Strange Tales of Adam Warlock

The banner header thing at the top of this blog features the Marvel Comics character Adam Warlock preparing to use his Infinity Gem, the Soul Gem, to destroy the life and eat the soul of Kray-tor Grand Inquisitor for the Universal Church of Truth. It’s an image I used because Jim Starlin’s Adam Warlock is one of my favourite Marvel characters and I’m a big fan of Marvel comics, a big, big fan, though I probably love DC Comics more.

Adam 3

I haven’t really got the time for a proper post today, I’m currently writing a post as I read Jim Starlin’s Adam Warlock stories and it’s a big post words wise written as I read the stories again. It might take a day or two to finish the post to my satisfaction and I might actually abandon this small project as I often begin big blog posts about the stuff I’m reading, or watching, but then abandon them because I can’t articulate my thoughts coherently enough to create an easily understood piece of writing.

Adam 2

Because I try to post every day I figured I’d conjure forth a quick post before I begin the happy task of finishing off the pencilling of the first page of my webcomic and possibly begin inking it before the day ends while at the same time continuing with the writing of a work of fiction.

Adam 1

Adam Warlock is the kind of character I like to spend time lost within the adventures of. He’s a troubled soul, aren’t we all, so it’s possible to relate to the problems and experiences he’s troubled by, and originally he had a beginning, Him, created by mad world conquering scientists, a middle finding purpose in a universe that seems without, and an inevitable end.

Adam 4



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