Raiders of the Lost Ark


At work I decided, prearranged, to watch the three Indiana Jones movies, and there are only three now you, dear reader, might be under the impression there are more than three but you’d be wrong and because this is my blog I’m always right. ALWAYS!

(Even when I’m wrong).

Raiders is one of those movies I’d watch if I were to write or make movies because it’s damn near perfect, if not actually perfection personified. The story is told at a brisk pace and yet we, the fans, are given well rounded, very relatable characters, Indiana Jones is perhaps THE best hero ever featured in any kind of entertainment medium.

The reason Raiders is a movie classic is down to the fact Steven Spielberg used to be the best damn movie director on the planet, he once made the most entertaining well told movie stories and he was always blessed with great scripts featuring characters that are now considered iconic.

In addition there’s the reason behind Indy’s adventures in Raiders he’s out to find the Ark of the Covenant, this (perhaps) mythical object is one of, if not THE, most mysterious object in our history (or alternatively our myths) a strange box constructed out of gold that held within it the Ten Commandments written by Moses and transcribed by God, and imbued with supernatural power a power so destructive it could be used as a weapon indeed the Hebrews used it has a weapon on several occasions, now if you know your Bible at all you will be aware that the Ark didn’t contain the original Ten Commandments those stone tablets were broken by Moses in anger at his people reverting to their heathen pagan ways and so Moses had to ask God to transcribe them once again while poor old constantly plagued by people Moses carved them into a new set of stone tablets.

I can’t tell how many times I’ve watched Raiders because I don’t know myself I can tell that I get stupidly excited about many a pop culture item movies, TV shows, comic books I have to restrain myself contain my enthusiasm otherwise every word spoken every word written would be as a means to express my joy and delight at such pop culture items.

Several years ago now I had the pleasure of watching Raiders, an original print, at the pictures it was my favourite cinema experience of the 21st century I doubt any cinema experience could compare.

Though Temple and Crusade are also excellent, very enjoyable, movies they don’t compare to Raiders it’s one of my top ten movies and without a doubt, in my mind, one of the best movies ever committed to film. 

Apparently Disney, and Lucasfilm, are planning future Indy movies they shouldn’t we have three perfect movies why can’t the movie industry just leave the past alone and try and create iconic movies for the future? I feel some what saddened for younger generations they don’t have a Raiders movie experience of their own, the movies of their generation are utter crap, but the movies of my generation kids old enough to appreciate and remember Eighties movies when they were originally released have dozens of iconic movies to remember, to look back upon with fond happy memories, the Eighties was the last great decade for movies and since the Eighties came to an end the entertainment offered to movie fans has been massively disappointing. Mostly.

The other great element in Raiders, other than the mythical aspect, is the fact the bad guys are Nazis, they’re the best movie bad guys so much so that George Lucas based the second best movie bad guys, Stormtroopers, on the Nazis. Nazis, be they Hitler’s or modern day Neo, are bad guys a movie fan can love to hate and whatever bad violent thing happens to Nazis they richly deserve. 

I love Nazis in the movies and an Indy movie just doesn’t seem right without them.


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