Top Five Comic Book Movies

1 Superman: The Movie and Superman II

2 Scott Pilgrim versus The World

3 Spider-Man 2

4 Dredd

5 Blade

I know I’ve left off my list all those popular Marvel Studios movies and though I have enjoyed all of them they are just big action packed popcorn movies without much oomph, no bite, and nothing interesting to say. The other movies I’ve chosen have interesting things to say about the characters and the characters have specific character arcs that see them grow or realise a long term goal. Well except for Dredd which has been included because it was just so damn well done and presented as a regular day in the life of Judge Dredd.

Superman:The Movie and Superman II: are heads and shoulders above all other comic book movies, in my opinion at least. The cast is great, Christopher Reeve IS Superman, it has that brilliant moment where Clark Kent straightens his shoulders and stands up straight and becomes Superman, it makes one believe people wouldn’t recognise Kent as Superman he purposely disguises his height and gait. The SFX though dated still makes me believe a man can fly. Plus it’s so iconic and features my favourite movie music theme. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Scott Pilgrim versus The World:

I’m a massive fan of the comic book series and this is a wonderful version of all those moments featured in the comic book and especially as they embrace geeks/nerds love of Nintendo video games. I also like the theme of the story, comic book and movie, all that emoting about relationships and young males voicing concerns about young women that are completely girlie in tone because we now live in a world where young males are metrosexuals and feel comfortable emoting and having relationship dramas. It seems like young males have both a penis and vagina, it makes me laugh because I’m from a time when men didn’t have such dramas or emotions or if they did they kept such girlie things to themselves.

The Scott Pilgrim tale has a proper character arc first we’re introduced to his precious little life and then we realise he’s just like us, versus the World, because whether we realise it or not we’re fighting the World, naturally we’re going to lose but we fight anyway. As the tale progresses Scott Pilgrim experiences an infinite sadness, I’m sure we can all relate, but Pilgrim, like all of us, manages to get it together and ends up versus the Universe, a fight he can’t even start never mind win and then he experiences his finest hour.

It’s a story about all of us and I like stories that are about us crazy messed up humans.

Spider-Man 2: there’s so many things to enjoy about this movie but I’ll only share my two favourite moments the first happens after Peter Parker has been experiencing moments of heartache that have affected his ability to effectively carry out his responsibilities as the Amazing Spider-Man. With his powers all but gone Peter begins to live his life without the weight of responsibility of being Spider-Man this brings Peter Parker happiness and there’s one happy moment where Peter almost skipping through life a smile upon his face and ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’ as his theme tune in his new, and better, life but then, ‘OOF!’ Peter Parker takes a fall.

I laugh out loud every time I witness that one perfect moment.

The second of my favourite moments is when battling Doc’ Ock’ the tentacled villainous fella threatens to derail a train leaving Spider-Man with no choice but to pull out all the stops and almost tear himself asunder in effort to save everyone onboard.

Dredd: in this day and age movies tend to be far too family friendly for my liking back when I was a kid, and especially in the 1980’s, just about every movie I watched, and enjoyed, was 18 certification here in the UK, they were nasty, they were violent and they were full of swearing and enough gore to sate my weird needs when Dredd came along with an eighteen certificate I hugged it lovingly and found myself engrossed in it’s futuristic cheery goodness. It’s a shame the movie didn’t perform well enough at the box office I wanted The Cursed Earth followed by Judge Death and then Apocalypse War and finally Necropolis but it’s not to be. Sadly.

Blade: what’s not to like about Blade? From that kickass bloody opening scene where Blade without much effort annihilates a room full of vampires through to the ending where Blade ends his lifelong adversary great stuff.

The character Blade within the pages of a comic book was a very minor character without supernatural abilities I was surprised about the choice of character for this movie but because he is such a minor unknown character it works because no one, well very few cinema goers, went into the picture with pre-conceived ideas of how the character should be portrayed.

Conclusion: I’m sure my top five comic book movies differs from that of the majority if the majority had to choose their favourite five and I have enjoyed Nolan’s Batman movies and the recent Batman versus Superman, I enjoyed 300 and Sin City, I doubt there’s a comic book movie I haven’t enjoyed but I can be sure I’ve accurately presented my favourite five without mistakenly leaving any out.


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