Titans versus X-Men


I’m a little bit drunk while I write this, three Stella Cidre and a Stella Artois, I can’t drink alcohol without feeling extremely drunk afterwards, back in the day, at least ten years ago, my friends and I would drink Stella Artois all the time, from 12 noon until ten at night and we always understood each other when we engaged in conversation but probably couldn’t be understood by the sober or by people who arrived out later in the day.

Anyways, point of the post, I noticed upon arrival home that I own Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s The New Teen Titans Terror Incognito, The Judas Contract, The Terror of Trigon and Who Is Donna Troy but from Marvel Comics, at a time when Uncanny X-Men and the Titans seemed to be in direct competition, I only own The Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past.

This, in my drunken state, kinda troubles me, where’s the stuff with Proteus? You know all those great tales from Chris Claremont, where’s the Shi’ar stuff? With pencils by Dave Cockrum? Where’s all the stuff with Rachel Summers and the Hellfire Club illustrated by John Romita Jr? Where’s Inferno? Where’s the  death of the X-Men? Back when they sacrificed themselves to stop the Adversary, only to have Roma, via the Siege Perilous, save their mutant lives?

Having returned home from a few quick alcoholic beverages with friends I find I’m disappointed with myself.


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