Top Five Zombie Movies


1 Shaun of the Dead

2 George A Romero’s Dawn of the Dead

3 Return of the Living Dead

4 Zombieland

5 Braindead

I’ve been a big fan of the zombie genre since I watched Romero’s Dawn of the Dead when I was about seven or eight the horror picture blew my mind and gave me endless nightmares that quickly became happy dreams that I continue to have to this day.

Yep, when I’m not dreaming about surviving the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse I’m thinking about surviving such an event, here in the U.K. in the past week the government decided to ban so called zombie weapons citing that promotion of such items results in violence and murder, it’s nonsense of course, and with the zombie’s ready to rise any day now how are Britons supposed to defend themselves?

I’m all right I’ve been prepared for years but what about everyone else? The government lacks imagination and forward planning, take Brexit for example no one in, or out, of government had a fucking plan Britain’s political elite exposed as a bunch of dumb headed fuckwits and they’re still ruining, whoops I meant running, the country.



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