Saturday Morning Cartoons

 Yeah it was Saturday morning, it was cartoon time.

I LOVE Saturday morning cartoon time, I’m usually at work on a Saturday so I don’t often get to have cartoon time but today I’m not at work until tonight so let’s get on with the cartoons.

I’ve selected from my personal collection a bunch of Superman cartoons I’m going to start watching them now. It’s a little before 07:30 right now and I’ll finish when the morning comes to a disappointing end at 12:00.


You can’t beat cartoons on a Saturday morning, well I guess that depends on your interests in life and perspective and perceptions of, but for me just sitting around in my PJ’s all morning watching the adventures of Superman was completely perfect I can’t imagine a better way to waste my morning.

I began my Saturday morning cartoons watching All Star Superman, it’s based upon Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman comic book series illustrated by Frank Quitely the comic book version is the best Superman series of tales I’ve ever enjoyed and the animated version is thoroughly entertaining, not as good as the comic book but still enjoyable.

Grant Morrison in his All Star Superman captured everything about the character that is important to the character covering his origin in one page, rather than an entire issue, why when telling stories of Superman, and Batman, storytellers feel the need to retell their origin story is way beyond my understanding if you’re not sure of their origin by now Google it but don’t add it to a new movie or TV series and stop going over and over it inside the pages of a comic book, we know, and here’s how Morrison presented with ease Superman’s origin:

Cartoon 1

I’ve read a lot of Superman comics, a stupid amount of super derring-do, I still read a lot of Superman comics, every issue released every month from DC Comics and I make the purchase of collected editions building for myself quite the collection:


It’s still a work in progress, though I’m a massive fan of Superman, he’s my favourite fictional character alongside Sherlock Holmes, I noticed last September I didn’t have a lot of Superman comic books:


Before Britain went Brexit mental I had plans to buy Superman collected editions every month and once things have settled down somewhat, in a decade or two, I’ll continue with this plan but for now my Superman shelf slowly grows ever larger instead of being immediately so.

I enjoyed a little breakfast, protein naturally, and a Modok mug of tea with my cartoons, yep breakfast with cartoons on a Saturday morning kind of makes everything even better.


Grant Morrison seems, to me, the only writer who understands the Man of Steel, he’s the pre-Crisis Superman that’s his perfect version the man who always does the right thing NO MATTER WHAT! Because I’m a terribly flawed individual I can’t be Superman he’s someone who can inspire me but I can’t ever aspire to be him, if I had Kryptonian super powers I’d be General Zod rather than Superman I’d save the world from humans not save it for humans, because surely all other life forms are more important than us humans and if it’s true that our existence is threatening the existence of all other life on the planet then it’s time for us to go. Die out. Our selfish desires that are causing such ecological disasters and perhaps the Sixth Extinction make us unworthy of continued existence, but we’re the dominant species on the planet and so we do whatever we want and get away with it because there’s no one to stop us.

Yes we are dicks. There might be those good guys amongst us, vegans, who don’t use fossil burning methods of travel, keep their ecological footprint as low as possible, treat everyone decently, behave, obey societies laws, help the helpless and are completely unselfish. There might be people like that. Maybe.

Think on this, Superman doesn’t work for most people anymore because he’s not dark and dangerous instead he’s good and honest and decent and prepared to sacrifice himself to save everything, us, the world, reality and that kind of good and decent person is considered out dated, a relic of a forgotten age isn’t that just sad that good, decent sorts are considered the product of a bygone age? Sad that they are looked upon as boring, and perhaps weak, and it’s edgy types that are more popular, more in keeping with the modern age, more in vogue and more desirable. Yep, let’s infect all of pop culture with bad boys, criminal men and women, who brutally fight and are prepared, without thought, to kill.

This new kind of hero, the anti-hero, the man or woman deeply flawed, alcohol and/or drug addiction, sociopathic, thoughtless, arrogant, rude is the kind most people want but I’d sooner have the eternal boy scout, the good guy and girl, who isn’t slutty, doesn’t swear, does all the right things all the time and in the end is the person we want to be but hate because we can’t, so we’re jealous of the sanctimonious goody two shoes and wish that type away as we embrace the dark heroes who are more like bad guys than they are good guys.

Which leads nicely into Superman versus The Elite. This animated movie is an adaptation of the comic book story ‘What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?’ and questions Superman’s goody two shoes persona and his insistence that killing bad guys, or people you don’t like, is all kinds of wrong people within the story aren’t happy with Superman’s outlook on life and consider him kind of old fashioned and wrong in his beliefs fortunately for those who wish for harder heroes those who are prepared to make the step forward and kill their enemies along comes The Elite, I gather The Elite are a sly version of The Authority a comic book superhero team that not only saved the world from alien invaders and other types of threat but also began making changes to the world kicking the ass of tyrants and despots.

There are some great quotes from the alien Superman during the running time of this animated movie and here’s a select few:

‘I heard a child say that he wanted to be in the Elite when he grows up, because it would be fun to kill bad guys. Fun to kill… People have to know that there’s another way. They have to see that someone believes in humanity strongly enough to…’


‘Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us into something better. And on my soul, I swear that until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice are the reality we all share, I’ll never stop fighting. Ever.’

That’s the thing about Superman he’s a big science fiction hero he offers us hope for the future, life doesn’t always have to be the way it is now, the world can change, the world does change and by world I of course mean people, we change our points of view and attitudes change during the Second World War homosexuality was an illegal activity punishable by time in prison, indeed the British government prosecuted and sent to prison a wartime hero, Alan Turing, his crime the love of other men, to us now that kind of attitude seems all kinds of wrong, what barbarians but this wasn’t something happening in the eleventh century it happened last century, fortunately today people are more enlightened and accepting of other people’s ways of life, we’re able to not stick our noses into other people’s private lives and allow them to live the way they want and not the way bigots want. Superman offers that chance to change, that chance to be better than what we are perhaps ascend above our primitive selves and becoming an enlightened intellectual individual in tune with the world and with everything in said world.

Change doesn’t happen immediately and a lot of injustice, and sometimes blood, needs to be spilled but change is inevitable it happens whether we like it or not and though Superman’s ideas and points of view seem somehow silly and old fashioned in actual fact they’re futuristic they harken to a time yet to come, one we might be fortunate enough to experience for ourselves but more likely they’re ideas for a world so far into the future we’ll be long dead before the imagination becomes a reality.

I did enjoy watching my Saturday morning cartoons and I was happy with the thoughts and ideas they infected me with, thoughts and ideas I’ll be wrestling with for the rest of the day.


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