Blog This! Blog That! Blog Off!


Apparently a blog should be solely dedicated to one topic, one theme, one subject my blog bucks this trend, or Law, it’s a rambling random nonsense blog full of my ideas, thoughts and unpopular opinions (I find unpopular opinions the only opinions worth having). I must confess I wasn’t aware of the rules of blogging I figured a blogger just wrote any old crap that leapt to mind and damn the consequences.

With the Laws of Blogging finally revealed to me, late in the day as usual, I’ve decided to (try) and write every post after this post about one subject and one subject only and that subject will be my favourite past time/hobby/interest/thing: Comic Books!

Comic books cover such fertile ground it’s possible to write about anything while supposedly writing about comic books, as well as writing about the latest releases I can make commentary about any comic books news I’ve read elsewhere on the Internet and express an opinion about said news.

Happily comic books only appeal to a minority so by choosing to blog about my favourite thing in the entire world it’s not like I’m trying to write a popular blog that manages to make me money. I have no interest in being popular, I prefer to be unpopular, and I have no real interest in money. The accumulation of wealth would be of no major benefit to me, sure it would be nice to have enough money to retire from work but I get by okay on less than fifteen grand a year, my lifestyle is simple, I like it and enjoy it, I don’t want it to change from being simple if I were to win the jackpot of a lottery, millions of pounds suddenly rolling in to my bank account my lifestyle would remain the same I’d just have more time to spend reading comic books.


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