Top Five TV Shows

1 Supernatural

2 The Big Bang Theory

3 Doctor Who

4 Lost

5 Battlestar Galactica (Re-Imagined)

My Top Five’s aren’t necessarily in any kind of order I just type down the first thing that pops into my head and then I progress from there, well that’s my method of writing all my posts I never have a plan in mind I just start with a title, and maybe a theme, and type from there, that’s perhaps why the posts go nowhere, have nothing interesting to say and then end abruptly.

Supernatural: Is my favourite TV series of all time. I look forward to each new season and I always buy the season collections when they’re available on DVD.


There are lots of reasons I enjoy Supernatural, and I watch the complete seasons on a regular basis, twice a year, but the main reason I have love for Supernatural is because it’s exactly like reading DC and Marvel comics for thirty years plus. Supernatural is the most comic book TV series I’ve ever seen, I’m not sure if that’s ever been the intention of the people who write and create each episode and season but it’s how it seems to me a lifelong (almost) comic book fan.

Anyone wishing to make a Marvel or DC TV series should watch every season of Supernatural and take inspiration from. Both main characters have died, more than once, and have been resurrected in time to save the world from whatever badass monster threatens it.

It would, or at least should, be quite easy to substitute the Winchester brothers for a group of superheroes, I imagine, in my mind’s eye, a superhero TV series in which most of the characters are female and these mostly female super people face evil super bad guys most of whom are male. It could be episodic, just like Supernatural, but with season long story arcs. It’s an idea I just had.

Supernatural offers me everything, almost, that I love it’s a superhero story, there’s real human stories regularly unleashed, it touches upon all kinds of paranormal and horror subjects, which are my two favourite subjects, well other than superhero fiction. The show also featured the Judaic/Christian God and presented him so well that I’d want to believe in Him.

I’m not making claim that it’s the best show on TV, there’s no such thing, but it is my favourite.

The Big Bang Theory: Another long running TV series that I’m happy to see run and run for many seasons more, but unfortunately I’ve read, somewhere, that it’s coming to an end.

I enjoy the show because the main characters are the type of person that I am, and the type of people I like to have as friends, all my friends are geeks/nerds and I wouldn’t want non-geeks/nerds as friends, I’ve tried it in the past and it just didn’t gel for me.

I managed to get my parents, and sister, who aren’t the least bit geeky or nerdy to watch the show and they loved it also and believe that Dr Sheldon Cooper, his opinions, way of life, are based upon my own, naturally they are not many of us geeks/nerds are probably alike Sheldon and exhibit anti-social tendencies and have a non-mainstream outlook on life.

The story arcs of all the geek/nerd characters kinda rings true except for that of Leonard Hofstadter, I’m sorry but a chick like Penny isn’t falling for a nerd like Leonard, the real world doesn’t work like that but I can suspend my disbelief for a piece of fantasy.

Doctor Who: I’ve been watching the adventures of The Doctor since Jon Pertwee became the third such Doctor, and I’ve not yet missed an episode. Doctor Who proves that with a good idea and enough imagination a TV series can run and run forever. There’s always the controversy that when choosing a new Doctor he should be black, or female, and why the hell not? I’d be okay with either. How about a Chinese (THE superpower) Doctor, he could be a she, know kung-fu (not to be racially stereotyping but some forms of kung-fu could be used in pacifist means rather than with powerful aggression and therefore the Doctor could really kick ass), the Cartmel Masterplan SHOULD be adhered to and the BBC would be breaking new ground, in addition, how about this for an idea run the show at 19:00 on a Saturday evening instead of dicking about with the schedule.

Doctor Who is the only British TV show, currently still living and breathing, that I can happily waste time watching. Everything else British made this century has been in my opinion not worthy of my time, if I wanted bullshit drama I’d go outside and suffer people. Bullshit dramas, and reality TV, is all British television companies offer viewers and I’m sure most TV viewers are happy to waste their time with such shows but it’s me that’s writing this blog and so British TV is crap, no arguing, no offering of another opinion, instead it’s a fact and moving on.

LOST: The most emotional TV series I’ve ever had the good fortune to watch. I have no criticisms whatsoever about Lost, in my opinion the show worked perfectly and the ending blew my socks off, not literally of course.

One of these days/weeks/months I’m going to re-watch Lost from beginning until the very bittersweet end, I’ve got to get The X-Files out of the way first.

Battlestar Galactica: Re-imagined was of course the best American science fiction TV series of all time though I had reservations at first, re-make the original series, Starbuck’s a chick, whatthefuck!

But it worked better than I could have possibly imagined and the ending, another ending, blew my socks off, again not literally.


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