His Name Is Kamandi

I have recently re-read (though it felt like reading for the first time) Kamandi The Last Boy On Earth by Jack Kirby, I own his works in two hardback volumes, and I’ve owned them since they were released.


Kamandi is kinda like the Charlton Heston movie Planet of the Apes, only better, I have great affection for Planet of the Apes and I often, and always at inopportune moments, shout out, ‘IT’S A MAD HOUSE! A MAD HOUSE!’ I refer of course to the (undeniable) fact that the world upon which we all live, and the only place we’ll call home, is indeed a mad house and it’s patients are running amok.

The title character Kamandi is the last surviving member of a group of people who escaped disaster (The Great Disaster) by hiding in a vast complex of underground bunkers these bunkers held generations of human survivors who managed to continue the human race, by the time of Kamandi’s stories the vast underground complex has been reduced to one survivor Kamandi the only true human boy left alive on the planet. Kamandi’s adventures begin when the vast underground complex, Command-D, is overrun by humanoid wolves and Kamandi discovers that humans have devolved while all the other animals have evolved, it’s a hard reality for Kamandi to accept and he’s constantly railing against the times in which he now lives often finding himself in conflict with intelligent animals because he can’t let go of the fact they were once used for entertainment and as pets when Man (foolishly) ruled the Earth.


Jack Kirby’s artwork throughout these two volumes is a joy to behold and I found myself immersed in his fictional world, craving to be somehow a part of it, The Last Geek/Nerd On Earth. Jack wasn’t merely the ‘King’ of comics he was also a master storyteller and no one tells a Kamandi story better than the ‘King’.

During his adventures Kamandi happens upon all kinds of highly evolved animals starting with Wolves and then Tigers, Apes, terrors of the seas and terrifying mutated giant insects, Kamandi meets and fights them all.


As you can imagine being The Last Boy On Earth is enough to drive Kamandi insane and he spends much of the two volumes emoting about the lost human civilisation and faces terrible psychological turmoil as he’s thrown into all kinds of outrageous situations.

The story of course centres all the action on North America and it’s a devastated landscape fought over by Tiger and Ape empires and raped of its spoils by insidious reptilian intelligences. The action and adventure never seems to stop until it disappointingly does.

Kamandi The Last Boy On Earth has been sadly neglected by DC Comics in favour of a half dozen Superman and Batman books as a massive comic book geek I’d sooner buy and read a new Kamandi series rather than trouble myself with a bland Bat book.

I doubt Kamandi will ever appear in his own series again I guess it doesn’t matter I have ‘The King’s’ stories to keep me entertained over and over again.




OMG! It’s Full Of Geeks


I HATE text message language, it’s just lazy. I used OMG in the title of my post so I could express my displeasure.

Today’s geek related comic book post is all about ME, ME, ME!

Well about my comic book purchases this week. I originally thought I had zero comic books this week and this made me feel a little sad.


I also HATE feeling sad fortunately it only happens once in a blue moon. I also HATE emoticons, or whatever they’re called, I only used one above so I could express my displeasure.

This week’s surprise comic book stash cost me just over one hundred pounds, I allocate myself five hundred pounds spending money every month but I don’t spend five hundred pounds on geek related stuff every month, if I did I’d have to move home.


This week’s stash looked a little like this:


Originally I had no intention of paying my local comic book shop (Ground Zero Comics here in marvellous Mansfield https://www.facebook.com/Ground-Zero-Comics-1672441529657830/?fref=ts) a visit this week until owner/manager/friend messaged to let me know I had some comic books to (HAPPILY) purchase.


Is a Japanese comic book series, a Manga, the story centres around a teenage boy who through dedication and a lot of hard work inherits super powers allowing him to enrol at a school that trains the next generation of superheroes. It’s kinda like the X-Men/New Mutants/Generation X but without the super charged angst, soap opera and over written storylines and plots.

The series, translated into English, is on volume five and I find it an enjoyable, quirky, fun series.


