Kung-Fu SuperNerd 5

The thumbnails for my Kung-Fu SuperNerd story continue at pace, it’s working night shifts and having nine and a half hours to waste sitting about doing whatever the hell I want. If I were a permanent member of the night staff team I’d live most of my days off at night. It’s a dream I have. I try and figure out, using these thumbnails, how I want each page to be constructed, the final article might not be perfectly accurate, it’s merely a guideline more than anything else and because Kung-Fu SuperNerd is created without words these thumbnails are invaluable as to how the story is told, and how it unfolds.

In the two pages above there’s a little kung-fu action.

Page One: Panel 1 Kung-Fu SuperNerd, Jeremiah Bone, makes an attempt to avoid further violence by loudly announcing to the crazed bloody bigoted Anglo-Saxons that he possesses formidable kung-fu skills. Jeremiah’s character arc is that of a pacifist forced to fight to protect himself. Further arcs will show how his misanthropic principles are tested by living in a post-apocalypse environment, after all it’s easy to be a misanthrope by choice, happily spending days alone, but what happens if days alone are forced upon a misanthrope? Would a misanthrope be happy living in a land devoid of regular people? A land conquered by the violently insane, would that misanthrope wish to be part of a community? Surrounded by people. It’s a theme to be addressed not in this first season of the story but perhaps in future seasons if I create them.

Panels 1 and 2 reluctantly using some nifty kung-fu moves Jeremiah takes down two crazed bigoted Anglo-Saxons, it’s quick paced action a kung-fu kick to a blood drenched maniacs chops, and Wing Chun style punching action to temporarily take down another maniac.

Panel 4 allows for Jeremiah’s escape from the slaughterhouse the bus has become while in the background the maniac Wing Chun punched rages in hate and frustration. The crazed bigoted Anglo-Saxons are a representation of England’s many angry white people, those who express feelings of hatred towards non-English people and constantly moan about foreigners ruining England. I’m of the opinion that if England has problems, if England is indeed ruined, it’s ruined by the native majority not by the foreign minority. It’s just one of my many unpopular opinions.

Page two is an action movie from panel one of our hero screaming at innocents to run for their lives to panels two to five of our hero taking down the bad guy it’s an action movie captured in one moment of madness.



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