They’re Coming Back

Once more (and in Caps Lock mode for added emphasis) THEY’RE FUCKING COMING BACK! Hmm, how did that swear manage to get in there? I’ve written the words but even I don’t know, one of those ‘go figure’ moments I guess.

In comic book news, gleaned from the website Bleeding Cool, DC Comics might be reviving the Legion of Superheroes, my all time favourite superhero team, the writer of this future (see what I did there?) series will be one of the following well known (to us comic book fans) names:

Dan DiDio, Tom King, Hope Larson, James Tynion IV, Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens or Yannick Paquette.

I’ve been a fan of the LoSH for almost forty years I’ll be hoping for a Levitz/Giffen team-up but if I could choose a writer (and someone other than Grant Morrison) to write the series I’d choose Jonathan Hickman his work on the Fantastic Four was as good as Walter Simonson’s, John Byrne’s and Kirby/Lee, his Avengers work, though not as good as his FF, was the best Avengers have ever been, in my humble opinion.

LoSH 2

For me Legion of Superheroes SHOULD be Star Trek and Star Wars and Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5 all rolled into one awesome Stuart Immonen illustrated package.

I have an idea for a long running storyline featuring the Legion it begins with the Legion welcoming a new member, male or female human or alien it doesn’t matter, and over the course of the first twelve issues the Universe laws and rules are established. The new member of the Legion is written as a compelling relatable person/alien but with ideas that are hardly Legion like and the character having a strong personality causes other Legionnaires to agree that the Legion needs to change with the changes the 31st century has to offer. This new member causes a schism in the ranks and the Legion splits in two, one the Legion fans know and love the other a darker more modern version of the Legion, a spin-off title Legion Dark would be made possible.

For the second year I imagine an all encompassing storyline that features Lovecraftian type monstrosities attacking the United Planets and both Legions struggling to protect the reality they know, this storyline could run for a very long time and examine the realities of a war with invaders from outside of the Universe, what would be their motivations to want to invade, conquer and perhaps destroy everything? How utterly alien would they be?

Lovecraft hints in his stories that monsters from outside the universe we know, and love, wouldn’t be bound by the physical laws of our reality and that they’d be composed of materials completely different from anything else in our Universe. 

I for one welcome new adventures of the Legion I just hope the creative team are the right people for the job and the characters are treated with respect, nay, reverence.

LoSH 1


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