Damian Wayne died but was resurrected like all good (and bad) superheroes these days, I know, sigh! Fortunately he came back to life less petulant, less annoying and less all knowing now he’s an interesting character with a good supporting cast and his Rogue’s Gallery is full of the insane.

The artwork and colours are lovely to look at which is kind of the point of comic books. I thoroughly enjoyed the first volume and I’m hoping volume two is equally as enjoyable.


Back in the mists of time I happily read Eddie Campbell’s Alec and Bacchus both series offered something different from the adventures of men and women in their underwear punching each other out of existence that I found myself immersed within.

Once I noticed this big (kill an adult male dead with a single blow) collection I knew it must be mine. The stories told within these collected editions entertained me during my time in my home century and I’m hoping they entertain me again in this alien century I find myself lost within.

The creator of this wonderful collection, Eddie Campbell, is probably best known for his collaboration with Alan Moore on the Jack the Ripper series From Hell, that was made into a terrible movie starring Johnny Depp.

Out Of The Blue 

My comic book stash this week was a pleasant surprise and though I was happy before I knew I had comic book goodies to purchase I was even happier after I knew.

Someone (a clever person?) once said, ‘it’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.’

I concur.

They’re Coming Back

Once more (and in Caps Lock mode for added emphasis) THEY’RE FUCKING COMING BACK! Hmm, how did that swear manage to get in there? I’ve written the words but even I don’t know, one of those ‘go figure’ moments I guess.

In comic book news, gleaned from the website Bleeding Cool, DC Comics might be reviving the Legion of Superheroes, my all time favourite superhero team, the writer of this future (see what I did there?) series will be one of the following well known (to us comic book fans) names:

Dan DiDio, Tom King, Hope Larson, James Tynion IV, Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens or Yannick Paquette.

I’ve been a fan of the LoSH for almost forty years I’ll be hoping for a Levitz/Giffen team-up but if I could choose a writer (and someone other than Grant Morrison) to write the series I’d choose Jonathan Hickman his work on the Fantastic Four was as good as Walter Simonson’s, John Byrne’s and Kirby/Lee, his Avengers work, though not as good as his FF, was the best Avengers have ever been, in my humble opinion.

LoSH 2

For me Legion of Superheroes SHOULD be Star Trek and Star Wars and Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5 all rolled into one awesome Stuart Immonen illustrated package.

I have an idea for a long running storyline featuring the Legion it begins with the Legion welcoming a new member, male or female human or alien it doesn’t matter, and over the course of the first twelve issues the Universe laws and rules are established. The new member of the Legion is written as a compelling relatable person/alien but with ideas that are hardly Legion like and the character having a strong personality causes other Legionnaires to agree that the Legion needs to change with the changes the 31st century has to offer. This new member causes a schism in the ranks and the Legion splits in two, one the Legion fans know and love the other a darker more modern version of the Legion, a spin-off title Legion Dark would be made possible.

For the second year I imagine an all encompassing storyline that features Lovecraftian type monstrosities attacking the United Planets and both Legions struggling to protect the reality they know, this storyline could run for a very long time and examine the realities of a war with invaders from outside of the Universe, what would be their motivations to want to invade, conquer and perhaps destroy everything? How utterly alien would they be?

Lovecraft hints in his stories that monsters from outside the universe we know, and love, wouldn’t be bound by the physical laws of our reality and that they’d be composed of materials completely different from anything else in our Universe. 

I for one welcome new adventures of the Legion I just hope the creative team are the right people for the job and the characters are treated with respect, nay, reverence.

LoSH 1

Blog This! Blog That! Blog Off!


Apparently a blog should be solely dedicated to one topic, one theme, one subject my blog bucks this trend, or Law, it’s a rambling random nonsense blog full of my ideas, thoughts and unpopular opinions (I find unpopular opinions the only opinions worth having). I must confess I wasn’t aware of the rules of blogging I figured a blogger just wrote any old crap that leapt to mind and damn the consequences.

With the Laws of Blogging finally revealed to me, late in the day as usual, I’ve decided to (try) and write every post after this post about one subject and one subject only and that subject will be my favourite past time/hobby/interest/thing: Comic Books!

