns playing their music loudly and making stupid noises, adults screaming and shouting at each other and their kids, people shouting down their personal phones, occasionally issuing threats of violence, there are times when little kids, pre-teens, are laughing and joking with each other and their parents/guardians, it’s noisy and I do wish people would be quiet but I don’t mind too much it’s human life and human life is chaotic and loud and sometimes obscene but it is what it is.

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday and sometimes Sunday nights/mornings there are drunken people, usually couples, ranting and raging at each other, I have heard English people giving Eastern Europeans some verbal and racist abuse, ‘WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE’ and since Brexit, ‘WE VOTED YOU OUT!’ we didn’t actually vote them out sixteen million of us Brits voted remain.

Thursday night is young adults night in Mansfield, it used to be called Student Night, but I’m not sure if that’s the case at forty-four I consider myself far too old to be crawling from one pub to another, especially on a Thursday night. Every Thursday night/Friday morning there are young women screaming at their boyfriends, young adults are such drama queens.

After my pee I made myself ready for a morning walk, it’s part of my daily exercise, I pop outside just before the sun rises, listen to some tunes on my new nano iPod, mostly Nineties Brit Pop at the moment, and off I go for at least an hour walking from town to town, this morning I went from Mansfield (my hometown here in Nottinghamshire) into Mansfield Woodhouse from Mansfield Woodhouse into Ravensdale and then back home it was only an hour, Britain’s a small island with a very large population for its size so everything local really is local.

I like early morning walks in Spring/Summer I’m out just before sun rise and the sun rises as I stride along bathing me in much needed sunlight infecting my every pore with vitamin D, no need do I for supplements I soak up the sun, when it’s not cloudy and heavily overcast. In Autumn/Winter the mornings are dark and quiet the world seems sleeping and it’s just as pleasurable an experience.

An early morning walk sets up the rest of my day, I’m full of beans, happiness flowing through my very being, I feel energetic, joy and love for this crazy existence we’re all experiencing uniquely but also similarly.

Upon arrival home I sat down enjoyed a nice mug of tea, started composing this post buzzing with energy, after my tea was eagerly consumed I jumped in, and then back out, of the shower and with clothes upon my ugly bloated person I settled down to watch my first movie of the day Ginger Snaps, a werewolf movie, I’ve currently been having a werewolf movie festival here in my flat/apartment on my own and it’s been fun I’ve watched one really terrible werewolf movie, Cursed, and three fun enjoyable nasty(ish) werewolf movies, Bad Moon, Underworld: Awakening and Silver Bullet.

I’m very interested in philosophical thought and ideas and I’m enjoying reading about Aristotle, the Greek philosopher once pondered what human purpose is, everything in the world seems to have a purpose but not us, not humans, so he thought and he thought about this conundrum and came to the conclusion our purpose is the use of reason, it’s what distinguishes us from the other animals, and that our purpose resides in whichever activity is unique to us, as individuals, naturally because they are so many of us we don’t possess any activities that are specifically unique to us I can guarantee there are thousands, perhaps millions, of other people who enjoy the same activities as you and me. If there were less of us then we could, possibly, be unique but with seven billion people on the planet the chances of anyone being unique is practically impossible. But because we’re here experiencing this life and we’re either happy or unhappy we’ve got to, for our own sanity, discover our own purpose, a way of life that suits us, I call my way of life The Way of the Exploding Geek, hardly original I’ve just stole the title from the Eighties computer game Way of the Exploding Fist and replaced the word Fist with the word Geek, which I guess is obvious because you can figure that out for yourselves. And sigh!

My way of life is hardly unique and you can see my way of life in every fictional geek/nerd that’s ever appeared in a TV show or movie, I am Sheldon Cooper, but without all the baby like behaviour in regards to illnesses and germs and animals and all the other strange problems the fictional Theoretical Physicist suffers in The Big Bang Theory, one of my very favourite TV shows, which in my experience represents geeks/nerds perfectly. It’s not as good as the British TV show The I.T. Crowd, but it’s still good, and as lasted far longer. I enjoy binge watching TV shows, fantasy/science fiction TV shows naturally, I refuse to watch drama without an element of fantasy/science fiction, and I enjoy creating for myself movie festivals, three movies, or more, a day over a set number of days, my werewolf movie festival started Wednesday and ends tomorrow night, during a night shift at work I’ll watch my final werewolf movie The Beast Within, a Video Nasty back in the Eighties here in the U.K. My purpose in life is to enjoy, and be happy, being myself, a geek/nerd/dork/dweeb/loser/misanthrope and spend as much time as possible on my own watching stuff I enjoy or reading stuff I enjoy, you’ve got to find a ‘Way’ that works for you, you might enjoy having adventures leaping from high places, climbing mountains, wrestling bears and lions, you might enjoy being out of your face on drugs and alcohol waking up next to someone you don’t know and then making the ‘Walk of Shame’, it might be fitness and health that is your ‘Way’, or smokes and bad food, obesity and diabetes, family and friends, it doesn’t really matter what your ‘Way’ is as long as it brings you happiness and not misery.

