Battlestar Galactica


Returning to a television series that used to excite me during its original run has been a joyous experience back in the day, neither good or bad just days, I’d rush home from work ready to watch the latest downloaded episode. I was already a fan of the idea, having fond memories of the original series but the re-imagined series is just so much better.

And it’s darker. Meaner. Nastier.

One theme that leaps out re-watching the series are the deaths, the many, many deaths moments that feel like a fan is having their heart ripped out from their chest. From Billy’s pointless murder to Dualla’s suicide BSG didn’t avoid sacrificing its characters okay most of the characters weren’t the main characters but they still meant something to fans of the series.

Poor doomed Lieutenant Gaeta and the betrayer ‘Racetrack’ who in death saved the human race. I’m not sure if another series has been able to kill off secondary characters and make it mean something like BSG did. Sure there’s The Walking Dead but I’ll be honest it’s such a poorly written series they could kill every character in the show and I wouldn’t give a damn.

The saddest death in the series is that of Galactica, throughout the series Galactica has been part of us, part of us fans, and whether we realised it or not we loved that old girl but when it dies it’s the end of a TV show we the fans love.

And what about that finale, the impossible battle, the discovery of our Earth back in our primitive caveman past, and if humans and Cylons rebirthed Earth does that make us part Cylon?

Yes I’m aware it’s only a TV series but bear with me for a moment if Cylons and humans populated Earth making us part Cylon and at some point we’re, well not me and probably not you, going to create machine intelligence and we’re going to create war robots then everything that happens after that has already happened before and it’ll happen again and again and again.

Heh, maybe.


With Battlestar Galactica greedily consumed I’ll be moving on, I’ve said my goodbyes and it’s been tearful but it’s time to go and soon I’ll be saying hello, and inevitably goodbye, to another TV series that I excitedly used to rush home from work to enjoy and that show is Lost.


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