Comic books cover such fertile ground it’s possible to write about anything while supposedly writing about comic books, as well as writing about the latest releases I can make commentary about any comic books news I’ve read elsewhere on the Internet and express an opinion about said news.

Happily comic books only appeal to a minority so by choosing to blog about my favourite thing in the entire world it’s not like I’m trying to write a popular blog that manages to make me money. I have no interest in being popular, I prefer to be unpopular, and I have no real interest in money. The accumulation of wealth would be of no major benefit to me, sure it would be nice to have enough money to retire from work but I get by okay on less than fifteen grand a year, my lifestyle is simple, I like it and enjoy it, I don’t want it to change from being simple if I were to win the jackpot of a lottery, millions of pounds suddenly rolling in to my bank account my lifestyle would remain the same I’d just have more time to spend reading comic books.

Superman and Spider-Man

 Every week (just about) I read the adventures of both the Man of Steel and of the amazing, the spectacular, the sensational Spider-Man recently I noticed that both characters are happy jolly individuals, in stark contrast to The Batman and The Punisher. Neither character seems bitter about their roles in their respective fictional universes and though both have experienced hardships both approach life with a positive attitude it’s probably why Superman’s my favourite DC character and Spider-Man one of my top three Marvel characters (Thor Odinson and The Thing my other two favourite Marvel characters). Both Superman and Spider-Man make for great role models.

Whenever I’m interacting with other people, usually at work, I try to think what would Superman do? Or Spider-Man say in this situation? My responsibilities at my place of employ centre around the support of Service Users I’m forever using, inside my head, ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ as I operate in and around my workplace, and I ensure my time at my workplace revolves around the Service Users as I keep them entertained, play the fool for their benefit, act like a kid and generally make sure the Service Users are laughing and joking. I figure Superman, and especially Spider-Man, would keep Service Users well entertained if they had to help support their wants and needs.

I’m not sure which superhero is the most jolly, is it Superman or is it Spider-Man? I guess it doesn’t really matter both seem super happy and both seem to inspire happiness in others. You never see Superman (Post-Crisis) having arguments or upsetting his adoptive parents or Spider-Man raging at Aunt May both characters have fun loving relationships with their adoptive parents.



Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last hope. Kindly couple. Grant Morrison’s explanation of Superman’s origins in his All Star Superman story is the best use of Superman’s origin I’ve ever seen. Usually when a character is enjoying a re-boot or re-imagining, or new movie series, the characters origin is poured over again and again and again. I don’t need another story telling me the origin of Superman in the comic books it’s been done so many times, each time slightly different that it’s kind of annoying for Superman’s origin I prefer Pre-Crisis storylines and Pre-Crisis Krypton, it’s a world that belongs in a Fifties science fiction movie, bright gaudy costumes, rocket ships, laser pistols, a proper Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers type world. In the movies I prefer the Krypton, and origin of Superman, from Superman: The Movie, Marlon Brando as Jor-El Superman’s father, come on it’s Marlon freakin’ Brando as Superman’s father it doesn’t get much more awesome than that, in fact the only way it could be more awesome is if it was my Superman movie (the one that exists inside my head) that features Arnold Schwarzenegger as Jor-El.

‘Live as one of them, Kal-El, to discover where your strength and your power are needed. But always hold in your heart the pride of your special heritage. They can be a great people, Kal-El, they wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way. For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you… my only son.’

Imagine that classic iconic piece of movie dialogue delivered by Arnie it would be as awesome as this:

John Matrix: Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last?

Sully: That’s right, Matrix! You did!

John Matrix: I lied.

I LIED! Delivered in a fake Austrian accent is the one piece of movie dialogue I use the most, whenever I’ve purposely lied about something and then been found out I make sure I sound a little like John Matrix (great name by the way).

Superman lost not only his parents but his entire world, everyone who was like him, washed ashore a primitive world with a million different problems all of them petty and pathetic he Superman is the most human of all fictional characters but he’s an alien, remarkable. He’s the person you can rely upon to do the right thing no matter what and even if he’s faced with the prospect of excruciating death by green kryptonite he’ll still manage somehow to save us all.

