Life Is What You Make It

We have at our beck and call these days access to all kinds of relevant idioms, sayings and phrases stuff we can live our lives by two of my favourites that I adhere to daily are ‘Don’t Talk To Strangers!’ and ‘Ignorance Is Bliss!’

With ‘Life Is What You Make It!’ I’d add, and if you can’t make it then fake it. At heart, and way of life, I’m still the same person I was when I was ten years old only I’m old enough, and perhaps wise enough, to know I can’t be a Jedi, or a superhero, or Indiana Jones, or an explorer of space both outer and inner, I’m not going back in time commandeering a DeLorean and I’m never going to bust ghosts, those dreams and many others just as impossible and fantastical have been abandoned. For now. But I’m still that same ten year old kid I’m just trapped in a flabby old body fortunately most of the time I don’t realise this because I can’t see the entirety of the horrible Thing, when I do I feel like a character from a H.P. Lovecraft horror story, ‘The Thing cannot be described—there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order.’


With my wildest imaginings put to one side for some unknown future date I try to make do, be something that’s possible, I try to be a writer, this blog is one example of my attempts, I write every day if not a blog post then I write in my journal, I’m writing a novel a work of fiction, I’m writing, kind of, a webcomic. If I can’t be a Kung-Fu superhero then I’ll write about a Kung-Fu superhero.

Obviously I can’t live like a writer/creator every moment of my conscious waking hours I have real pay a wage work to consume precious hours of my day but once work ends I’m a writer/creator I enjoy being a writer/creator, it’s not important to me that I’m good at it or even competent I just enjoy wasting my time writing, it makes me happy to be sat at my desk, like now, and just let words flow from my fingertips I’m so ace at typing now I don’t even have to look at the keyboard and in the evenings and at night I often type in the dark because I like the dark it’s somehow comforting while also being terrifying.

I’m sure everyone as a dream, a vision of themselves, an identity they wish to portray, a character real or imagined they’d like to be but we can’t all realise our dreams if we did there’d be no one to shovel shit, clean toilets, toil away in factories, offices and shops instead we’d all be running around shouting, ‘LUKE I AM YOUR FATHER!’ Or maybe something less geeky.

If ‘Life Is What You Make It!’ is in anyway true then the lives we all lead are in some way the life we want, if we’re single it’s because we want to be, if we’re lonely we must want to be, if we’re happy, sad, joyful, miserable, abusive, abused, terrifying, terrorised, mean, angry, hateful and violent it must be because we want to be, deep down, because surely we can make choices, especially as adults, to live the life we want instead of living the life someone else, or society, wants.‘Life IS What You Make It!’ but if you fail then just do what I do, FAKE IT!


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