Identity Crisis: Part Three

The idea that I was experiencing some kind of identity crisis has since subsided it was a momentary lapse, a weak moment, I was out of my Vulcan mind, for a short while. Now I’m full of beans, I’ve hit some kind of nerd-vana plateau, everything seems right I’m fully adopting the ‘To Each Their Own’ theme and treating everyone I know/meet in the manner I wish to be treated, with ignorance and disinterest. All is good again there seems no need to continue writing posts about the DC Crisis Events. But I’m going to anyway.

The second episode of Identity Crisis, and each issue reads like the episode of a TV series, begins with Ray ‘The Atom’ Palmer and his ex-wife Jean Loring ‘when we got divorced all those years ago Jean was the one who left. She walked out. Not me. But somehow, through the miracles of the modern legal system, she’s the one who got ownership of the house. And the car. And half my patents. Did I mention she’s a lawyer? At the time I was devastated. In many ways I still am. What’s the likelihood a physicist will ever find true love twice? I have two PhDs I know the odds.’

Superheroes with real world problems I’m conflicted, yeah it’s great that we can relate but…

… fiction, especially fantasy, is supposed to be a means for us to escape from reality.

While Hawkman, The Atom, Zatanna, Green Arrow, Black Canary and Elongated Man conspire to take down Doctor Light Hawkman becomes aware they’re being spied upon. The Flash, Wally West, and Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, are discovered and they demand to know what their elders are conspiring about the former Justice League of America members inform the youngsters that back in the good old days when supervillains were bank robbers and petty thieves the dastardly Doctor Light broke into JLA headquarters, a satellite in Low Earth Orbit, and raped Sue Dibny.

Though the League gave Doctor Light a beating he swore he’d find Sue and rape her again.

The Flash can’t believe the information he’s having to listen to having faced the criminal several times he always found him harmless, incompetent and a moron but he wasn’t always that way back in the day he was to be feared but the JLA, minus the Holy Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, made a decision to wipe the rapists mind to protect their loved ones who Doctor Light threatened with rape, and perhaps worst.

When some heroes are worst than the villains to make the villains villainous requires that the villains become rapists or are prepared to eat children that’s what happens when superheroes go dark we end up with rapists and child killers as supervillains.

I do actually think that supervillains should have some kind of real life counterparts it’s not enough that they rob and steal, conspire world domination they’ve got to be drug dealers, members of super criminal organisations, murderers, terrorists, dictators and tyrants it’s not enough that they dress in their pyjamas and then go rob a bank. Not anymore.

Making Doctor Light a rapist, and perhaps worst, was a mad stroke of genius, it brought a menace to the character that was sorely lacking. It’s okay for heroes to be one dimensional, always wanting to do the right thing no matter what, but supervillains require greater purpose, a design to their personalities, attitudes and behaviour that causes them to be a constant danger to everyone, and everything, alive today in their fictional worlds. They don’t necessarily have to be evil and full of cackling and unworkable plots and schemes they should be more complex than that their motivations inspired by real life criminals, murderers and terrorists.

In the case of the supervillains of the DCU some of them have a satellite meeting place, that used to belong to the Injustice Gang, there the villains discuss their successes and losses, smoke, drink, gamble, possibly shag, and for some of the more competent find work that pays during Identity Crisis, while Doctor Mid-Nite carries out an autopsy on Sue Dibny, Captain Boomerang, the super arrogant Deathstroke and inept supervillain, and rampant rapist, Doctor Light arrive at the satellite at the same time setting into motion future events to be revealed in future instalments. Doctor Light is seeking help from the amassed bad guys and with money to pay them to help him this leads to the former members of the  Justice League of America coming into conflict with the formidable Deathstroke the Terminator, who usually gets his ass handed to him by kids, and ends with Doctor Mid-Nite discovering that Sue Dibny was not killed by Doctor Light, her body was burnt to hide the true nature of her death.


It’s all played out like an American TV drama and I like it.


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