What an alien guy.



My favourite version of Spider-Man, and more specifically Peter Parker, is Steve Ditko’s once he left the Spider-Man comic and John Romita replaced him Peter Parker went from loveable nerd to cool kid the very next issue I didn’t like that, I want Peter Parker back, perhaps he’s been locked away in a cryogenic chamber all these years as his horrid cool kid clone has ran rampant throughout the Marvel Universe. Or have we already had that storyline?

Spider-Man suffered terrible tragedy early in life, his parents dying in a car accident, he didn’t train himself to be a competent psychopath and carry out a war on motor vehicles instead he became a bright young kid with a promising future but then out of nowhere he gained amazing super powers, which made him go a little nuts to begin with, only the death of his beloved Uncle Ben managed to save Spider-Man from a hedonistic lifestyle of pleasure without pain.

Hit with tragedy for a second time Spider-Man didn’t decide to start a war on the poor or become a serial killer instead he became a hero, one of the most respected heroes in the Marvel Universe, time after time he put his life on the line to stop bad guys, usually bank robbers and petty crooks, but he helped save the world on more than one occasion he did all these things while his personal life was falling apart this didn’t turn him into a psychopath, a murderer, instead it pushed him to do greater good and he’s continued to sacrifice his own life to ensure the people of New York City live in relative peace.

What a guy.

Both Superman and Spider-Man need honouring for their dedication to always doing the right thing no matter what they’ve not let tragedy and pain dictate how they respond to the world or operate within it instead they’ve used moments that have broken lesser men as a means to galvanise themselves into selfless actions. They’ve both loved, Superman Lois Lane, who he has a child with, and Spider-Man Mary Jane, who he had a kid with, and both characters seem to learn from mistakes they’ve made and try and ensure they don’t repeat them.

Both Superman and Spider-Man seem like really happy chappies great examples of happy people they both seem to be grateful for the lives they lead, and have led, and both seem grateful for the immense powers they possess. I don’t think I’ve ever read a story featuring either character in which they’ve been lacking in gratitude big headed or overbearing they’re humble guys having been brought up with real world good to honest decent points of view. Both characters ensure they use their powers for the greater good and both seem pleasant always smiling and laughing, having a good natured joke with work colleagues while in their civilian identities, enjoying the company of family and friends, everyone who knows them in their secret identities finds them perfectly reasonable individuals no ones got a bad word to say about Clark Kent or Peter Parker because both are good guys.

Every good guy in the DCU wants to be Superman’s friend, I doubt there’s anyone in the Justice League who dislikes the happy fella, even The Batman, dark knight that he is, considers Superman his best friend, his super friend. As for Spider-Man during his run as an Avenger not only was he well liked he was (almost) revered and now, as Peter Parker, he’s surrounded by a team of happy go lucky scientists who think he’s a swell guy and that’s because he is a swell guy.

Superman and Spider-Man are the types of character I’m happy to admire and idolise they’re the types of happy people that inspire me and who I aspire to be. On those rare occasions I feel a bit sad, woe is me, I pick up a comic book featuring the adventures of Superman, or Spider-Man, and my moments of sadness disappear into the ether.

Batman And The Punisher

I confess I’m a big fan of comic book characters, I regularly read the adventures of both The Batman and The Punisher recently I noticed that both characters just aren’t happy individuals, they’re both bitter and they both hold grudges. They’re both well liked, within the comic book community, for being such dark bitter angry asshats. But they’re not good role models because we shouldn’t be bitter, hold grudges or be angry.

Only recently I caught myself, in conversation, expressing hate towards people I once knew, once worked with, later in the day I examined, inspected, observed and researched my anger and notion of hate and realised I don’t actually hate anyone I was just being overly dramatic. Being hateful, holding grudges just seemed ridiculous I laughed at myself and then mocked myself for being a nincompoop. A nincompoop is a fool and being a fool is something I’ve always been.

