Things I Love: August

Comic Books
My comic book reads. I’ve recently finished reading Joe Kubert’s Tarzan, fantastic enjoyable adventure romps. Jack Kirby’s Machine Man, another great piece of action stories from The King of comics. Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth, another gem from the creative genius Jack Kirby. OMAC Jack Kirby’s creation a series so far out and imaginative it’s like reading something sent back through time from the future. Devil Dinosaur, again by Jack Kirby and another fun and action filled comic book gem. I’ve been on a happy Jack Kirby comic book romp which will continue until I’ve re-read every Jack Kirby comic book I own.

Battlestar Galactica

The re-imagined series. I’m dusting off all my TV box sets and wasting spare hours in an evening (but not every evening due to work commitments) embroiled in the best science fiction television series of all time one, of many, reasons it’s the best, in my humble opinion, is because unlike the various Star Treks and Babylon 5 it doesn’t rely on endless references to Earth’s history. By the end of August I should have managed my way through season one and be preparing to watch season two.

Being Creative

I was creating an apocalypse scenario webcomic and a superhero webcomic but having found out that August 2017 will be Jack Kirby’s one hundredth birthday I’ve decided to create a webcomic honouring the greatest comic book creator the world has ever seen. My new series will be illustrated in a Kirby style, hopefully without looking too badly rendered and features a British superhero team of misfits and losers dragged into adventures they could only have dreamed about. It starts with an alien invasion and ends with victory. Maybe. It’s been fun to design and the illustrations have already begun my plan is to release it at the end of August next year timed to perfection, hopefully, to coincide with Jack Kirby’s birth date.


I’ve recently upped my exercise regime engaging in more cardio and a new weight training routine it’s a steady moderate form of exercise that seems, if I’m not delusion, to be working rather well.

Life In General

At the moment of writing this post I can happily claim I have zero to worry about and no problems to trouble me it’s just nice every day waking up being happy and healthy with the promise of a hassle free day ahead. It might be the bright shiny sunlight bathing my physique in feel good rays that’s to blame for my ridiculously happy mood and come Autumn/Winter doom and gloom will envelop me in a dark cloud of misery and depression. Time will tell.


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