The Legion of Superheroes

The Legion of Superheroes has always been my favourite super team, more than the Justice League and the Fantastic Four, the various series combine two of my favourite things superheroes and science fiction. These days the LOSH hardly, if ever, appear in the DCU it’s something that makes me rather sad. On the rare occasions they do appear it’s claimed they’re a super team of the 31st century and that just gets my back up they’re from the 30th century, they always were, always have been, stop messing about, it’s annoying.

I became a fan of the super powered futuristic teenagers during the amazing run by writer Paul Levitz his tales, especially those illustrated by Keith Giffen, were like experiencing a dream and when the LOSH found themselves in conflict with the best supervillain in comic books history, Darkseid, I’ll admit my nerd-gasm was so powerful it blew my tiny mind.

From Levitz right through the Tom and Mary Bierbaum era the Legion were my go to comic books, my first reads from my weekly stash, the stories I knew were going to be enjoyable and worth my time. These stories were always worthwhile until the terrible, and very foolish, decision by DC Comics head honchos at the time to reboot the DCU with Zero Hour. 

The Legion of Superheroes hasn’t been the same since. While I’ve continued to buy, and enjoy, the series it really hasn’t been the same except for Geoff Johns and George Perez’s Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds that was so flipping good it made, and makes, me weep tears of joy.


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