The Batman and The Punisher are also fools, grand nincompoops, both have suffered tragedy but rather than getting over it, and themselves, they instead allowed themselves to be consumed by hate and embraced psychopathic tendencies.

I don’t know who is more unhappy The Batman or The Punisher ones a billionaire with a fetish for dressing as a giant bat and beating up the poor the other enjoys killing people both are assholes but ones probably worst than the other.

The Batman

At an early age Bruce Wayne saw his mother and father gunned to death in the Gotham streets. The killer may have had mental health issues and just required professional help and medication. The murderer might have been a low-life criminal scumbag with a drug problem, gambling debts, nowhere to call home, no one to love him and in a desperate situation committed a desperate act that haunted him for the rest of his life.

Obviously the murder of his parents affected Bruce Wayne in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways but instead of becoming a psychopath preying on the poor he could have used his inherited wealth to help the poor of Gotham. Improved education, ensured the poor had access to affordable, or free, medical care, provided jobs, built housing but no instead Bruce Wayne blamed poor people for the death of his parents and went to war on them.

What an asshole.

The Punisher

Was already a psychopath before his family were accidentally slaughtered during gang warfare. I suspect his descent into the abyss was inevitable. Unlike The Batman Frank Castle had already been brutalised by institutions the military industrial complex had turned him into a killing machine without mercy, remorse or empathy. If his family hadn’t been killed accidentally by criminal scum he’d probably have killed them himself because they were annoying, needy, too noisy.

It’s weird that The Punisher, a mass murderer and serial killer, is considered a hero there’s not many villains in Marvel comics with a bigger body count to their name than Frank Castle, now you could justify The Punisher’s murderous assault by claiming criminals deserve to be punished until they’re dead but everyone of his victims was a son, or daughter, to parents who loved them, some of The Punisher’s victims were probably parents themselves. A lot of The Punisher’s victims sold drugs, their only crime, they weren’t all killers or paedophiles, and what’s worst selling drugs or killing people? If murder is worst than drug dealing then The Punisher is a worst person than most of those he’s killed.

Both The Batman and The Punisher need punishing for their violent crimes, arrest followed by prison sentences, Frank Castle for life, and while suffering in prison both characters need to lighten up a little, stop taking life so damn seriously, both vigilantes/madmen are perfect examples of miserable people.

Both The Batman and The Punisher are hanging on to things that cause them to be unhappy and both express their unhappiness via violent means. Does The Batman ever take time out just to enjoy being Bruce Wayne? No, when he’s not obsessing over a crime he’s obsessing about his parents deaths decades before. I don’t think The Batman loves anyone or anything, I doubt he has love for himself, The Punisher probably loves his guns but nothing else. Neither character seems to learn from their mistakes the stories told about them seem to go over and over the same mistakes again and again and again without end. If you don’t learn from your mistakes then you’re doomed to repeat them.

Both The Batman and The Punisher are examples of the type of person who cares what people think though they fake being indifferent. Why spend any time worrying about what people think? If you’re a good, honest, decent person then what people think doesn’t matter if you’re a bad person you don’t care because fuck ’em but The Batman and The Punisher care because it’s a kick to their massive egos, how dare people criticise me? Who do they think they are? I’ll fucking smack ’em. Stab their eyes out with my trusty Army knife.

Does The Batman have any friends? His colleagues in the Justice League might respect, even fear, him but are any of them his friends? I know he and Superman are supposed to be the best of friends, super friends, and that was true Pre-Crisis but Post-Crisis Batman is such a psychopathic asshole I can’t see Superman being his friend. As for The Punisher if he had any friends he’s either gotten them killed or killed them himself.

Being a happy person requires regular daily sleep and I’ve never seen The Batman or The Punisher sleeping they’re always to busy making someone else’s life as unpleasant as their own and is that their purpose? To bring down misery and pain because they’re miserable and in pain?

What are their long term goals? The Batman hasn’t made Gotham a better place, in fact it’s probably worst and The Punisher’s war on crime is impossible to realise all he can do is keep on fighting until the bitter end.

