It’s just A Ride


Some people are under the impression life is some kind of game and like any game there are winners and there are losers, if life is a game I’m a happy loser for many reasons for example I’m not the least bit competitive and aren’t games for kids? In my opinion they are, all games are kiddie games it doesn’t matter if they’re board games, video games or sports, most sports were created for kids here in the U.K. for example football, or soccer to others, is for kids but it’s a game played professionally by adults and taken far too seriously by adults, people are actually killed, murdered to death, because of a kid’s games, if that isn’t insane then I don’t know a better example of what is.

But is life a game? Or is it just a ride like the late, and great, Bill Hicks liked to say? I prefer to think of life as a ride because then we’re all being taken for a ride rather than someone, or someone’s, beating us at a game most of us are absolutely hopeless at playing.


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