I would say don’t kill animals for fun or sport, don’t rape women and children, don’t be a criminal or terrorist. But who am I to say such things are wrong? ‘To each their own’.

At about 09:00 I began making breakfast, scrambled eggs made in a frying pan with lots of butter, bacon and veggie sausages, I’m not a big fan of meat so I try not to eat meat all the time but still enough to get my quota of protein, at 12:00 I’ll make dinner rice and vegetables and at 17:00 I’ll have chicken, I try to have protein for breakfast and at tea time and carbs at lunch time, if I snack it’s an orange or banana. I figure it’s important to avoid too much processed foodstuff and mostly get sugars from veg and fruit rather than from fizzy drinks and confectionary. Also cooking all three meals rather than just throwing something in the microwave is also important, cooking teaches patience and patience is a virtue plus I don’t have a microwave.

Once the first Ginger Snaps had ended I nipped out to pick up a few goodies:


One of my few hobbies/interests is the buying and then reading of comic books, I had a few goodies to pick up this week, a few were last weeks releases that I hadn’t picked up as I enjoyed a week long avoidance of people. Now most people would find it strange someone would choose to avoid people for an entire week and it probably is but I loved it, no pointless conversations, no one moaning or bragging, just quiet, peace and quiet, it was akin to attaining nirvana. So I picked up two weeks worth of comic book collections, I haven’t bought single issues for over a decade I prefer collected editions. Along my travels out and about in my hometown I managed to find an ultimate edition of Batman versus Superman, to be fair there were loads of copies of the movie in my local HMV, maybe it hasn’t been selling, I know it was universally hated but I really enjoyed it. Upon arrival home I spent a few moments browsing through Previews, which is a monthly catalogue for the ordering of comic books and related goodies, I found to order The Mighty Thor: volume 2; John Byrne’s Alpha Flight; Thor Epic Collection volume 2; Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin; Dark Horse: Justice League; Action Comics volume 9 and Superman Golden Age volume 1, I’m mostly a Marvel/DC comic book geek/nerd but I do dabble with stuff from Image Comics. I like old school superheroes the kind that like wearing their pyjamas as outdoors clothing and bashing each other through walls and into the moon.

With my comic book orders planned well in advance I moved along to my second werewolf movie of the day, Ginger Snaps 2.

After a carbs only lunch I settled down to watch Ginger Snaps 3, which is set in 1815 rather than present day, it’s an odd bod of a movie featuring as it does flintlock rifles versus vicious werewolf tooth and claw.

With werewolf movies mostly exhausted I spent an hour, or so, reading comic books, Superman versus Aliens I and II, I enjoyed both, these kinds of pop culture mash-ups interest me greatly and it’s my opinion that the next Superman movie should be Supes versus Aliens. It might not be a good idea but I’d watch it.

With my fourth, or fifth, mug of tea at hand I watched two episodes of Star Trek TOS season three, episodes Requiem For Methuselah and The Way to Eden, my favourite version of the Star Trek universe is The Original Series, Kirk, Spock and McCoy are a perfect fit, though all the problems the trio find themselves in, and danger they bring to their starship, could be avoided if the Captain his first officer and the bridge crew stayed upon the Enterprise letting Lieutenants and other subordinates carry out most of the away missions.

A protein only tea time meal was enjoyed at 17:30 and once The Way To Eden ended I happily began to watch the ultimate edition of Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice, I didn’t think I’d enjoy this movie so I didn’t go watch it at the pictures but it turns out I find the movie so bizarrely constructed that I like it more than I do Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. It’s odd and feels unlike anything else I’ve ever seen, I can’t really explain, I don’t have the words, it’s just a bizarre movie in the way in which the tale is told.

The watching of Batman versus Superman will last until well past 21:00 and once it’s finished my day will end with some comic book goodness, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko’s Machine Man.

And that dear reader is the day in the life of a boring geek/nerd, yes I know people demand that other people do things with their day, probably get up late, go shopping to somewhere really depressing like one of those huge shopping centres, and perhaps get a bite to eat or alcohol in a pub, interact with friends or/and family, but I don’t see how that’s different from watching movies, TV shows and reading comic books all day, it’s not like everyone is climbing a massive mountain or leaping, freefall, from a speeding plane. None of us are James Bond we’re just regular people with regular, boring perhaps, ways of spending our day I enjoy spending mine immersed in pop culture entertainment, I’ve been stupidly happy all day, laughing and smiling to no one but myself as I’ve been entertained, or not, by the stuff I’ve watched and read.

At about 22:00 my head will hit my pillows and I’ll remain in bed, hopefully blissfully sleeping until 05:00 Saturday morning.


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