I think there are lessons to be learnt from The Batman and The Punisher they’re not characters to admire or idolise instead they are learning tools, don’t be as unhappy and bitter as The Batman and The Punisher otherwise you’ll end up a psychopath.

Sunday Morning Fun

I ensured I was up an extra hour before I needed to be this morning, 04:00 instead of 05:00, I usually get up at 05:00 most mornings, even when I’m not at work to go for a two hour walk it makes me happy going out before sun rise and then watching the morning go from darkness to light it reminds me of this:

“Well, once there was only dark. You ask me, the light’s winning.”

My reason for an extra hour of consciousness was so I could happily read David Icke’s latest masterpiece:


For me, and this is just my opinion, Icke’s books are masterpieces and his warnings of doom and gloom have become a reality, the world he imagined back in The Biggest Secret (1999) is the world we live in today, again in my opinion.

Something that leapt out at me during the reading of this new master work was this, ‘it doesn’t matter what people think about you, only what you think about you’, this captures how I operate in this mad, perhaps illusionary, world we all exist upon, I have zero interest in what people think about me, I don’t care, I only care about what I think about me and though I’m aware of all my many flaws I’m also aware I AM AWESOME! (and delusional).

We tend to live in societies nowadays in which far too many people are concerned about what other people think about them, or how people treat them, when I’m sat at home during the day, my living room window open, writing or drawing at my work desk I hear people in my hometown stressing out, in rage, at what other people think about them, how they’ve been treated, what someone’s said, all that stress and rage explodes in shouting, screaming, swearing, no one’s laughing because someone thinks they’re a dick or a bitch, but why?

Everyone in my hometown could consider me a dick, I wouldn’t care in fact I’d find it HIGH-larious, I have zero interest in anyone in my hometown, I’m so uninterested in my fellows that I don’t really know anyone in my hometown and I have zero contact with people from my hometown, now I know not everyone can be like me, most people want people to like them, and most people want to be part of a community or tribe but if it’s causing them so much stress and rage why bother?

Why not, if they’re going to pursue popularity, interact with dozens of people, have one hundred Facebook friends and counting, adopt an attitude that prevents them from being stressed and enraged by what people think and what people say? Surely that’s a better way to live.

Personally I don’t know a dozen people, and I have seven Facebook friends, I don’t wish to acquire more, and I certainly wouldn’t want to interact with dozens of people on a daily basis it would be too much, too much moaning, too much bragging, too much information about stuff I have no interest in, though I interact with only a small amount of people I still have to suffer people telling me about The X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, when I inform them I’ve never watched either show and in general I don’t watch TV it doesn’t stop them droning on and on about something I have zero interest in, in return I don’t discuss Icke or comic books (my favourite past time) I have this blog it’s my place to express my happiness and joy at the things I love it prevents me being the type of geek who discusses with everyone, including strangers, the origins of superheroes and why the movies and TV shows fail to capture the essence of the comic book characters.

From sitting down with a cup of tea, at about 04:15, to writing this post at about 05:00 I’ve been happily immersed in things that make me happy, there’s been a gentle, yet firm, wind blowing through my hometown it’s been a sedentary peaceful morning, which is unusual for a Sunday morning there are usually people still drunk wandering home from nightclubs, these people are always arguing even if they’re on their own they’re arguing loudly over their phones with, what I assume, is a loved one.

Phantom Self is a book about how we’ve been conditioned to behave in a certain fashion, to believe in certain things, to adopt a herd mentality, to embrace tribalism, to not think for ourselves, there’s much more to it than that I’m merely summarising, in any given society the themes expressed by Icke are true all of us are brainwashed and manipulated we’re supposed to be the same, think the same, believe the same things, be basic, be idiots, want the same things, cherish the same things, need the same things.

Social structures, family, friends these are the three ideas drummed into us from an early age, and not necessarily in that order, we’re all supposed to want relationships that lead to a mortgage, debt, children, we’re all expected to be what society demands is normal, ‘normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in car that you are still paying for – in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.’

