Who Needs The Internet?

 Who needs the Internet and other technological marvels?

I don’t need the Internet, personal phones, tablets, music devices, computers, televisions, game systems and on and on.

No really I don’t. I have a PS4 I very rarely use it, every now and again I’ll watch a movie or binge watch a TV boxset but for days I might only touch it to dust it I don’t play games on it and I don’t really know why I bought one I should have bought a Blu-Ray player instead. My TV licence is due at the end of the month, I pay it in one payment rather than spreading it out over a year but I don’t watch TV, I’ve not watched any TV since the Euro football tournament ended I download TV shows from ETTV, all American, and then I watch them on my MacBook but to be honest there’s nothing worth downloading at the moment I’m waiting for Ash versus The Evil Dead to return in October then I’ll download something once again but really I could get away with not watching the series and it wouldn’t affect me negatively. I could sell my TV and MacBook, I wouldn’t get a lot of cash for them as both are over five years old so there seems no point and I doubt I’ll replace either if they break. Okay I might buy a new television because I do occasionally like to watch movies and I do have a large DVD collection it would be a shame to let it go to waste but I could get rid without cause for concern.

Now abandoning the Internet is really easy, I have managed without the Internet most of my life and in the past six years I’ve gone without for weeks on end, at the moment my Internet connection is awful, I use free wi-fi when I’m at home, my flat doesn’t allow for Internet connection it would cost some sum to have someone come fit some kind of Internet power point and I just don’t see the point I use the Internet randomly, usually to eat up a little time, I don’t actually NEED the Internet, I don’t buy stuff from Internet websites, I’m not a popular social butterfly with a thousand friends on Facebook, in fact I have seven Facebook friends and I only have a profile so my mother can get in touch with me because I don’t use phones, what kind of person does have a thousand friends on Facebook? Who knows a thousand people? I know, not very well, about a dozen, including family, and I sometimes find that’s a dozen too many so who knows a thousand? The people with a thousand Facebook friends must either be batshit crazy or desperate.

I’ve never liked phones, I never liked landlines and very rarely used them, I’ve never liked mobile devices, I don’t like the idea of being connected and having someone able to get in touch whenever it randomly suits them, waking you up during blissful sleep because they’ve got fuck all to say. Text messages are so pointless, I’ve never received a text message that had anything interesting to say, and people that send text messages need to go back to school and learn how to spell. Living in today’s modern age is akin to living in a world full of morons no one seems to have a good grasp of English, spelling and grammar abandoned in favour of nonsense words that make as much sense to me as this, anjksdnirjg34rt, does to you. I wonder if the French, German, Italian and so on have the same problem people taking the native tongue and turning into some unrecognisable bastard variation that can only be understood by the same brain fucked individuals, m8 s lik gr8, what the fuck is that? It’s not English.

The only piece of tech I do enjoy owning is my iPod, because I walk a lot it’s nice to be able to drown out the constant drone from boring Chavs by listening instead to inspiring music and lyrics from people who demonstrate an aptitude for creating. But if I didn’t have an iPod everything would be fine, I’d hum, inside my head, to distract my brain from the idiot humans that race about in a trance deluded into thinking their every want is more important than that of another idiot human.

Humans claim they’re clever, humans claim that we’re intelligent and sure there’s some evidence to suggest we are we can build crap but we build by destroying so does it make us intelligent? I look out my window and the world that surrounds me, imposes itself upon me, is brick and concrete nature having been destroyed to make way for these artificial monstrosities that people can claim hold some kind of beauty and value, human civilisation might not actually be an example of stupidity but it’s surely a sign of insanity.

It might seem contradictory condemning technology and making claim I do not need the Internet when I wrote this using a computer and you’re reading it via the Internet, and it is a contradiction but I wrote this post before 08:30 this morning (Friday 19th August 2016) I couldn’t post it until late in the afternoon due to my Internet connection being almost pointless, going without the Internet for most of the day didn’t bother me at all my day began at 05:00 with two hours worth of exercise, progressed to the creation of this blog post, advanced further forward from 09:00 to 12:00 with hours of illustration (and the writing of a novel) that stopped for a short while as I ate chicken and at 13:00 illustration resumed…


…until 17:00 when I relaxed with many an episode of Battlestar Galactica…


…and the posting of this bitch, whine and moan.

It was a productive day spent mostly without technology.


One thought on “Who Needs The Internet?

  1. The internet plays a crucial, possibly irreplaceable, role in the development of humanity. The common human atrocities reoccur due to a lack of consistently available proof of their occurrence. Internet changes that.


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