‘To Each Their Own’

Each 1

I’ve always been very judgemental, I don’t know why, it’s not as if I’ve ever cared, but from atop my high horse I’ve looked down on others and scoffed, like I’m somehow perfect. I’m not even friendly, or nice. Recently I’ve adopted the ‘to each their own’ philosophy and it works, it’s also hard work, but what isn’t?

I was going to claim everyone should be philosophical and embrace philosophy, especially Classical, but ‘to each their own’ I will claim anyone who does embrace philosophy should have a favourite philosopher mine’s Aristotle.

But what does ‘to each their own’ actually mean?

Let’s take a look using Google as a guide.

Apparently it’s a variation of ‘each to his own’ I don’t like that what about her? It’s so exclusive like lots of things tend to be ignoring the fact half the people on the planet are females so I’m sticking with ‘to each their own’ why exclude half the world’s human population?

Another variation of the same theme is ‘different strokes for different folks’ but folks seems so quaint and homesy, don’t you think? I prefer ‘to each their own’.

My interpretation of this outlook on life goes like this:

We meet a lot of people as we float effortlessly, or with effort against the tide, through life most of those people we meet are going to be like us in some aspects, in particular the biological aspects, but inside, the brain or mind, whatever, they’re mostly going to be vastly different or at least that’s how it works for me.

People are strange, so I find, they have lots of weird, perhaps ill mental health, issues and I often find myself wishing to avoid different types of people, some have been racist and bigoted and they’ve filled me with disdain, often I’ve tried to make their heads explode Scanners style but my brain just isn’t powerful enough.

Applying ‘to each their own’ to the problem I have with racists and bigots is a work in progress I’ve spent far too long disgusted at them and how dare I feel nothing but disgust for such people? Who am I to judge them thusly?

I’m not a friendly or nice person, I never have been, if you knew me and saw me out and about in the street I’d probably ignore you because that’s just the way I am, ‘to each their own’ after all, I might ignore you because I covertly dislike you, but most of the time when I ignore someone it’s because I want to be ignored in return, though I am ignorant I’m not rude if I’m spoken to I’ll stop, against my wishes, and speak but I’d sooner people just carried on about their business without the need to acknowledge someone and in return be acknowledge.

Acknowledgement seems terribly vain, egotistical, especially when on most occasions being stopped in the streets results in you having to listen to someone’s problems or suffer their bragging I’m not sure what’s worst moaning or bragging, if you’re super unlucky you’ll get both in the same conversation and suddenly a few minutes in Hell seems like a more attractive possibility.

By applying ‘to each their own’ in daily life can of course negate, maybe completely, conflict, disagreements, arguments, fighting, violence, racism and bigotry, sexism and homophobia, and religions. Maybe it’s something all nations need to teach their populace, don’t bother getting your knickers in a twist about someone else’s life, ‘to each their own’, expend more energy concentrating on your own life. I’d support a Prime Minister who when appearing on national TV was so laid back, honest and constantly using ‘to each their own’, that would be a sound rational Prime Minister. A bit of rational thinking would go down a treat at the moment, though I’m sure it would prove unpopular with most of the populace, lies, rhetoric, misogyny, bigotry and racism appear to be the fashion these days, and not only in politics.

I’m liking the concept of ‘to each their own’ the more I think about it, I’m also thinking embracing the idea might make me a friendlier nicer person though I’m not sure I want to be such a person. Hmm!


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