It’s as though George Orwell’s 1984 happened but none of us noticed it because we had, ‘the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbours, films, football, beer and above all, gambling’ to consume our precious time.

Saturday Comics

Sat at work on a Saturday morning chilling, people I help support in their day to day life still sleeping, time to waste, nothing to do, good job I have an iPad containing this weeks comics. 

I always enjoyed on Saturdays back in the Eighties heading out from home in a morning trawling the newsagents in the village, Mansfield Woodhouse, where I once lived, this trawl would last a good hour and I’d arrive home with British comics 2000 AD and Warrior and American comic books, mostly Pre and Post Crisis superhero comic books from DC.

Saturdays were always my favourite day of the week, it meant no school, I never liked school, I loved being a kid, best days of my life, I just didn’t like school and I don’t like work, though I realise I’m lucky to have such a good job, I could be toiling away in a factory.

I wasn’t overly keen on this weeks comics, to be honest, Marvel and DC seem to have lost their way, the books they produce aren’t interesting, they’re not well written and in some cases the artwork looks worst than my own attempts, but when I’m sat at work waiting for Service Users to wake and there’s nothing else to do reading comic books I’ll never read again seems better than talking to people, or staring at the TV.

Good comic books make me happy, I like to write about happiness from time to time because if you spend any time watching, or reading, the news people seem so unhappy it’s the why behind crime, terrorism and war plus every other negative aspect of human life. If everyone was happy crime, terrorism and war would immediately come to an end, unfortunately there aren’t a lot of us who are happy.

Being happy doesn’t just happen we have to make it happen by finding, and wasting, time doing things we enjoy. Happiness is derived from enjoyment though it is possible to derive happiness from things that don’t bring enjoyment, for example I don’t like getting wet in the rain but that doesn’t stop me happily making walks that last longer than an hour and when I’m making them in the rain I laugh and derive happiness from being wet.

Fortunately usually everything that makes me happy, brings me enjoyment, involves being inside warm and dry lost in fictional worlds.

The Biggest Secret


I’m currently reading David Icke’s Phantom Self and re-reading The Biggest Secret, I’m a big fan of David Icke’s workings it doesn’t matter if any of his claims are true (I’m sure religious people from all faiths can relate) but I want them to be true.

I had planned on re-reading The Robot’s Rebellion followed by And The Truth Shall Set You Free but I figured re-reading The Biggest Secret covers the ideas and themes of both books and I can write blog posts about The Biggest Secret and go nuts.

Some people tend to think David Icke is nuts but I find his ideas interesting and I buy and read each new book he releases it’s a happy moment, for me, when a new David Icke book arrives.

The Martians Have Landed?

The title of the first chapter of The Biggest Secret is The Martians Have Landed?

But landed where? Read on and you might just find out.

The Brotherhood is a constant theme of Icke’s writing an old (ancient) bloodline that’s ruled, and ruined, humanity for thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of years. This Brotherhood might have originated according to Icke in Babylon and began their ‘Great Work of Ages’ this working is planned to control (almost) every aspect of human existence and if true then it’s worked perfectly so far but only for the benefit of a small minority.

Ancient Astronauts is brought up as an idea throughout Icke’s workings evidence for such impossible beings rests with the mysterious constructs to be found around the world, Baalbek in Lebanon, the Nazca lines in Peru, like the existence of the Brotherhood such evidence is merely circumstantial we, the plebians, can’t actually provide any hard evidence that such things are real, we can wish for them to be real, we can believe, but we can’t empirically prove such. I suppose if we could then they wouldn’t be fantastical mysteries instead they’d be merely mundane and we wouldn’t have any interest in such ideas.

According to a friend of Icke, Brian Desborough, and fellow conspiracy boffin he believes our Solar System to have been built in a manner popularised decades ago by Immanuel Velikovsky, planets, Venus for example, crashing into the system from some unknown space and causing massive upheaval destroying a civilisation on the planet Mars and generally annoying Earth. Apparently the Martians were forced to flee their home world for the nearest habitable planet that planet just happened to be Earth great wars were fought with the natives of Earth, an highly advanced black culture and the invading Martians, white skinned humanoids, were victorious. It sounds ace and if true every time a white person tells a black person to ‘go back to where you come from’, a black person could retort, ‘I’m from Earth fuck off back to Mars Martian scum’. I’d love it.

