Karate Kid

If you’ve ever been a fan of Eighties movies then when you think of Karate Kid you’re probably thinking of this:


Mr Miyagi (and the X-Men) teaching Danny Larusso how to kick ass and take down bullies, or actually be a bully depending on perspective, but when I think about Karate Kid I think of this geezer:


The above Karate Kid is a comic book character that heavily featured for a number of years in my favourite DC Comics super team Legion of Superheroes, or LoSH for short, my Karate Kid was Val Armorr an Earthling of the Earth of the 30th century, an expert in every martial arts, and a samurai. His martial arts were almost super powers so much so it was these abilities and his usage of these abilities that led him to be a member of the galaxy’s greatest superhero team.

Karate Kid 5

The Karate Kid I fondly remember eventually died saving an entire planet from a vindictive evil asshole, Nemesis Kid, that wished to ruin and put an end to everything Karate Kid held dear.

It seems I’m not the only person who favours Karate Kid there’s enough fan-art of the character, illustrated by comic book professionals, to fill a moderately sized collection.

Karate Kid 4

When you’re a comic book geek, like I am, and when you grow up a comic book geek, like I did, you often find yourself identifying with the characters that bring endless entertainment and good times and the great thing about characters like Karate Kid is that a comic book geek could be him, obviously with a lot of hard work, dedication and determination we can’t be Superman or The Flash but non-powered extremely well trained characters we could have been if we had at a young age put our minds to it.

Karate Kid


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