Saturday Comics

Sat at work on a Saturday morning chilling, people I help support in their day to day life still sleeping, time to waste, nothing to do, good job I have an iPad containing this weeks comics. 

I always enjoyed on Saturdays back in the Eighties heading out from home in a morning trawling the newsagents in the village, Mansfield Woodhouse, where I once lived, this trawl would last a good hour and I’d arrive home with British comics 2000 AD and Warrior and American comic books, mostly Pre and Post Crisis superhero comic books from DC.

Saturdays were always my favourite day of the week, it meant no school, I never liked school, I loved being a kid, best days of my life, I just didn’t like school and I don’t like work, though I realise I’m lucky to have such a good job, I could be toiling away in a factory.

I wasn’t overly keen on this weeks comics, to be honest, Marvel and DC seem to have lost their way, the books they produce aren’t interesting, they’re not well written and in some cases the artwork looks worst than my own attempts, but when I’m sat at work waiting for Service Users to wake and there’s nothing else to do reading comic books I’ll never read again seems better than talking to people, or staring at the TV.

Good comic books make me happy, I like to write about happiness from time to time because if you spend any time watching, or reading, the news people seem so unhappy it’s the why behind crime, terrorism and war plus every other negative aspect of human life. If everyone was happy crime, terrorism and war would immediately come to an end, unfortunately there aren’t a lot of us who are happy.

Being happy doesn’t just happen we have to make it happen by finding, and wasting, time doing things we enjoy. Happiness is derived from enjoyment though it is possible to derive happiness from things that don’t bring enjoyment, for example I don’t like getting wet in the rain but that doesn’t stop me happily making walks that last longer than an hour and when I’m making them in the rain I laugh and derive happiness from being wet.

Fortunately usually everything that makes me happy, brings me enjoyment, involves being inside warm and dry lost in fictional worlds.


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