Obviously there’s no evidence to prove Velikovsky’s cosmology and zero evidence to back up Desborough’s claim us white folk are descendants of white Martians, shame we’re not white Martians from the DC Uinverse we’d all have super powers and I’d love to have super powers, it’s such a sigh when reality just doesn’t match up to imagination.

From my perspective none of the above needs to be true, I don’t need to believe that white people are Martians, or that there’s an ancient Brotherhood dominating and manipulating humanity, it doesn’t matter it’s just fun to imagine such things are in fact real. The truth of the matter is the human world is probably as mundane as it seems with no big secrets to be discovered or knowledge to be shared and that the cosmos was born from a Big Bang and we’re all here by accident it’s still fantastical when you think about it just not as fantastical as Ancient Astronauts.

Early Morning Happiness


One of the reasons I find it difficult to be unhappy is because when I wake up leave my bedroom and enter my living room I’m greeted with shelves full of geek stuff. Too much stuff. DC and Marvel comic book collections, big chunky editions of The Walking Dead, a small selection of Manga and hundreds of DVDs. Upon arrival home from work this same geek stuff brings a big smile to my stupid face.


I love all my stuff it makes me happy that’s the reason I can’t stop buying it, or don’t want to stop buying it, I guess it’s like an addiction, but rather than one that’s detrimental to my physical and mental health this addiction as all kinds of awesome benefits.

The only downside to owning so much geek stuff is I quickly run out of space. I was wishing, only the other day, that I’d kept everything, not sold, gave away or thrown away any of the geek stuff I’d accumulated at some point, but if I still owned everything I’d need a huge mansion or two houses to store all the ace geek stuff and I can’t afford a mansion or two houses because I am poor.

Being poor makes me happy. All the negative aspects of my life that would make other people unhappy make me happy, I realised this recently while having conversations with other people and they expressed distress at every day things I do and don’t do, for example, daily exercise and making the five mile plus walk to work, preferring night shifts to daytime shifts, not using mobile phones, not eating at fast food restaurants, not drinking or smoking, never having used drugs or medicines and never having watched a celebrity TV show or something like The X-Factor.

It’s possible I’m the only person other people have met who is like this so obviously I’m a weirdo but from my perspective people who don’t walk, or moan if they have to make a fifteen minute walk are weird. People who have their mobile phones in constant use are weird. People who eat regularly at McDonalds are weird. Drinking alcohol every day and smoking cigarettes is weird. Using illegal narcotics is weird (and naughty) being medicated is weird. Being obsessed with celebs is weird. Watching The X-Factor is weird.

Weird is all a matter of perspective, but if all the things I find weird make other people as happy as my geek stuff makes me then good for them it’s better than smoking, drinking heavily, using drugs, being celeb obsessed and those things, and many more, making a person unhappy. It really would be weird if smokers are unhappy smoking but continue to do so feeling more unhappy with each puff of a cigarette, or drinkers unhappy with the amount they drink but continue to drink the same amount continuously without sign of stopping.

My addiction to geek stuff costs on average about two hundred quid a month if I stopped buying comic books and DVDs I’d accumulate enough cash to go jetting off around the world several times a year but to be perfectly honest I’ve no real interest in travel, visiting exotic locales wouldn’t make me happy I’d probably be unhappy, on days away from work I prefer being home alone surrounded by all the geek stuff that makes me immediately happy early in a morning and continues to bring me happiness throughout the rest of my day.

That’s the thing with this life we’re all experiencing we’ve got to find the things that make us happy and stick to them, no matter what, and if other people express negative views of the geek stuff you like me love, fuck ’em, it’s our life and it’s full of geeky, love it and ignore the naysayers they’re all fucking miserable anyways.